Friday, September 24, 2010

Flashback Friday 3.0

Make sure you check out my "second chances" layout HERE.

Check it out...I feel so official:)

Like my new Flashback Friday logo? It is by Lisa Arana...of dahlhouse designs. She is also responsible for my new siggie too:)

Okay, just some deets on the Flashback Friday festivities....I'll try to sling them out once a month. It is really a reminder of 'how far we've come' in our crafting/blogging....I think that we tend to forget that aspect and I've always been one to reminisce about things...get all nostalgic...

♥♥Edited to add: Please do not link your original blog post that contains your flashback card/project... you should re-post your Flashback Friday card onto your blog...that's the fun of it...taking ownership of your flashback the present day...haha...that's why some people don't want to play...but it is all for fun...♥♥

I do have a big surprise...the most fabbie Emily at E.A.D Designs is my first SPONSOR!!!!

Woot Woot....check out the E.A.D Designs Stickerz prize package that is up for grabs for one random winner of Flashback Friday 3.0!!!!

Haha...I'm super lucky to be on the DT for E.A.D Designs because Emily loves Owlies too!!! Thanks Emily!!!!

So 3.0 is compliments of the fabbie Rose Miller....What I'll start doing is have the winner of the Flashback Friday pick the next Flashback challenge...muwahahaha......that's what I call creative delegating...

So Rose's idea is to post your first challenge card that you ever made....before I show you our cards, lets first learn a smidge about Rose :

I live in California with my wonderful husband of three years, my mother, and our two spoiled furbabies, which are always "helping" me make my cards. I started making cards almost two years ago. I only wish I lived in a larger town just so I could shop in a "real" craft store rather then "on line" for the good stuff !! I don't have a "style" as I am more of a "free spirit" ( or rebel ) LOL

She is so kind to share her first challenge card:

Isn't it gorgeous?? Look at all the layers and different patterns...the scallops...the distressing...excellent my friend. It is really ironic because it was for a 365 Cards Challenge!!! LOL

Thanks Rose for the FUN Flashback Challenge!!!

So here you go, this is mine...or what I could is from my Splitcoaststampers Gallery Archives...seriously....

Circa January 2, 2006 peeps....

{chuckle} Even back then, I was a coffee-a-holic....Evidently it was a challenge for another site:
Coffee Retiform

One of my New Year Resolutions is to try new techniques. This is a card that I did for another board. The latte cup and sugar packets are by Ann-ticipations....saw the cup used in a card on the other board and knew that I HAD to get it.

Okay, so I'm wondering what challenge site it was? I'd remember now? I barely remember what I had for dinner last night!

Interesting things to note:

1. it is an all-stamped patterned paper!
2. monochromatic bright and funky colors
3. somethings never change, definitely my love of coffee is still strong...
4. Here's a link to a retiform tut by Beate over on SCS.
5. I scanned my cards back then...

Okay, hopefully I did it right and there should be an inlinkz attached to this post...if not, bear with me and I'll get it fixed...sheesh, I'm so not techie:)

You'll have until October 15th at 11:59 PM PDT to link up....


  1. What a great challenge, Amy! I didn't get to play with you last time, but I do wish to play this time.
    There is no inlinkz, so I'm linking my post here..
    Thanks for this fun fun fun challenge, and for sharing both Rose's and your first challenge cards.
    Lots of cyber hugs! (wink.. wink...)

  2. Great challenge! Its fun to look back on old cards.

  3. Your first challenge card rocks! I have seen a few of mine lately and am scared to share. eek! I am working up to be brave. :-)

  4. *bummer* I've never entered a card in a challenge... since you know that I just started making them! LOL!! I would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to win me some EAD OWLIES!! Those totally ROCK!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your new badge and loving the cards you showing too!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Oh you are so clever doing your own challenges now. I love the new blog button and your signature.

    Love the first card you ever did for a card challenge and somehow I thought it would have owls instead of a coffee cup.

  6. wowie! so much stuff! love those owl stickers! too cute! hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. You are so hoot-a-lisious Amy...
    Thanks for having us as your first Sponsor:))

  8. Great cards...and sounds like a fun challenge!

  9. oooh great idea...I love looking back...I wonder WTF sometimes...LOL

  10. thanks for having me as you GD today Amy your the sweetest ever girl :)

    drat!! guess i don't have a shot at that FUN prize lol

    your card is so YOU!! love all the coffee items and WOW you stamped it all??!!

  11. Amy, this is so embarrassing! I love it! haha. Thanks so much for the awesome challenge. I linked up! :)

  12. P.s. if for some crazy-awesome reason I win, I won't be back in the country until the 25th of October (I'm gone the 12-25th) so don't think I don't care! :)

  13. Lovin' your new piccy and signature! Also love this idea to look back on your creative journey! I'll have to have a root through my blog for my first challenge card....
    Have a super weekend, girlie!

  14. what a great idea Rose came up with - she is great on card ideas and now challenges-a hard act to follow!
    Love your challenge button - how fab.

  15. How awesome are you, girl! I love your Flash Back Friday and your new siggie and am gonna have to play! Thanks for wearing my badge ROCK all kinds of awesomeness!!!! find my first challenge card.. :)


  16. What a fun idea!! I'll have to see what I can find :0) The stickers are adorable too - love those owlies!

  17. Fun, fun, fun!!!
    I'll play!!!! For sure! I'll just dig my card up from a gallery somewhere. And soooo much fun to see your cards, if it wasn't for the coffee, I'd never guess it was you!!! Cool technique!

  18. Ha! SOOO much fun!!! I'll have to dig out that first challenge card for ya, sista!!! Yours is SOOO you! I have to smile at the coffee theme. Love it! ♥♥ Kay

  19. Great challenge Amy!!!!! So funny to have a 'flashback'!!

    Sweet greetings,
    Saskia :)

  20. I finally did this! I had to go back to 2008 for my first challenge card. But you know, I may have something older on Splitcoast...I never thought to look there. I also scanned my cards back then! Thanks, Amy and Rose. This was fun! Esp. when I saw my main image was an owl. brhahaaaaa