Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hangin' out with the Torendi peeps...

It is THAT time of the year...when my schedule is super funky...we ended up going to see Avatar last night and didn't get home until after 10 pm. My man is a huge Sci-Fi fan, I tend to be a chick flick girl but I tell you...this is a good movie!! Anywho's we got home late and I hadn't started my blog post for today so I decided to just tackle it this morning...lots to tell and show so hang on....

Did you see the news over on the Torendi site???!!!!

Woot Woot!!!!!

I have been picked to be the Torendi CHA Employee!!!! Good grief, I am thrilled and cannot wait!!!!! This has definitely been an exciting week AND it isn't even Christmas....yet!

So Ladies.....Let me know if you are going to CHA and for my California blogging friends....let me know if you live close to Anaheim...I'd love to see ya!!!

It was only fitting to show a quick project that I did with the Kawaii rub ons that I bought from the Fabbie Torendi store!! First things first though....those rub ons are absolutely fantabulous...they go on like a DREAM and they are super thick.... and foil chocolate wrappers are camera shy so it was difficult for me to get a good apologies.

Here is the Urban Dictionary's definition of Kawaii:

An adjective in Japanese meaning " pretty; cute; lovely; charming; dear; darling; pet" It's stem is two kanji meaning "can love". It is commonly used by anime and manga fans.

Me, I'm a huge fan of anything Kawaii...and let me tell you...there are huge amounts of Kawaii stuff out there...

This was made especially for the gal that recycles her coffee tins to me.

That little candy image was perfect-o, especially teamed up with Dilettante Chocolates. You'll be seeing more Kawaii projects from me as I'm hoping to do a bunch of them to give to my kids and cousins at our New Years Day festivities, Oshogatsu....dude, I'm so there for the food:)

An easy smeasy gift that I think turned out pretty kawaii:) There are sooooo many projects you can use the rub ons for...I can't wait to use more of them....more to come in a week or so:)

I wanted to end with some CRAKs that I've received:

Okay, Janice totally spoiled me with this card...check out the super fun paper she used....that's not all though...

I couldn't believe it....she sent me this adorable Hero Arts Owl stamp and gorgeous ribbon...some of you may know my obsession...I mean love for Owls....check it out...I gotta lotta owls in my collection but don't happen to have this sweet one...I've been eyeing it and woot woot for Janice for adding it to my stash....thanks Janice...excellent choice!

Next up is the super Piali...I know you know who she is...that girl is all over bloggie-land...check out the huge amounts of goodies she sent to me...good grief...

Her card is super delish...the great trees all nestled on my fav, kraft...but check out the acetate panel...genius I say, genius.

Next we have the super blog candy from Cheryl Nelson. I loved her 12 days of Christmas cards....I was totally stunned when I won one of the days...and check out how this woman slings out the blog candy:

Yes, do you see it...My Cute Stamps Owls!!! LOL...I just finished up being on the MCS DT but never got this set and it is PERFECT-O....I just found out that a former co-worker of mine is due in 2 months....Thanks so much for everything Cheryl!!!

Check out what I received from thee talented Courtney:

Super delish...who can resist Eskimo Kisses??!!!

This gorgeous card comes from the magnificent Pinky Roth:

Super gorgeous AND elegant!

You might recognize this next card...

Everybody knows Lauren and her love of pink and monstas!
Lookie, lookie what else that crazy girl sent me... very own mini pink tree!!!!!!!
I gasped when I opened up the all started when I saw HER pink tree...if I remember correctly I sent her an email because my very tall noble had toppled over and not only scared me to pieces but there were ornament shards and needles all over the place...grrrr...I was telling her that I soooooo wanted to get a pink tree and quit the whole "real tree" thing but I was getting veto'd by my kids....well, after my tree fell over and I was grumbling when cleaning it up...I heard this tiny voice ask....does that mean you're going to buy a pink tree? Muwahahaha....Thanks rock my pink christmas world!

Oh boy you peeps are troopers...I end my post with this oh-so-sweet card that I received from Julia...
She even glitter up the star....soooooo stinkin' cute and really, one smart cookie...the card is absolutely USPS friendly...types the woman that spent over $40 at her local USPS sending out more Christmas cards...almost all of them went out for MORE than $0.44....the gal behind the counter wasn't too happy with me...anywho's....thanks Julia...I love it...I'm actually thinking of framing some of the cards that I've received and use them as holiday decorations...this would me one of them:)

Okie Dokie my friends....thanks so much for sticking till the end...I appreciate you stopping by and BTW, thanks to all of you for your kind words about my bro...We are super grateful that he is okay....

I'll be back tomorrow with my 365 Cards project....I hope that you'll pop by!


  1. Whoo hoo! Congrats girl. I will so be at CHA! I can't wait. We so need to meet.

    So glad you got your card too!

  2. Dude!! You totally scored this Christmas! LOL!! No, seriously! What lovely, lovely friends you have Amy! But it's no surprise because beautiful people have beautiful friends. :) Sorry I haven't been around much but I wanted to wish you and your two kiddies a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy New Year! ((hugs))

  3. going to CHA for torendi??!?!?! it's a good thing it's xmas so i blend in while i am GREEN WITH ENVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (you will definitely be the MOST kawaii gal there, i guar-AN-tee!!!) ;)

    have to confess that for a nano-second i was worried that bright PINK lights on the bright PINK tree miiiiiiiiiiight just be a tiny smidge *TOO MUCH* but now i see i was worried for nothing, they are ♥♥♥FAB♥♥♥! :)

    (console the lad with the assurance that there's NO WAY santa can possibly miss your house NOW!!!!!!!!!! lolol) ;)

  4. Love your decorated gift jar Amy! it looks super with the bow and green wrapped candies! How easy and lovely at the same time!!

    and thanks for featuring my card! I just love those cute Poppy stamps - and you're right - a super postage friendly card!!

    I can't wait to see Avatar - I thought it looked really interesting!

    Have a blessed Christmas Amy!!

  5. Congratulations for being chosen the Torendi CHA employee!

  6. Lots of awesome stuff! I'll be at CHA with the Torendi peeps as well! Can't wait to meet you!

  7. Wow, what wonderful blog candy you have received my friend.

    All the cards are fabulous.

  8. oh amy how fun you get to work CHA!!! it is only 5 hrs south of me but i refuse to drive the freeways in that area (can you say road rage?! lol) so... if dh will drive i would love to come and see you :)
    what fab cards and gifts! have a great Christmas :)

  9. wow wow wow much love're the best thats for ya...awesome stuff....hugs

  10. have a blast at cha i never been but i hope to someday.

  11. Congratulations on being picked for the Torendi CHA employee. I won't be going to CHA.

    Your glass candy dish is a cute gift. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Congrats again Amy!

    Love your treat jar and I'm very jealous of your pink tree! :)

  13. Wow, fantastic news Amy!!! You rock!

  14. Congratulations on your new assignment with Torendi! Things are going your way at the mo - good for you too!

    When we went to Japan, nearly everyone we passed called our little girl Kawaii! They kept trying to take photos of her but she's so shy, she wouldn't look at the camera!

    Have fun at the CHA - I'd love to come but it's quite a journey!


  15. Wheeee!!! Congrats! You are one lucky girlie! Too bad I'm too far away--otherwise I'd be there!

    You are drowning in CRAKS these days--aren't bloggy friends the best?

  16. You lucky girl!! Congrats!!

    I'll be at CHA...stop by the GCD Studios booth and say "hi". I'm working mon-fri from 9-12 each day.

    Merry Christmas!!

  17. wowee! such a lovely load of goodies! i love your creations, and those cards you've gotten--fabulous!

    Avatar was good--a little long (i saw the 8:20 showing--we got out LATE!)

    i hope you have a ton of fun at CHA--there will be so many people there :D

    Merry Christmas! XOXO

  18. WOW! lucky you!! thanks for sharing all those yummy goodies and cards that you got! love the super kawaii candy rub-on!! too cute! Wish you and yours a Happy Holiday!! =)

  19. I wander off for a few weeks and you're off to CHA! YIPPEE!! Have fun, my friend! Love all the goodies you've raked in, and the gift mug is wonderful!!

  20. Okay...that was one long post gal...;)

    First of all, congrats on getting selected to go to CHA...awesome! Isn't it exciting to be able to meet your online friends in person? Super cool!

    Secondly, the CRAKs you received are just fabulous and attest to how great a bloggy pal you have been! You so deserve all these wonderful treats Amy! :)

    Merry Christmas to you!

  21. woot! congratulations on your win :)
    how FUN!!!!!! LOVE your PINK tree!!!
    I hope you have a merry xmas

  22. Congrats on the CHA gig!! How totally FUN!!!
    Wow!! You've been having a blast each day getting your mail! Talk about wonderful cards and gifts!! How awesome! Merry Christmas, sweetie!! ♥♥ Kay

  23. all i have to say is wow! lots of fun stuff! you won't ever have to sleep now!

  24. oh dear, u got a lot of beautiful gifts.
    u must be very very happy then :)

  25. How exciting! I'll be there for all of CHA so I hope we can meet up!! I'd love to meet one of my DT members in person!! (I'll even have a booth at the Supershow so be sure to stop by there!)

  26. How fun! Congrats and I wish I was going to CHA!!! I'll be very very jealous for sure!!!!