Friday, November 27, 2009

thankful 4 u...

Happy BLACK Friday!!!

Did everyone that celebrated Thanksgiving eat enough?!

Today is Get Sketchy #16!!!

Bonus Challenge:

theme: autumn

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Craft Pudding

cute, cute, cute stuff!

The Prize is a Tea Party Stamp Set!

I dug out one of my favorite papers by Stampin' Up, Haiku. The colors and patterns are fabulous. I was able to team them up with the fun puffy thickers...those don't photog well..sorry about that:)

I'm really making an effort to send out RAK's...this has already gone postal to a gal. I've been sooo thrilled with my RAK's that I've received that I want to PIF.

My sewing machine seems to sometimes have a mind of her really need to concentrate more when I'm mind seems to know, working on the mental "to do" list...remembering about another thing to add to that "to do" list...LOL. Seriously, I should have a notepad around my neck...on a I can jot notes down and then NOT lose them. People laugh at me but I do tend to write myself notes on my arm...not my hand because I wash them so often the notes would disappear.

Well, hopefully I'm out there doing my ninja shopping about you?

~side story~

I thought I'd share a slight pet peeve that I have at know how people share food...leave a tray of cookies out on the kitchen table? A gal shared a tray of macaroons the other day...I think she picked them up from Trader Joe's...I'm one of the first people that get into work on "my side of the bldg"...On Wednesday morning I went into the kitchen area and guess what? Whoever took the very last macaroon left the tray is a disposable plastic tray...the macaroon's were packaged on it...why or why can't peeps clean up after themselves? Seriously, how hard is it to just throw the tray away? I left a note next to it:



How hard is it to throw the tray away?

You should have just taken 1/2 of a macaroon and it may have justified you not tossing the tray...



Yup, about 2 hours later...someone recycled the note and tossed the tray.


ivy said...

you are too funny! that is my pet peeve too...leaving an empty "something". for example---toilet paper! need i say more? perhaps TMI?
anyways.....i am getting up to go shopping in 3.5 hrs with a mommy friend. i don't even know when i did a blk friday. just going since the boys will all be asleep still!

Angèle said...

Happy Black Friday Amy!
You know I love the cards you make!

Greetings from The Netherlands, Angèle

Steph said...

Hee, hee I like your thinking hun - I feel the same way - lazy things!

Love your card, don't worry about the stitching, I think cards look better when the stitching isn't dead straight anyway. x

itsallrosi said...

Happy Black Friday! Its 6:40 here and I haven't gotten out the door yet for the store that opens at 6:00, oh well. When I was working at my office the empty tray would sit for days! It also used to really bother me when someone would take 1/2 cookie or 1/2 donut. Do they think someone else wants the other half now that their fingers have been all over it?

Oh yea,love the card!

Anonymous said...

Your card is `gorgeous` Amy!!!
oh I have to giggle thats me all over lists lists and even a list for my list!!!ha ha my sewing machine has a mind of it`s own anyways!!!!........I cant do anything without a list!!!!TFS
Have a fab weekend..:)

Michelle Alejandro said...

Wonderful card Amy! Love the colors you used! I hear you about the throwing away the tray, that bugs me too! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Handmade Creations by Stephanie said...

Love this and I love the DP!!!!

Laurel said...

You know I love it!

Sherry Eckblad said...

Great card and you know I love THICKERS probably as much as you. I plan on staying home today on Black Friday. I want nothing to do with those crowds.

Angie Tieman said...

Great card, Amy! So bright and fun! Funny work story! I never thought about your pet peeve, but I have left threatening notes like "Fill up the ice cube trays or I will hunt you down and kill you!" lol! Empty ice cube trays put back in the freezer, now that's a deal breaker!

Tracey said...

I am so with you on that Pet Peeve LOL!!! Love your card....I think I need to try some of these sketchs....thanks for the inspiration!

Dora said...

Wonderful card Amy, and your story makes me smil!
Have a nice weekend!

Evelin said...

What an absolutely lovely card :)

And I love your spunk! It really isn't very hard to throw away that package.... I'm sure the rubbish bin is just a few metres away :)

Hey sista, thank you for being in my life :)

Regina Easter said...

oh goodness, you did this sketch PERFECT GIRL...HUGS

♥ Audrey ♥ said...

Such gorgeous colours for the card! I've the same feeling too as you with regards to leaving empty box/wrapper around. My boys do it and it drives me up the wall!

Cindy Lee said...

Love your card as usual! Love the bright happy!

I have my own fair share of pet peeve at work. Just like yours, they took the last piece of cookies or cakes from the tray and leave it just like that. It annoyed the hell out of me. I just can't stand these people.

Rose Ann said...

I love your pretty papers and fab sentiment, Amy!!

Kristie Larsen said...

I really like the colors/papers you used for this and those alphas look slick! kinda like a fruity candy.
I hear ya on the cleaning up thing. Of course my kids leave empty cups in the fridge even though they are done. of course they are kids and these are adults! You need a sign that says "yo mama doesn't work here. So clean up after yo-self"

Vanessa said...

Love this card! Gorgeous!


Tina said...

This is positively perfect!