Thursday, November 26, 2009

to wonderful you..from thankful me..

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!!!!

It's either going to be really quiet or filled with activity in or the other...LOL.

Today is my day over on the 365 Cards blog.

Pam's challenge for today:

Thanksgiving inspired

Create a card for someone who you are thankful for, and be sure to tell us why on your blog.

Okay for those of you that follow the 365 Cards blog, you know that there are certain {ahem} rebels..I'm typically not one of them {wink!} but for today's challenge I have 2 cards.
I should first start off by saying that I'm thankful for everyone that is a part of my life. Seriously....I'm not who I am today if not for you...I do believe that there is a reason why people come in your life...I'm obviously super thankful for my kids...that goes without saying.

Here are the cards I made for today's challenge...basically the same design but just in different colors.

First up is my Pumpkin Spice version...

I consider this my feminine version...especially with the use of my Stampin' Up Eyelet Border punch. This card went postal to my Momma {smiles...remember, she doesn't like to be called Momma...just Mom}.

After my Mom and Dad were divorced, my Mom had to get a job to support me and my 2 older brothers. We moved from British Columbia to Washington State. I got 2 words to describe my Mom...Whipper Snapper. She worked hard to always provide a nice home for us. Sometimes she would work 2 jobs...not too unusual in an Asian household...I actually worked at 2 jobs for several years. She is highly entertaining...very animated. She has always been there for me when I needed her..especially during some difficult times a couple years ago. I wouldn't be the chicklet that I am if it weren't for her...Thanks Mom!!!

Next up is my masculine Night of Navy version...yes, I think a masculine card can have a bloom on it...I inked up the edges of the bloom a that look.

Yup, this went to my honey 'd'...what can I say? I'm sooo thankful that he is a part of my life...he is laid back, kind, funny, sweet, empathetic....everything that I'm looking for. He always supports my creative side...gotta love that....I'm truly a lucky duck!

Who are YOU thankful for?


  1. I'm thankful for having GOD in my life and for my hubby who doesn't complain that I spend way too much time crafting and way too much money on craft supplies...! He's always so supportive :D

  2. Great cards, love the colors!

  3. I just logged onto your blog from 365 Cards. Your creations are awesome. I signed up as a follower. You have such great talent.

  4. Amy - Your cards are fabulous my friend and I can't decide which I color combo I like more.

    I am Thankful for my family & for YOU all by cyber friends who share the same passions as me.

    Enjoy your Turkey Day!

  5. Amy - your cards and stories behind them are beautiful - Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. These are fabulous Amy! is that paper embossed with something or did you buy it like that?

  7. The good Lord, family and friends!!
    Love both cards! BEAUTIFUL!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Amy! Love both your cards and the reasons behind them!

  9. Beautiful cards Amy!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Absolutly` Gorgeous` Amy
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!:)xxxxxxx

  11. both are fantastic :0) hope you have a wonderful day!!

  12. Fabulous cards Amy! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Gorgeous cards Amy! Love the colors and all the texture....stunning in every way! Hope you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving - HUGS!

  14. Such a gorgeous card - I love that PTI image - wish I'd gone for it now :( x

  15. These are both beautiful, can't decide which color I like better!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Amy!

  16. Such cute cards! Have a great turkey day!

  17. These cards are very pretty! I love the embossing, of course!

    Rebels? At 365 Cards? Who?! They should be banned from the blog! Honestly! {giggling and smacking my knee}

    I am thankful for my Savior, my family, and all my amazing friends, including my "fake friends" as dh calls my cyber pals! He thinks he's funny. But we all know I am the funny one!!!

  18. Beautiful cards! I love the polka dots! :)

  19. I think you got a bit of that whipper snapper in you too!! you are amazing!! Happy Thanksgiving!
    ps. i LOVE that your way of breaking the rules is making 2 fabulous cards, all with the right theme of course ; )

  20. love both of these cards, they show off your style so well :D

    you mom sounds like fun, kinda like you ;)

    i'm so thankful for my friends... they're "there" for me when i need them, and i can't thank them enough.

  21. Gorgeous cards Amy!! Of course a masculine card can have a flower on it!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you - no Thanksgiving Day here in Canada today, but I am always thankful for my husband - he is the very bestest :)

  22. Wow, these are adorable, Amy! Love both versions!! Hope you had a fab day!


  23. Oooh, these are gorgeous! Very much the same and yet totally different (does that even make sense?)

    I have so much to be thankful for...too much to list actually, but I am definitely thankful for wonderful bloggy friends like you!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    (-: Heidi

  24. Love both cards, also love the big dots!!!
    Have a nice weekend Amy!

  25. Both of your cards are wonderful Amy. Have missed chatting to you. How are you chick?

  26. Happy Thanksgiving! We don't celebrate it over here. Beautiful card and luv the masculine one!

  27. It's fabulous! Sam stamp but two different look!

  28. Both of your cards are just gorgeous, Amy!! I love the images, colors, and wonderful texture!!