Blog Candy Week #2 and Week #1 Winner!

Today starts WEEK #2 for my Blog Candy Extravaganza!

The Reader's Digest version of how it works...for the next several weeks until the end of the year, I will be slinging out Blog runs Sunday 12:00 am until Saturday 11:59 pm {pacific time}. That means you have 7 days to comment on...totalling 7 chances to win the candy!!!!

You know, only 1 comment per day per peep...US and international are welcome to join in the fun. It is a way for ME to thank YOU for making my blog experience such a positive one...

I know...yadda, yadda, yadda..onto a pic of this week's candy:

I know, we're all card makers...don't think of this of a cheater pants way to get some of your Holiday Cards done...think of it as a way to add to your stash or heck, PIF it to someone...share the love:)

The commenting starts on my regular sunday post..PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST:

Post your comment here'll have Monday through Saturday to post a comment too!!!

Remember last week's candy??

Some delish Studio G holiday images...I know, I was surprised as you and get this...they stamp wonderfully....well, I know that the
Winter Wishes one does.

Here's the winner:

Kay Sibley

Aww! Such a cute little bird wearing ice skates. I LOVE it! Great contrast using the kraft cardstock! ♥♥ Kay

November 18, 2009 6:26 AM

wooooooot woooooooot!!!!!

yahooo for Kay!!!!!!

okay, tooo much fun....all you gotta do is post a comment and you get a chance to win some ninja blog candy:) Yup, week #2 is another stealth ninja shopping score...
Please do not leave a comment on this post...I've disabled the commenting and will transfer the comments left on this post onto the regular Sunday post when I draw for the blog candy:)