Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I know I've posted this card before but I love the clean and simple look of it so I decided to make more of them. The little gift contains a sweet pewter crown keychain. My coworker had one of them and I looked all over for them. I'm one of those people that goes on a rampage trying to find something but did not have any luck. I finally decided to search via Ebay...voila!

It is engraved on the inside with:

Never underestimate the power of a princess

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


LOVE your card and your princess keychain is adorable!!!
Lisa Carroll said…
I love the clean, profesional simplicity of this card! And I, too, agree... that keychain is ADORABLE! LOL
Lisa Carroll said…
Oops... "professional" should have two S's! LOL
olve the card and the keychain !!!!
good find !!!!!