Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Finds!!!

Here are a couple fun linkies for you:

I found Modern Day Stamps via avie designs. Would you be surprised to hear that I love this one?

Check out the photos in this entry from desire to inspire.

I had to show you what Christine Middlecamp shared earlier this week. Make sure you take a peek at the most adorable ribbon..I take 10 yards of each!

That's it for today...I'll be back tomorrow with the 365 Cards Super Sketchy Sunday


  1. OMG!! Thank you so much for that link!! I love chandeliers so much!!! Yay!!!! I might have to purchase the same one you love! ;)
    Those are wicked cool. I love the chair too!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. That ribbon is pure heaven. Yumm-y!

    You always have the best eye candy finds! So glad we both have the same fabulous taste! ;)

  3. The chandelier stamp is simply fab!! I love my personalized stamp, but this one might be even better!! The ribbon just left me speechless. Honestly, I would be afraid to use it, I don't think I'm worthy. And to actually CUT it? Seems abusive to me, and I am a gentle soul.

  4. that ribbon is to die for!!! thanks for getting me in trouble w/ hubby for spending money!!!!!! i may have to get some!

  5. Happy Saturday! Thanks for enabling...just placed my order of ribbon and can't wait for it to get should get a commission - LOL!

  6. Ooo, ah!!! Super fun, inspirational and really cool eye candy! My jaw dropped when I saw the ribbon!!!!! Thanks for sharing all the goodness!!! ♥♥ Kay

  7. What would we do if we didn't enable each other!!!??? Gotta order some goodies from those cool stamps.

  8. Desire to Inspire??? My new favorite place to visit now. Thanks so much for the link! OMG -the eye candy of inspiration there is incredible! Thanks Amy!!