Sunday, June 23, 2013

Extra-Ordinary Goodness


How's the weekend goin'?

We had such glorious weather perfect for the girl's graduation party!  That was the end of my day...I was on-the-go all the way up until the party.  So, today will be filled with ton's of crafting.

I'm bloggin' live


I hope to concentrate on thank you cards this week for my girl to send out.

Here's no. 1:

I ♡♡♡ the color yellow.  Team it up with an aqua green and **sigh**.

I was inspired by the latest

Who doesn't love Lisa Spangler?!!!

I was inspired by her overall design.  

Do you want to see how I craft?

Yup, this is just for this one very clean and crisp card:

I tend to crafty by manufacturer...this is mostly American Crafts with, yes, SRM stickers.

I've been really good about putting it all away before starting the next card.  Well, I literally have to, or else I won't have any room for the next batch of goodies to work with.

Usually my posts are all complete for the I don't typically chat about everyday stuff until the weekend, but lately I've been bad about that.  I need to chat about stuff since this is like my journal too.

  I wanted to share that I love to meet up with bloggie friends and a couple weeks ago 

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Kimberly at one of my favorite stores, Ben Franklin!  Multi-tasking at its best, eh?  This girl helped me dehoard some lovelies, thanks for helping me out Kimberly!

I am lucky enough to work right next door to Sarah.  Who knew, it was funny when we discovered that little bit of info!  We finally got together, picked up lunch at the Pike Place Market and then went back to her building which has a gorgeous roof top deck!  It's always fun to talk craft geek with another person that shares your passion.  I especially loved hearing about Sarah's very fascinating job!

Just last week I met up with Katie!  We had lunch together and sat outside her office...I'm getting quite the tours of Seattle awesome offices!  It's fun to hatch plans with a fellow crafter:)

I've said this before and I'll say it again and again.  I love living in Washington state.  We're surrounded by water and mountains...awesome crafty companies/stores and awesome crafty people!

Make sure you pop by Kimberly, Sarah and Katie's blog's....They are all so chock full of crafty talent!!!!!


  1. nice to meet up with crafty friends and I'm so glad you had perfect weather for your daughter's graduation party!

    Love, love, love you take on the CASE Study card!

  2. Such a great card, love the colours!

  3. Fun to meet up with crafty friends. Hopefully I'll get to WA or you come to Chi Town one day. Cute cards!

  4. So cute and colorful! How fun to meet up with crafty peeps--so lucky!

  5. Love, love, love this card. Absolutely perfect!

    Love meeting up with crafty friends. Sounds like you had fun!

  6. Your adventures sound fabulous Amy! So fun to meet up with crafty friends. Congrats once again to your girl and glad the party went well. Ben's is next Saturday so we are hoping for good weather too. Love your CASE Study card so much, the yellow and greens are fantastic!

  7. Cute fun to meet up with fellow bloggers...too bad Hawaii is so far away!

  8. Awesome card and what fun to hang out with bloggy friends!!!! Yayness!!!

  9. Hey! I love this color combo, such a great card! Sigh is right!

    I hit the Amuse sale yest, spent $18 and got $75+ value of stuff, amazing!

  10. Beautiful card, Amy! I love the colours!

  11. So glad you had great weather for the graduation party. I love the mix of your pattern with a real school feel on your card! Great to hear of your time with crafty friends!

  12. I am hoping you are going to LV so I can finally meet you there!! And BONUS... Brookie and gang will be in LV with me!! EEEKKKKK!!! I loveeeeeeeeee your card!! LOVING those colors!!!

  13. Great card and how fun to be able to meet up with crafty/bloggy friends!

  14. fab card :)
    how fun to meet up with other crafty girls :)

    still working on talking hubby to move up north so i can have lunch with you ;)

  15. I'm swooning at your yellow and aqua combos! Did you know that is the feature display at Glass Baby right now? SO pretty just like your cards!
    THanks for mentioning my blog. It was a BLAST meeting you and we've got to do it again.

  16. super cute card, Amy! love hearing how you craft and your other tid bits:)

  17. Congrats again to your girlie! Woohoo!
    That colour combo is stunning - I love it! I have loads of teacher cards to make this week :) Nothing like the last minute!
    I just got to meet a second blog buddy this weekend - there is nothing quite like it! So very awesome :)

  18. Awesome card and take on the CASE study! Sounds like you've been having some fun!

  19. How fun to be so close to lovely ladies who have one of the same passions as yourself. And I just adore the combination of yellow and teal in today's card. Yum!

  20. Love your card!
    That color combo is awesome!! Great background also! wow!

  21. i hope the party was fun (im sure it was!). its so great to meet up with bloggy people in real life. we have such an amazing community here with wonderful ladies!
    -Rachel w k

  22. love the colour inspiration! Thanks for playing with us over on CASE Study :)

  23. super fun, love that green!

  24. Brilliant card Amy, love it! Thanks for joining us at CASE Study this week!

  25. Adorable, the bright, cheery colors! Thanks for playing along with us at CASE Study this week!