LESSology #15-The Bookend Challenge

It's that time again...LESSology posted a new challenge this week:

I'm super excited about our SUPER Sponsor:

If you've been following me for a while then you know that I'm on the EAD Design Team and I LOVE their products.  Check out all my EAD Design projects via Flickr!  Evidently, I have 211 pictures in the EAD Flickr Gallery...LOL.  I tell you, super easy and fun to use...rub-ons and stickerz.  I know, you're saying, "What?  Rub-ons and Stickerz?"...yup.  They are made with vinyl so the rub-ons go on like butter...the stickerz, if you're gentle with them, they are reposition-able...it's a life saver for me...easy smeasy and fabulous.

Okay, onto my project.  

We're a big candle family...love them...can't get enough of them.  I was sad when this Vanilla Cupcake 'ran out'.

I decided to alter it as a bookend:

One of my FAV sets!

I fussy cut just the text since my panel wasn't big enough to accomodate the image...no worries, I can easily use that on another project!

The papers are from Heidi Stock Design's Summer Honey Digital Collection.  For my project, the key was to print them on 'copy paper'...I originally tried to do it with PTI cardstock and it wasn't being too friendly...it was just to heavy/thick.

Here it is in 'action':

I know right, that's some light reading Amy :)  

On a side note, since June is about Grads and Dads, I thought I'd do a shout out for my Dad.  You don't hear me mention him on my blog...he passed away in 1999 of lung cancer, as a non-smoker.  Cancer is a horrible thing, isn't it?  Coincidentally, my Step-Dad passed away the following year of lung cancer, former smoker.  That 2nd book on the right was dedicated to my Dad...he was a Professor of Japanese Literature.  

I had a convo with Lynn about high school graduations...my girl is in the class of 2013...sigh..it's been hitting me as we've been talking about colleges...which then makes me think of my Dad.  I miss him, it makes me sad to think that he never really got to know his only 2 grandkids..I know that they would have learned alot from each other.

Sorry to be a debbie downer here...not being sad, just nostalgic.

Ready to play along?  Link up by July 1st, 11:59 pm eastern...here are the challenge rules...and remember to include at least one upcycle/recycled item in your project!!


Ann said…
Look at you, clever girl! Loving your bookend, & those Keep Calm stickers are too cute!

Lost my dad when I was eight years old. Hard not to think about all he missed sometimes.
Evelin said…
Oh my, I love how you altered the candle tin into a bookend... ! I love books and bookends too! :D
xiumaiyuki said…
You are so clever. That candle/bookend is fabulous!

I'm sorry to hear about your Dads. Makes me think about mine. He was a heavy smoker as well.... but finally woke up and quit 10 years ago.
Sparkplug17 said…
This is such a cute project!
Rose said…
love your bookend :)
*would be hard to use with my kindle LOL

my gram passed from cancer in the early 90's so i feel for you girl
Trinh said…
Fab way to alter the candle! I'm sorry about your dads; I think about how my DD will not have memories of my mom. Thanks for sharing!
dstandard said…
What a fabulous idea - love how it came out!
Laurel said…
Oh this is so fabulous! Such great upcycling!
Your dad sounds like a wonderful man! I love love love love your bookend!! SO CLEVER to use that candle holder!!!!! You are a candle lover too... you soooooooooooooo need to try Gold Canyon candles.... best best best ever!! If you don't have any consultants there.... I will have to send you one... BEST EVER!!!!!!!
you are so creative,Amy! Love your altered project!
jessica said…
What an awesome recycle project Amy!!! Love the EAD designs stickerz!!!
Lynnda said…
Your Dad seems to be wonderful man..
Look at you..huh.... clever girl! I adore your bookend..okay those Calm stickers are too cute!...Perfecto for this project!!!...Enjoy your Friday... hugs..xoxo
Mona Pendleton said…
Oh how fun Amy! I LOVE those stickers! Sure wish it were a stamp set!
Angie Tieman said…
Love, love, love your recycled bookend! Those stickers are fabulous!

We never forget our dads. Hugs.
Jessi Fogan said…
I don't think it's being a downer at all - milestones are times we think of those we wish were still here. Your kids have still learned about him, through you, and your memories of him. It's not the same, but it shows them how people remain part of our lives even after they're gone.
(well, crap, made myself cry! lol)
Thank you for sharing, Amy :) Time for a tissue & another coffee now.
Lynn said…
My heart is with you Amy. It makes me so sad that my dad never met my littlest guy and my two middle ones don't have that many memories of him. Dads certainly have their little girls hearts with them forever don't they? Hugs to you my friend. Lung cancer is horrific. My next door neighbor passed from it 3 years ago...non smoker as well.

I love your sweet project today! The keep calm sayings are fabulous.
Julia Aston said…
What a great way to re-use a candle tin - I always save them and then don't know what to do with them - Love these stickers Amy! A lovely way to remember your Dad..
Dora said…
You have made a stunning bookend!
Sylvia said…
What a fun project, Amy, love looking at your books! love your recycled candle jar, I love candles as well! Have a wonderful day!
Audrey Pettit said…
I love your bookend, Amy! What a creative idea and such fabulous upcycling. Love the fun sentiment and the pretty papers and colors.
And thanks for sharing about your dad. I know you must miss him terribly. He sounds like an amazing man. ((hugs))
Anonymous said…
First of all, this altered project is wonderful, just love it! Second, that wasn't debbie downer at all. I'm so glad you gave us that tidbit about your dad. I love life's little details, regardless of how I get them. Although my father is still alive, he's such a disgusting person that we don't have anything to do with him and his wife; however, of ALL the things I remember about life with him, he's such a good story teller and can get someone laughing in a heart beat - so I miss that for MY kids!!
Michelle said…
Great upcycle! I see a bookend/Kisses hiding spot. ahem Now I need to find and use up a candle in a cute crock.
Alice said…
i think i NEED those stickerz!!!! too fun and love how you put the container to use. sending you big hugs. it was difficult making dad's day card. so i chose not to talk about it too much. =) will post information about the die in my post for tomorrow. =)
Ur dad sounds like a wonderful person.?.the thought of cancer is horrifying! ..and though the kids may miss not knowing him, havin a awesome mummylike u, who has learnt much from granddad, will surely nurture them into beautiful people too.. :) ur a wonderful person Amy! Love your simple and sweet bookend;)
Lisa Arana said…
love that container!!! what a cute idea.