flashback friday...

♥♥Just a reminder that I'm on a bloggie break but please still leave me a comment...I'll be picking random comments from my scheduled blog posts and slinging out some candy♥♥

I thought it might be fun to do a "flashback friday"....repost an earlier card that I've made...

This card is the first card that I ever posted on my blog on November 6, 2007!

Okay, I cheated a smidge and lightened up the pic a bit...good grief...that lamp base in the pic....what was I thinking??!!!

What about you? Care to share your first card that you posted on your blog?

Let's make this fun, shall we?!!!

Re-Upload your first card that you posted on your blog and leave me a linkie....out of all the brave souls that do this, I'll use random.org to pick a winner of some fun blog candy:) I'll give you until August 20th @ 11:59 pm PDT to leave me a linkie...I'll post the winner on my blog on Saturday, August 21st....Oh I can't wait to see what you share...muwahahaha...


yyam said…
Hahaha! I thought you did pretty good with your very first card! ;)
xiumaiyuki said…
Ooooh...you know how much Asian-theme card and this one is perfect!!! Beautifully done!

BTW, I'll be in Seattle next weekend for several days. I'm so excited to visit Impress & A Muse! :)
juli (sweetpz) said…
your first card is very elegant! thanks for sharing! i looked through my blog files and found my very first card blog post... here it is ... http://cardsbysweetpz.blogspot.com/2010/08/flashback.html
eeeekkkkkk!!!!! =)

p.s Hope you are having a great time off =)
Lynnda said…
is that your first card ..!! What!!!... he he... its pretty!!!... i think you're natural!..

I have my first post on cards... but not just one card... hope its qualify....

Thanks Amy... this is so FUN!!!....xx
Alice said…
i think your first card is beautiful!! this is so fun! thanks for sharing!
Lol st your lamp base comment! Funny stuff! The card is great. My first pix were blurry and dark. Know what you mean about lightening up.
Sherry Eckblad said…
Well that was one great card for your first post and the lamp is nothing, wait and see what I had in mine. Now I am off to try and find my first card post.
hehehehehehe....i would sooooooooooooooooooo get yelled at since mine was about 3 months ago!! LOL!!! But if you were to ask me my first lo....oyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! That would be embarrassing!!! LOL LOL LOL!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your first....you have always been a card genius I see! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
Ann said…
Yikes! I'm scared to go back and check out my first card. I can only imagine what my photog skills looked like! :P

Happy Friday!
Michele Gross said…
What are you talking about? That is the coolest lamp base EVER!!! LOL! I'm game to play along, or I have no shame...hmmm....anyway, just posted it a few minutes ago... http://studiomsg.blogspot.com/2010/08/flashback-tsuruta-style.html
Bonita Rose said…
I will definitely try to play along.. will hv to wait till I'm home though, at work right now... u sure u wanna see the first one?? Might be dangerous... lol
This is your first????!!!
This is Beautiful,Amy!!!
Brandi said…
Girl this is too funny! I looked at the first card I posted and "AHHHH" it was an awful pic! My how we grow! Love it!
Hmm... what a challenge, Amy! :) Here we go, here's my cards from my very 1st post. http://lingshappyplace.blogspot.com/2009/06/welcome.html
Julia Aston said…
that's a great card from the past - I'll have to go check out what I posted - I'm sure it's not as nice as this one Amy!!!
Allison Rankin said…
Yours is one million times better than mine! Love your bottle cap!

Rose said…
i need to learn to say NO to you girlfriend!!! lol

keep in mind i was just starting to make cards.........was fun to see how i have changed as a card maker, thank goodness i have!! lol

it is HERE
Rose said…
forgot to comment on your card!! lol

it is a beauty and i like the lamp base ;)
*mine was just laid on the dinning room table and not touched up before posting! lol oh how we learn with time, eh?

hope you and D are having a blast :)
Susan said…
Hey there ole friend! Just popped in and couldn't resist commenting on your first post and include a link to mine. A lot has come downstream since we met in the big, big cyberworld and the real world!

Hope to have my fingers inky again soon (once I wash the garden soil off them!).

All the best,


Jenny said…
Sooo pretty, love this! :) :) :)
How time flies when we are having fun.......great card!
Cynthia Schelzig
Janice said…
Your first card is beautiful! I posted mine

Anonymous said…
I like your first card, and what a great idea this is it is fun seeing peoples firsts.
C said…
How fun to look back..I had forgotten all about this:


I've got a blogaversary coming up...more fun, right?
StampingRaeRae said…
Blogging takes more guts than I originally thought. I recently started my blog up and I am always so critical on what it looks like. Not that I have any followers or anything yet. LOL!

Here is my first blog post ever...

Thanks for the chance to win!
Sherry Eckblad said…
Okay, don't laugh. My first card is making it's second appearance on my blog tomorrow.
Dora said…
I really starting to miss you:):)
And love the card! Wow the colros and the pp, lovely!
Anonymous said…
Such a pretty sweet card.. yeah. missing you too :).. I hv posted my first cards. but something wrong with the link.. I couldnt link you in..

Take care and have fun :)
Janetcraft said…
Oh...my 1st upload picture in my blogger. It was the card taht
i gave to a 'Master' of card-maker. Ooo..when I look back now, I cant believe I gave this card and upload 1st in my blogger. But nevermind, I have always be positive myself that one fine day, I will make more beautiful cards and ppl will appreciate my card--making. Here is my take of lat year Apr09:

Thanks Amy, you are a wonderful person!!
Smita said…
I did a Flashback post... it was fun going down memory lane. Thank you for the inspiration:

I see that even in 2007 you were mixing up the PP!!! Here is my repost...I only had to go back to 2009...http://lastminutecrafter.blogspot.com/2010/08/my-first-card.html. Thanks for the fun challenge!
Riet said…
What a wonderful card Amy.

Hugs Riet.xx
Hey amy! This is Sally McD (aka Kim McD's mom) What fun - I haven't taken a road trip by in my blog land for quite some time!

This is my first card on my second blog post. And wouldn't you know, it's a picture of my grand-puppy's first birthday!
Gloria Stengel said…
Here is the link to my first ever post with cards in it. May 2008. I am pretty sure I scanned them instead of taking photos.

Lisa Petrella said…
What a super fun idea, Amy! I just posted my "flashback" card today:

Heather Gates said…
What fun to look back on my blogging.
Here is my very first post:
TesaB said…
Your first blogged card is a great one - with or without lamp foot! lOL! Such a fun challenge, I've enjoyed looking at peoples "firsts"!!!

Here is mine. Three years ago.
~ Sophia ~ said…
Ok, Amy... you asked for it... ; )
Here´s the link...

Don´t judge me too hard, girl ; )
/ Sophia
Angie Tieman said…
Good grief, are you crazy?! Yours is actually quite nice, at least you knew to use lighting, even if you did choose to show us the lighting! hee!
yyam said…
Well, I'm back with my first card ...;)
Ashley Newell said…
It's not really fair because your first card is actually GOOD! Here's my post. http://hearthugsdesigns.blogspot.com/2010/08/flashback-card.html
Going through one's older creations is such a nice thing to do.. My flashback post is here - http://studiokish.blogspot.com/2010/08/my-firsts.html
Tiff said…
My post is scheduled for Wednesday!!!! http://wp.me/pgUm3-1WV

Thanks to ANN for posting the challenge on her own blog or I would have missed it!
Spardha said…
Your super-talented first card!.. I loved this idea! Here's mine! URL:
Ryann said…
How fun Amy! I just had to play along :)

Michelle said…
Fun challenge, Amy!

Here's my humble beginnings.
Tee said…
I had lot of trouble seeing my first card..eek!!
But it was a good trip down memory lane..Thanks for the inspiration!!

Karuna said…
I must say its a great idea for a blog candy. Thanks to you i went back to my other previous posts. It was a nostalgic walk down memory lane.

Here is my beginning with quilled cards.

Karuna said…

Thanks for the candy.A superb idea though. You got me nostalgic as i went thru my old posts looking for he first card which happened to be a quilled card.

Here's my card. thanks for the love


kavitha said…
a super fun challenge,thanks for that:)))

here is my card:
Ujjwal said…
Hi Amy!! you really got me nostalgic with this one idea.

I remember I had stayed awake whole night to set up my blog and post my first card.

here it is

Anita Kejriwal said…
Hi , Thanks for the unusual challenge. My old blog had been erases by mistake and I had to make a new blog and this was my first card that I posted on 6/3/10 and was in very depressed aat that time. so fond memories are attached with this card.
Anita Kejriwal said…
I,m sorry but here is the link to my card.
Laurel Beard said…
HA HA HA. Thanks for making me take a trip down memory lane. The first 10 pages of my blog were memories of my son! SOOOO FUN! My first crafting project I made altered clipboards. GAG. Here is the link:


I believe THIS horrid card is the first card I ever made:

Jennifer Rzasa said…
Amy, this was so much fun! I discovered something interesting while looking back, so please read the whole post (you're in it!)

Here's the link:

I posted the first card from my blog, as well as the first card I ever made. Enjoy!
Anonymous said…
Ha that was so long ago- I don't even have a pic of my first card. I think it was only stickers. :)
Fun that you still have yours... Its not so bad!
lauren bergold said…
wow! so you basically started off fab and just keep gettin' better! most impressive! :) my re-post is here:


(i know you've seen it already, but i want a shot at that candy, missus!!!) :)
itsallrosi said…
here's mine:


now off to check out everyone else's!
Pallavi said…
Hi Amy,

This challenge is a real fun dear
Find my flashback card.
You reminded me of lot more funny and happy things with this.
Thanks a lot
find the link below
Jana said…
Your first card is very pretty. You're obviously a natural. This is such a cool idea. I don't know how to do one of those nifty shortcut links, so here is my "old school" link: http://icantwanna.blogspot.com/2010/08/flashback-friday.html
Karen said…
Hey there, Amy! Told ya I'd be back tonight. :> You first card...FOUR years ago!!...is pretty - love the bottle cap and of course, your love o' pattern! :>:>

Thanks for pushing me into the Time Machine for a spin! Here's my link: http://timecrafted.blogspot.com/2010/08/pti-card-amy-tsuruta-flashback.html
Els said…
here's mine:
I was pretty proud of my card back then :) Horrible picture though. Almost a year ago now. (So keep an eye on my blog, next month I'm celebrating my blogiversary ;) )
It's been fun to go back in time like this!
Rosemary said…
Wow! Your first card is lovely. Let's just say that my first card isn't as perfect, but it was fun to make!

This is a great idea, taking a walk down memory lane!

~kelly marie~ said…
This is so fun! here is my post! http://lawnfawn.blogspot.com/2010/08/stamp-it-paper-crafts-magazine-call-q.html
Deb Neerman said…
WoW, Amy, your first card is beautiful. Wait'll you see mine HERE.

Frighteningly bad in every way ...
MicheleV said…

Look at your own risk!...Amy your first card was awesome!