Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hi all!

Just a speedy quick'ish post....

I made this card a while ago and don't think it was ever posted. It reminds me that I still need to make some masculine cards for my nephew's birthday stash. Gotta love the sassiness of this card:)

Here's a fun pic that I took of me and my girl...I'm always so amazed at how light colored her hair is...She can be such the surly/sassy teen but I just love her to pieces...This was at the boy's last soccer game on Saturday...it was sunny, cold & crisp outside.

Lookie what I received from my California Ivy...I have a Chicago Ivy too:)

She picked up some goodies from the Stampendous sale that she went to...she loves owlies too and the 2 um's are owls!! Check out that sweet tag, the post card and the clear stamps too!!!

Thanks Ivy...you rock my friend!!!


  1. I think it is a cute card and a beautiful picture!

  2. you 2 look great in the photo. you look like sisters!

    love the card, too!

  3. Hey, just like sistas...in your picture!

  4. AAhh the surly teen, I know two of those.. but I get the lovin them to pieces in spite of it.. LOL! That photo is too stinkin cute girl! As is the card! Hvae a great day..


  5. How nice is that! I love blog friends! Cute card too Amy!

  6. Awesome card, what a cool shape. Lovely pic!

  7. What a cute and fun card!! Love the pic! Peek on over at my blog...You are a WINNER!

  8. What a fun card Amy and I love the picture!!

  9. Love the card and what a fabulous photo!

  10. Cute card and photo! So, did you crop yourself out of the photo more? :P

  11. You guys are simply GORGEOUS! Love the mom/daughter energy ~ Wahooo! Love your fabby lil' HB monster! If I had an entire week to devote to lil' boy cards, I'd be delighted! Just can't have too many!

  12. What a cute card and love the pic of you gals! It had to of been cold!

  13. Love the photo... and the card and goodies! So much fun!

  14. love your robot card!! Ivy is so sweet to share those yummy goodies with you!! thanks for sharing the beautiful photo of you and your girl!

  15. That's certainly a cool card for a boy! :)

    Lovely pic of you and the gal too...

  16. Awe Amy your daughter is so pretty!!! U guys do look like sisters ;)
    that CA ivy sure is pretty awesome!
    You should see the little hedgie stamp she found for me
    I'll make something & post
    have a good night! We have a major snow storm happening right now I'm crossing my fingers toes & eyeballs for a snow day tomorrow ;)
    pls pls pls I asked{begged pleaded} my boss
    to work from home tomorrow lol
    ok tootles!

  17. CUTE robot card, Amy! It's absolutely perfect for a guy because of the non-frills. Which is really difficult for me to do! Great job, girlfriend! Such an awesome photo of you and your beautiful daughter! You've got to frame it! :o) ♥♥ Kay

  18. Way cute card! That paper is so adorable it really is perfect all by itself!

    What a great pic! you girl is beautiful just like her momma!

    (-: Heidi

  19. such a sweet pic of (1/2 of) you & your daughter! she is so pretty! i think this is the 1st pic i've seen of her.

  20. Luv that robot card! Your daughter looks so sweet!

  21. You're a hoot with today's comment about the picture of you two. Darling shot though - even if you did get partially cut off! ;-)

    Sure had fun yesterday with you! I hope you were in the black by the time the day was done! :)

    Have yourself a lovely Sunday Ms Ninja girl!