ready set go....

Happy New Years Eve...Eve.

I designed this card especially for a girl...she leaves this week to study abroad.  What a fantastic opportunity for her and I'm so very excited for her!

Yes, I'm still using Amy Tangerine's Ready Set Go Collection.  The envelope was something from my stash and the twine is ala Divine Twine.

My card is loosely based on the Freshly Made Sketch:

I thought I'd do a run down on all the Amy Tangerine Ready Set Go cards that I've managed to design as of today....I still have quite a bit of the collection left.  This has definitely been a learning experience for me.  Whether I take the lesson and actually do something with it, well, that's another blog post.  

Let me know which is your favorite:

awesome sauce
{I love the different textures in this card...hello, a mason jar?!}

winter birthday wishes
{I'm a huge fan of GREEN but love this for a winter birthday} 

Have a Happy Birthday
{masculine cards are ALWAYS a challenge for me but I do love how this one turned out}

{Green, Green and more Green...sigh}

Hello There
{Um, tag and wood chip...chevron and cupcakes}

Home Sweet Home
{I'm no digi diva but like how this one turned out...especially with the contrasting stitching}

Kindness Matters
{I'll always be a fan of the banners....and kindness always matters}

Merry & Bright
{filled with texture..really lovin' any fabulous wood elements}

So Very Thankful
{glass glitter and wood veneer...perfect match}

the best day ever
{made especially for a boss that I love working for...and the grid panel is upcycled Ready Set Go packaging}

you are sweet
{Made especially for Sweet Addison}

Eat & Drink
{There's that green all the panels}

So which is your FAV?

Leave me a comment about which is your fav and why.  I'll pick a winning comment and post it next Saturday!  The lucky duck will get a little prize pack from my stash!


Eat & Drink

I'm super pleased with all the panels and that embossing makes me happy.  It's a fun 4.25 x 4.25, so it is definitely packed with BAM!  This is going to a fab friend of mine that I've known for like ever...she has a december birthday and we're getting together next weekend.

Your turn...

Ready, Set, Go!


Laurel said…
So much eye candy Amy! Fabulous cards!
Lynn said…
Okay that is hard to do...but I think my favorite is the sweet little newborn elephant. I love it!

And Darin's daughters card is pure perfection!
Sudha said…
Wow pretty beautiful creations. I can't be able to pick one as all r my fav. in one or the other way. All creations r cheerful, neat n balance too...but yes I have to pick one then I say "Merry n Bright" because its simple, elegant, minimum supplies look cute too, like the BG of this card this.


SmilynStef said…
Love them all, but the masculine one with snowflakes and wood grain has to be my favorite ... awesome creations!
Anonymous said…
did my jaw just dropped... :D
such wonderful creations.. dont know how you keep churning these gorgeous cards...

My favourite has got to be Kindness Matters :)
jessica said…
How am I supposed to pick just 1...You know I am a HUGE fan of all your creations!!!
Ok so if I HAVE to pick 1 it would be "Merry & Bright" I LOVE the CAS look and those trees~ awesome!!!
Have a GREAT Sunday Amy and Happy New Year's Eve Eve :)
Annette Allen said…
wow these are all fabulous.. I so love your amazing style... If I had to choose one it would be Winter Birthday..
No brainer -- Awesome-Sauce -- 1) because that is the MOST AWESOME saying ever -- and it connects me to you even more, cause I say that all the time at work :) 2) ummmm mason jar...'nuff said :) 3) twine and button action ... love....'nuff said :) and 4) cause you are AWESOME-SAUCE!!!!!! :)

And I loveeeeeeeeee your new card!! LOVING that camera and the quote!!! :)

Jennifer Rzasa said…
My favorite is Merry and Bright. I love the white space, the wood veneer accents, and of course the awesome texture!
None None said…
Wow, your cards are all fabulous! I just popped over from FMS since the thumbnail of your card intrigued me (love how you interpreted the sketch!). I'm so glad that I popped over since I love your cards and will be following you now. As for my favorite, I love the Merry and Bright card - those wood elements are just dynamite, the use of white space is just fab and I love the colors that pop off that white so beautifully!
Jessi Fogan said…
I love reading the comments & seeing who read the directions, lol ;)
I also love that YOU love ellipses almost as much as I do...and happy New Year's Eve...Eve to you too! I had to do a double-check since I've lost all track of time!
I've got to say it's hard to pick a favourite, because it is. The same things you've pointed out as your favourite things about each card are exactly the things that I like best about them too!
I'm so in love with the brand-new card from today that I'm picking it. The Emerson quote (I always say - the man MUST have said dumb things at some point. He is SO eminently quotable. Sigh.) The airmail envie. (Adorbs!) The matching airmail twine? The cancelled postage. The blue camera background - so subtle but so PERFECT. And the chevron-y arrow pointing at the globe? PLUS STITCHING. So, yep, that's the one I'm picking. Yes. THat's it. AND I'M NOT CHANGING MY MIND.
Sherry Eckblad said…
Wow, making us pick just one is kind of hard. But if I have to it would be Kindness matters and the reason why is it contains all my FAVORITE things. The colors, the banners, did I say the colors, the banners, the patterns. Just pure perfection to this old girl.
I think I like merry & bright best, need some wood trees...
Tracey McNeely said…
Amy these are all so fabulous, I am having trouble picking just one! Have a Happy Birthday and merry & Bright are as narrowed down as i can do. Happy New Year!
Jackie Rockwell said…
Well Amy all of your cards are my FAVORITE! How could I just pick one? I can tell you the reasons I love some of them . . . "Hello" is so happy and very pretty it just makes me smile. The "Merry and Bright" I love because of the CAS design and those super COOL wood trees! "You are Sweet" is another bright and happy card that has an awesome clip and mason jar and beautiful combo of patterned papers! I could go on and on . . . :) Looking forward to more inspiration from you in the new year!!!
Julia Aston said…
Love your travel card - great quote on it Amy! and what a super bunch of cards here today! I think I like the one with the wooden Christmas trees on it best!

Wishing you a very crafty 2013 GF!!!
Miriam Prantner said…
Love them, but my favorite is Have a Happy birthday. Something about the woodgrain, the green, and those veneers just makes me happy.
wendipooh13 said…
you sooo rocked that line!!!!! love them all... pick a fave?? really? how can I??? lol... I might be partial to the snowflakes card... :)
Kelly said…
Winter birthday wishes still grabs my eye. Love the green wood panel and veneers!
Unknown said…
My favorite is the merry & bright, too! Love the woodgrain paper and veneer accents! So simple and so perfect!
Glenda J said…
These cards are all so fabulous! I would say "Merry and Bright" is my favourite. It's CAS and packs a huge punch with very few supplies. Right up my alley. Happy New Year!
Els said…
I love all your cards, Amy!! Great work! There are definitely some of my all time favorites in there. Amy Tangerine must have brought out the best in you ;)
My favorite, hmm, I'm in doubt: Merry & Bright or Kindness Matters. They're both deliciously cas.
Enjoy your holiday! :)
Diana said…
All of them are fab. If I really have to pick one, I'll pick the masculine one "have a happy birthday" card. It's always hard to make a masculine card which is not too dull in color and not too cute for guys. I think that one is a perfect combination.
Allison Rankin said…
What a great mix! I love the Christmas card on white with the little wooden trees!
Evelin said…
All the cards are really pretty, Amy! but my favorite is "Home Sweet Home" :)

Have a great New Year's! :)
Courtney K said…
you've definitely rocked the 'ready set go' collection!! well there is something i like about every single one of them, but my fave is the 'merry & bright' card. love how you used the journaling card and incorporated red & green to make it a christmas card. awesome job on all of these cards, amy!!
Unknown said…
My fav 'Merry and Bright', but they are all awesome cards!
I LOVE them all! Can't pick one favorite but I do love green! Now I am inspired to tackle my stash and make some cards to start the new year off. Beautiful work girl
Rose said…
oh i love how you stamped on the envi :)
ok my fav is the birthday card with the wood snowflakes, why? the wood paper and the green make it pop :)

well my monday is over and tomorrow is my friday then 5 days off :) life is sweet!! lol
juli (sweetpz) said…
They are all so great!!!
my fave is Winter Birthday Wishes! I love how the brown pops!
Happy New Year to you and your family Amy! All the best for 2013!

Larissa Heskett said…
WOW!! You have been BUSY!! LOVING several of them!! My FAVORITE would have to be the Best Day Ever card made for your boss!! Maybe its cause I'm ready to pop any day and the have Baby Fever!! =) I LOVE the recycling of the packaging and that CUTE elephant!! THANKS for sharing them all and for the chance to win!! =) Have a FABULOUS New Year's!! =)
Laurie said…
I can't pick a favorite! They are all amazing!
Allisa said…
Great set of cards, love them all. I would have to say that Hello is my favorite! Thanks for playing with us at Freshly Made Sketches!
Unknown said…
Fabbo designs!!! I LOVE that woodgrain chevron paper...everytime you used it I thought you'd braided some kind of fabric...awesome! I like the christmas one with the wood trees :)
Sylvia said…
I love your latest card and the one you chose as well, Amy, but I think I like Kindness Matters, the most, the lines and textures you created with just the paper patterns and the die cuts is awesome! Love the mix of colors as well. Have a wonderful Monday!
Izzy Anderson said…
Gorgeous all. I think the new one and the winter birthday wishes might be my two faves.
If I have to choose one it would be awesomesauce i heart that saying. The arrow cool, the tag cooler, and the mason jar coolest....liann
MS said…
I want to say all of them but since you're *making* us pick JUST one, I'll say the "hello" card. Because it's perfect in every way! I love the chunks of patterned paper, love the flower dies popped up, love the stitching, love the colors and it makes me smile when I see it.

Happy New Year!!
Audrey Pettit said…
Wow! You have so completely rocked this Amy Tangerine line! LOVE all your fabulous cards! How hard it is to try to pick a favorite. But if I absolutely had to, I think I'd go with the Hello There card. Just sooooo love that yummy chevron bag and the cuppy cake on the wooden chip! :)
Lynn said…
Sooooo hard to pick just one fav...but I'll have to go with "You are sweet". That background and the colors just sing to me! Love it!
Linda Suarez said…
Great cards Amy! The card you made for the girl going abroad is just perfect - she will love it! Thanks for joining us at Freshly Made Sketches!
rer said…
The cupcake green tag one is my fav by far. I remember when you posted it. I really love that one.
Merry & Bright gets my vote. All that texture does it for me - great combo.
I have to say that I like these recap posts. I vote for one each week. Sigh, I am always so far behind!
Laurel Geisbush said…
I love HELLO...the three panels, varying prints with flowers on top. Who doesn't love flowers!? And the twine, stitching. All came together so well. Seeing all of these make me want to dive into this collection! Ok time to make some layouts with your extras!!
Michelle said…
Love the first card. Very clever send off for a year abroad. The tiny cameras on the background are fantastic.

My SuperFave is hard to choose. I would have to say Home Sweet Home. I have a thing for comfy chairs and I love the bit of stitching.