Sunday, May 4, 2008

Good Friends...Good Food

Yesterday I spent 3 hours in a soldering class that was given by the owners of Simply Swank. I need a TON of practice! I also need to learn to "step away" from a soldering project or else I'll end up making a big mess...I'll have to upload the pictures of my "finished" projects. I've seen some coolio projects by Debbie Olson aka Thinking Inking and Ellen Hudson aka In Touch. I highly recommend the Simply Swank was FABulous!

After my class I went over to my friends house and we had dinner together at Lee's Asian Restaurant in West Seattle. It is absolutely excellent!!

Today I was super productive. This week is Teacher appreciation at my DS's school. I've always been very good about sending in daily gifts to the kids' teacher...this year my ds has 2 teachers that job share. I get to make double projects :) I was also busy making a bunch of Mother's Day cards...thank you's...etc.

This card is to send to my friends that I had dinner with on Saturday. They bought me dinner, wasn't that sweet? Yes, we went to an Asian restaurant and yes, that is a fork on my card...Yes, I'm Japanese {both of my parents were born in Japan} but I'd much rather "shovel" my food into my mouth with a fork than try to manuever chopsticks :) Anywho's, I had a magnificent weekend and I can't believe that tomorrow is already Monday! I hope you all had a spectacular weekend!

P.S. I'm still trying to get use to this new blogger template. I haven't decided if I like it or's sooo stinkin' bright!


stamps: a muse ink: versa fine vintage sepia paper: fabriano accessories: fork from packaging specialties


  1. LOL amy I totally prefer a "shovel" as well. CUTE fork card.

  2. Hi Amy! Totally cute fork card!!
    I made a soldered ornamnent for Christmas, and i havent made one since! Fun to do, I love the melting silver, how it puddles and runs and blobs off! LOL
    Here is is-

  3. What a great weekend - sounds like it was tons of fun. Glad you're not giving up on soldiering, it really is one of those things which practice makes perfect and I'm sure you'll get the hang out of it!

    Love the fork card - simply adorable idea to give as a thank you for a great dinner.

  4. Love your card! fun fork on there - is it chipboard or really metal??? hope you hand delivered it!!?!?

  5. Hello nice to meet you.
    KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
    I am Japanese.
    I saw your wonderful site.
    Please link to this site !

  6. This is great...maybe a white gal like me just needs to teach you the fine art of using chopsticks...ha ha!

  7. LOve this! The fork is soooo cool! HOw nice of you to think of your son's teachers!