Saturday, October 12, 2013

warm thoughts.

Hello and Happy Saturday!

I hope it stops raining here, I'm suppose to meet up with a friend at a local farmer's market.  

Bloggin' live this's my card, fresh off my crafting mess of a desk!

I used my paper from the Studio Calico September Card kit.  I still ♥♥♥ that hero arts stamp!  That's totally me, bundled up as I'm such a hat and scarf girl!  The Savvy frame die is one that I'm embarrassed to say that I've had for much too long and this is the first time I've used it.  

I was inspired by the current

Come on...Elena Roussakis

Every time I go over to her blog, I'm shaking my head because her projects are always so WOW.

So what inspired me?

Matryoshka doll = Kokeshi doll

Peek-a-boo girl


shaped card = frame

For those of you that have been following me know that I recently moved and have been unpacking.  I told darin that I'm never moving again {only if someone packs and unpacks for me!}.  

I've been struggling with the concept of "less is more".  I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that the number of crafting boxes far exceeded any other room in my place.  The moving dude even said:  "You sure do take your crafting seriously."  Translation = lady you're killing us with all these boxes!

So, I'm slowly listing things on my blog for sale but I still have other things that maybe aren't trendy enough or perhaps on the vintage {as in I've had for many years} category.  So, if you all know of organizations that I can send them to, I'd love to hear about them.  In June I donated boxes and boxes to my kids' former 3rd grade teacher that has a degree in art.  She'll use the supplies in her classroom and well, I love that.  I know that there are families that don't share the love of crafting like we all do {gasp!}.

Okay, here's today's stamp of the day:

special delivery $3

My memory stinks BUT I did remember doing a cheeky card with that police dude and it took me a gazillion hours to find it so check it out HERE.  ha...that still makes me laugh!

Thanks so much for stoppin' by!!!!


  1. I looooooove this card!! That little girl is sooooo cute! And I love the angle she's at. Really really adorable, Amy, kind of like your face!

  2. Amy this is absolutely adorable. Love that little girl inside the frame. I am so not a hat wearer. I love scarves though. We are having beautiful fall weather here.

  3. It's a rainy day here too! It's that time of year, right?
    That cutie pie girl is a fab way to CASE Elena. I think she's totally a mini version of you! :D
    Thanks for studing with us on CASE Study, girlie! :D

  4. soooooooo cute!!!!! i loveeeeee that frame!!!! and children's hospitals are a good place to donate!!! they always have craft areas for the kids that are there long term ... I always give my older stuff to Brookie's hospital!!!!

  5. Awwww, she is just sooo adorable! Framed so sweetly, and love the patterned paper background! It all combines to make one awesome card!
    You made me LOL with your translation of the moving guy's comment! My husband just yelled down from upstairs asking "what's so funny?"!!!

  6. Oh how adorable Amy! I love the sweet little frame. And don't you crafting boxes would exceed many of my other boxes too!

  7. cute card :)

    lol to what your mover said ;)

  8. So funny! I totally thought the same thing about the kokeshi doll! Adorable!

  9. Love how you've got her tilted in that frame! Too cute :)
    For donating stuff....schools are good. So are retirement communities/community centres, or even libraries. Our library here does SO many kid craft sessions that they will be my next place :)

  10. this is too cute.. I love the design.. one of my favorites..

  11. You are too cute Sista!... Love this card cute.... !... and I clicked on the link... how cute is that policedude card!LOL


  12. Adorable! I love how bold the frame is and that girl is so sweet!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous, Amy! Perfect response to Elena's inspiration. :-) I'm still giggling after coming back from checking your policeman card, it WAS cheeky! LOL! I hope your unpacking is over soon (I will admit there are boxes in my garage that haven't been opened since we moved almost five years ago...)

  14. Adorable card; perfect image for 'warm thoughts' indeed! Your little girl is a sweetheart! I laughed out loud with your translation of moving-dude's comment! Actually, I'm envious: oh to have 'too much' crafty stuff :) Happy "Canadian" Thanksgiving to you!!

  15. love her peeking through the frame!! CUTE!

  16. This is precious, Amy! LOVE that little lady, and that frame is a must-have! Yum!

  17. OMGoodness, love, love, LOVE your card! That little peek a boo girl is sooooo adorable! Beautiful, clean card design all around. LOVE it!
    And your policeman card totally made me crack up, too! I want that cake!

  18. Awwww, this is so cute! I immediately thought "Little Amy!"

    And whoa on the 2008 post! That's going back aways! hehe! You are inspiring me to *maybe* part with some things, sigh.

  19. This is just too adorable!
    Congrats on your Top 3 at Case Study!