Friday, October 23, 2009

thankful 4u...

Welcome to Get Sketchy #11!!

Our awesome sponsor this week:

This week's prize:

a stamp set!!

The Bonus Challenge:

use Buttons

{I'm usually such a button gal but this design with the busy paper wasn't calling out for buttons to me}

The Design Team had the opportunity to play with the Jolly Pumpkin stamp. I decided to ink up everything but his face so that I could make my card a Thanksgiving card! Can I just say that the pumpkin stamp inks up beautifully.....seriously....the image came out crisp and clean the very first time!!! I find that some polymer stamps don't get a good clear image and I end up rubbing my hands on it and even my helps but That's Jazzy Stamp Dreams stamps you don't need to do that...fabulous....

Here are the deets on my card...I paper pieced the pumpkin with some crate paper {it really is orange, the color is washed out in the photo}...the other patterned paper is October Afternoon {along with the alpha...thanks Beth!!!}. The 4U are vinyl thickers...throw in a bunch of stitching and there you have it!

I'm sooo looking forward to seeing how you are inspired by the sketch!!!

This is a first for me:
I'm going to CK Seattle in November! first CK Convention...actually, I'm not even taking any classes...I'm going for the vendor someone say shopping?

Check it out...guess who is going to be my shopping buddy??

I get to meet Ginny AND shop with how stinkin' fun is that?!!!!

My non-blogging friends don't 'get it'...meeting up with blogging friends...but you all get it...there is something so coolio about meeting up with someone else that:

1. blogs

2. creates

3. understands the insanity of blogging and creating...LOL

Ginny....I chuckled when I read Paulina's comment about the convention:

Remember, you don't need to buy everything at the convention, Ginny. hehe

Oh Ginny...we are going to get along just fabulously my friend :)

On a non-crafty side note {I've been doing these alot lately}, I managed to get through the entire Season 5 of Grey's earlier this week and have jumped onto Hulu to catch up on Season 6...'d' is always chuckling at me when I'm watching the shows...I go from laughing to gasping to all out's wonderfully therapeutic..LOL.

Well girlies, thanks so much for reading my novella....I betcha you all are wishing that I go back to blogging 7 days a week just so that my posts are shorter..LOL


  1. Nicely done Amy!

    I hear the shopping's the best at CK conventions! Happy shopping!

  2. Great card Amy, fun to see you didn;t use the face you can make a whole different card, never thought of it.
    have a nice weekend!

  3. Completely adorable. Loving your papers, naturally!

  4. You get to meet your blogging friend and shopping too! How fun!!!

    Your card is so CUTE!

  5. Fun card! :) I always have a hard time combining patterns well. Yours came out great.

    And I'm with you on the two different buckets of friends. Only one person in my real world even knows that I have a blog... Definitely a papercrafting thing, I suppose.:)

  6. This is such a fun card! I love what you did.

    Oh I wish I was going to CK... one year maybe!

  7. Love your card, Amy!!
    Have a great time with your friend!


  8. hey.. do you use an eraser on your acrylic stamp?? that helps get a better image.
    and CK in Seattle!!! WOAH! I am so excited for you. sounds absolutely fabulous. and of course the only reason I would go is for the the shopping too!
    what a great holiday season you are going to have!

  9. Girl you are going to have a blast! The shopping was the best. I hope you have a great vendor turn out! Let us know!

    Super cute card!

  10. Great card!

    Have fun at your shopping-trip!! :)


  11. You'll have to tell all of us who aren't able to go to CK how great it was and show us all the cool stuff you get there so we can live vicariously through you! LOL..
    The card is FANTABULOUS! I love the way your artistic sense interprets sketches..


  12. Are you kidding me of course i totally get it. I love the fact that once you meet a blogging friend its as if you've known them for so long. I automatically feel so comfortable with them. It's so strange but cool at the same time.

    Anywhoo!! enjoy the CK convention. Oh i wish i could go and shop with you guys!! I love shopping!!!!!

  13. Fabulously fun card! And I am so jealous, I totally wish I could go to the CK convention! You are going to have such an amazing time; enjoy!!

  14. What a FAB card Amy! Have a nice weekend :)

  15. Love this card and I enjoy visiting you super blog everyday!!!

  16. Our everyday friends really don't get it do they?! I talk to my blogging friends almost everyday, so you already feel like you know them, but I will get to meet a couple of mine IRL in February, I can't wait! :)
    Love the card, the crossword pzzle paper is great! :)

  17. What a fun card! One of these days I'll have to jump in on the fun at Get Sketchy.

    Glad I was able to make you laugh.When you go to the convention, be sure to wear comfortable shoes, bring a camera and prepare to be overwhelmed! :)

  18. yay! so glad you likee! hehe cute card! love the pp/pattern creative!
    and yep, my mom did NOT understand why I was going so insane when we went to the SISTV convention last April. I was like, "I am going to meet her and her and see this person and I have been blog stalking her..and blah blah"..she just didn't get it at all! hahah
    Have a great weekend! I am jealous of your CK shopping! lol

  19. Amy, love the card it is fabulous. I know exactly what you mean about Grey's Anatomy I am either crying, laughing or freaking out when I watch it. Last nights episode had me doing all the above.
    CKU is here this weekend I am not attending but a few of my friends are going and even doing a little work at it to get some extra dollars to spend in the CK store.

  20. I love that crossword paper and your card is wonderful! Have lots of fun at CKU and can't wait to see your goodies.

  21. Awesome pumpkin card, Pumpkin!! The wood grain paper is so great and your stamping skills are amazing!! Stinkin' cute card!!

    CK Seattle?!! I'm SO jealous!! I've never been to a CK Convention but I'm SURE you're going to have the best time ever!! I totally get it about being excited to meet AND shop with your blogging buddies!! As you know, Ingrid is in town and I had a ball shopping with her yesterday!!

    BTW, I've been watching full seasons of Mad Men. It's such an interesting series!!! Have the best weekend in the world, my dear!!! ♥♥ Kay

  22. This is so cute, and I love the fun papers!!

  23. aren't you the clever one! I love how you used the Jolly Pumpkin without his face! Too cool!

  24. Darling card!! Love the woodgrain paper and crossword paper, such a fun mix you made!! And a CK Convention?! I am sooooo jealous!

  25. :D oh my word. i am so excited too!!

    it's gonna be great. the shopping is amazing. and seriously--it is THE BEST thing to have a friend who does the blog/ creating AND you hang out with (that would be Paulina for me)... makes my life so much more connected. thankfully my sister blogs too, so we share a bond that no one else quite understands. reminds me of "Julie and Julia," she had some REALLY true statements/ comments regarding blogs.

    btw, i LOVE this orangey card--soooooo pretty!

  26. oh, how i wish i can go to the CK convention! have a ton of fun!

  27. Sounds like you are going to have a blast in Seattle!You've mad a gorgeous card as you always do. Great use of patterned papers and love that stitching!

  28. Don't ask me what I bought at the convention. SEI had a stinkin' warehouse sale and them Webster's Pages right in front of my face. Not to mention other companies and ribbons, buttons, M wants this and that too. URGH!!!!! I had to resist a few things though but man oh man. The best part of me is that CKC is ALWAYS around my bday and so guess where my bday loot goes to? :)