Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things....{blog candy...get your blog candy...}

Okay, let me just tell you that this is going to be a long post but it'll be worth reading it to the end..

I'm a lucky duck, I've been super fortunate in the blog candy arena the last couple months...well, it could be that I have over 500 blogs in my google reader but maybe not...Anywho's...I've been thinking of doing another blog candy and after I heard about some ladies that will be celebrating special birthday's this year, I thought that I could get some of my lovely blogging buddies to join in the fun.
Okay, I'll list the details of the blog candy contents in the end of this post, but here's the scoop'ola. I met a gal named Amy {Hi Amy!!} through blogging and she threw out a project she is working on:

Centurion Card Drive: For Bea - goal is 100 cards.
My girlfriend's grandma will be turning 100 years old this September 2009. Beatrice or Bea is what grandma goes by. One day she was telling my girlfriend (Karen) that, "I think I just might make it." When my girlfriend was telling me this, I had mixed feelings. On one hand it was kinda weird just the way grandma Bea put it. It seemed like she thought her end was near. But know that grandma Bea is healthy and going strong, which is why we think for sure she's going to make it. Not many of us live to be 100, so of course we wanted to do something special. I came up with the idea of a card drive, hoping to get 100 cards. Just think of the reaction she would have when she sees so many different cards from so many people all wishing her a 'Happy Big 100!' Big WOW factor. Karen's dad is writing to the Queen or I guess I should say her office. He found out that if any Canadian citizen turns the big 100, they get a letter/card signed by Queen Elizabeth herself. Another WOW factor. There's going to be a celebration for sure but we're thinking both these WOW factors will leave a lasting memory for grandma Bea. I will be collecting the cards from now till September and then package them all up for the big party. We decided on this so Karen's mailbox doesn't get bombarded with mail and so the card drive can stay hush hush. No one knows except Karen and I. It'll be a surprise for everyone. It'll be great.

BIG 90 Card Drive: For Mary - goal is 90 cards.
There's another special lady I visit quite regularly. Her name is Mary. She is turning 90 years old in November. Her daughter works a lot and has to take care of 2 young children, so she's not able to spend too much time with Mary. Mary's a quiet lady that keeps to herself most of the time. But she very much enjoys her tea time, which we often have as she shares some wisdom to me. I'm not sure if there's going to be a big celebration, I would sure hope there is some sort of celebration. I seldom see her daughter, but as the day draws nearer I'll find out more. Doing the card drive for Mary is my own little special surprise. She often enjoys the cards that I make as she goes over all the little details. My goal is to raise as many cards as her age, 90, but of course the more the merrier. I think it would really put a smile on her face to know that people care enough to say Happy Birthday to her.
Here's the thing, I don't have a grandma to spoil anymore. I miss mine dearly...we had the opportunity to have her live with us for several years when I was growing up. She passed away just about 8 weeks before my son was born..sigh. She loved my daughter to pieces...It's odd, if I'm in a Japanese grocery store and I happen to hear an 80'ish year old Japanese woman chatting in Japanese I tend to swing around because it always sounds like my grandma...
I know you all have a card or two laying around or maybe you just need an excuse to design a birthday card....I'd love to help Amy in her card drive. If you promise to send Amy 1 card, your name will go into the drawing for the blog candy...if you promise to send Amy 2 cards, I'll give you 2 chances to win the blog candy...if you spread the word on your blog about the card drive and my blog candy, I'll give you a total of 3 chances to win the blog candy!! How can you beat that??!! Here is Amy's email to contact her directly: about the mailing deets.

Here is the listing of the blog candy contents:

1 business card holder
ala Urban Couture fabric by my
very talented cousin!!
8-6x6 sheets of Basic Grey Urban Couture
6 fabriano folded notecards & envies
6 celadon arturo folded notecards & envies
25-5 15/16 x 8 5/8" envies
6 round chipboard coasters
6 square chipboard coasters
pkg of clear/pale green skittles
a bunch of dark brown grosgrain
a bunch of buttons from my vintage collection
spool of green/chocolate grosgrain
100 ct matte silver brads
25 ct clear gem brads
K&Co Metal art clips
CK Beaded Hatpins
ki mini green tea buckles
1 CD tin

woooo hoooooo...that's a whole bunch of goodness!!

This blog candy is open to the US and abroad and will stay open until Saturday, April 4th @ midnite Pacific time. Come on you crafty peeps...let's make a huge dent in the card drive!!! Are you wondering why I'm doing this? I believe in karma...what goes around comes's nice to do something sweet for people...especially when I know that alot of us have tons of cards just waiting to go to someone...that special someone is Bea and Mary...

**winner will be posted on Monday, April 6th**
--please be sure to leave me your contact info in the event you win--

Good grief this has got to be my longest post yet!!! Whew, thanks for reading to the end...I hope you join me in the feel good card drive...I'll post my cards for the birthday girls this weekend :)


itsallrosi said...

Amy, this is a great idea! Several years ago a co-worker organized a card drive for her grandparents who were celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary. They loved it! Now anytime someone tells me about having trouble finding a gift for an older person I always recommend a card drive and it is always a big success. Now I'm off to look thru my stash and email your friend.

Fiona Yeoh said...

this is SO sweet of you, amy! I'd love to do my bit :) wanna email me your snail mail addy? i'm sure i can send you a couple of birthday cards!

SmilynStef said...

I just e-mailed Amy for the addresses ... I'll be sending two cards. Thanks for the karma opportunity.

Elaine said...

All for a very good karma cause, Amy! Count me in...I'll mail the cards asap :) I miss my grandmas too - and my 'grampas'...

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy..I`v Pm`d for the addy I will be sending a card as soon as I make it!!!
I will ad it to my blog and link up as soon as it`s ready!!!
Fab post!!!!
I ♥ being Granny to my grandchildren...It`s sooo equally `special`...
I ♥ how you remember your Grandama with beautiful memories!!!
Have a Lovely Evening:)♥

Ginny said...

good luck with the card drives :0)

niekolken said...

karma!I know karma!so I try to enter this contest,you'll never know?????!love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I think this is such a neat idea! Put me down for 2 cards. I hope the ladies have WONDERFUL birthdays!
And thank YOU for thinking of it.


joni h said...

What a great idea! I'll send 2 cards. Details will be in the email.

Sue McRae said...

What a wonderful idea. I'm sure they'll be tickled to receive all those cards. I'm going to send 2 cards for the Big 90 card drive.

Julia Aston said...

What a great idea - a good reason to make some special b'day cards! I promise to make 2 cards for Amy - I'm e-mailing her today for her address.

thanks for letting us know about this Amy and for the chance at the goodies!

Sue Cook said...

What an absolute fantastic idea. I would love to be a part of this and will be emailing your friend directly. I no longer have a grandmother and would be honoured to wish these beautiful ladies Happy Birthday by making some cards. I am a firm believer of Kharma as well. Sue

bethchien said...

Hey babe!! Put my name in the hat for that bad boy!! lol
That is sooo yummy! :P

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

OK, put me down twice. I may do more, but don't want to commit to more. I don't have a grandma any longer either, and this will be special. I'll list this on my candy blog too.

Evelyn said...

AMY!!! count me in! I'll list your blog to mine. I have lotsa birthday cards! Hmm...i miss my grandparents, unfortunately they aren't here anymore.