Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Follow Your Bliss"

Compliments of Higher Awareness:

Go for what you want

"Follow your bliss."
-- Joseph Campbell

It’s hard for some of us to believe that the world is served when we seek our own happiness. We’ve been taught that this is selfish.

If we stop to reflect on how we are in the world when we are happy, we can see how this serves. We have more vitality. We’re more loving and generous to others when our own needs are met.

What activities bring you greatest joy? Your unique gift to the world will be found in those pastimes you love the most.

How can you live your joy each day?
"Spiritual growth is not made in reaction against, for all striving against imposed restrictions is imaginary. Spiritual growth is accomplished by inclination toward. We grow like the sunflower, following the light."
-- Joy Houghton


Carla said...

What wonderful thoughts for the day, Amy! I do feel better when I do things that make me happy, like stamping. It makes me a better wife and mother. I also feel closer to God when I'm not trying to fight my own sin so much as be more Christlike. Moving towards what's good instead of striving against what's bad...

Denise Bryant (imchatty) said...

Thanks for posting this....made me even happier about the choices and decisions I made today. I am following my bliss...literally.