Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Linkie Love

Hello Hello!!!

I'm back.....but alas, I don't have anything new to show you.

I have missed you all and being crafty:)

Today I thought I'd share some linkies that I love:

Gotta Love Hello Lucky....she shared some fun new things that will be hitting Target.

Here's more Target love by freshlyblended.

oooohhh...gotta love all the color and craftiness on this post over on Thompson Family-Life.

I'm a ginormous fan of quotes and inspirational sayings so I love it when peeps showcase what they've found in bloggie-land....here's one of my favs, vintagegirl, slinging out the goodness...thanks girl!!!

DIY Tiramisu?!!! Sounds too easy!!! Will someone make this for me:) MadeByGirl always is chock full of fab stuff!

Found this over on
decor8....pretty much my dream home:)

Daisy Pink Cupcake and her swoon-able blue post.

Here's another post by decor8...an Etsy extravaganza....love everything...I have a 'thing' for purses and coin purses...probably because I can't really have a thing for shoes because my feet are too small...4'ish in women's and 3'ish in girls...sigh.

Awesome quote posted on Sycamore Street Press...

Here's another quote, this time on Design Crush...

Okay, that'll do it for me for today...I 'hope' to be back tomorrow with a card...first day back at work today and it's going to be b-u-s-y.
...so we'll see:)

Be on the lookout for some blog candy slinging....vaca deets...aha moments...and other schtuff..


  1. Glad to have you back, Amy. :-)

  2. Welcome back, girlie! Now instead of trying to catch up on Google Reader, I recommend that you click them all as read and start from today LOL!

  3. welcome back!!.. and thanks for the links :)

  4. welcome back Amy! Hope you had a great vacation and can't wait to see the photos and hear the stories.

  5. Welcome back gf.. hope your vacation was fabulous.. we're going away next week for 10 days... so yeah.. I hear ya!

  6. Welcome back!!! Can't wait to see the vacay photos!! And thanks for all the links! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. YAY! Welcome back! (And I make tiramisu for guest and dinner parties frequently. Much easier than it seems, I promise!)

  8. Welcome back, Amy! Hope you get some crafting time soon!

  9. *yippie* your back!! hope your vacation was relaxing and delightful!!! thank you for the love!! *hugs* you are too sweet. happy tuesday friend. xo

  10. so glad you are back :) hope you had a blast!!!

  11. Hope you had a fun and/or restful time off! Welcome back!

  12. Welcome back Miss Amy!! hope you had a fab time!

  13. Amy, thank you for your lovely comment & for following my blog. Welcome back! And thanks fo rthe tiramisu link. Tiramisu is my favorite!!:)

  14. Welcome back Amy! cna't wait to see more of your stuff! thanks for visiting my blog also!
    tfs the linkies =)

  15. Welcome back Amy.... Im sure you had so much FUN eh...cant wait to see ... what else!!!your beautiful cards... he he.... going away is always exciting.. but coming back to work.... "double exciting"...xx

  16. welcome back Amy! hope you had a good trip and that you will be creating soon! take care =)

  17. welcome back, Amy!!! hope you had a great time! =)

  18. welcome back girl and thanks for sharing such fun links

  19. what is happening? no card? I think i too have been gone for too long that i need to catch up with your life! LOL

  20. Welcome back I missed you!
    And thnx for the link, good to hear youreceived the card..!

  21. Thanks for the ideas and tips!