Friday, March 21, 2008

What Flavor Gum Are You?

You Are Wintergreen Flavored Gum
You are laid back, low maintenance, and super cool.
You go with the flow, and you never cause too much of a fuss.

You are very in touch with nature and the world around you.
You prefer to keep things simple. Complexity stresses you out.

You are a very real person. Openness and honesty are important to you.
You can be friends with almost anyone, as long as they tell it like it is.

Okay, just substitute black hair on the gal....I found this blogthing on Allison's blog, Stampin' When I Can. If you haven't check it out before, race on over! She posts "Newly Discovered" blogs alongs with her magnificent projects! She was oh-so-very-sweet to have listed my blog as part of her "Blogs I Read".

I'm a huge fan of gum...I have a supply in my car for my commute. round trip commute to work is a minimum of 10 hours a week....I spend a ton of time in the car...too bad I can't stamp and drive...LOL. Sheesh, I can't even read when someone else is driving, makes me car sick.


Carla said...

I don't blame Allison for listing your blog! I check it almost every day! Your work is always sharp, and your writing interesting and informative!

Allison Rankin said...

Mmm...stamping while driving! Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Love the card, but a smidgen of a problem? I thought I had the stamping/buying disease. You nuts!! (smile)

Lisa Carroll said...

That is SO weird... I'm a gum addict, too... there are packs in my purse and in both cars! LOL Can't be without it. And I get car sick if I read, too! We have a lot in common! :D