Thursday, October 7, 2010

dec 25

Before we know'll be December...I promised myself that this year, I'd be more prepared...sigh

I've been eyeing my Echo Park Merry Christmas set and knew that I wanted to use it for today's card...

I decided to keep the card fairly clean to really bring out all the musical can easily be a feminine or masculine card...patting myself on the back for that since masculine cards are always tough for me...

I was inspired by Laura's sketch 62:

My card is also for Vera Yates' Caring Hearts Card Drive

She is collecting Thanksgiving and Christmas cards to be sent to nursing homes and care centers.  Now how fabbie is Vera??!!!! 

My Grandma was in a nursing home and I visited her as much as boy wasn't born at the time, sadly she never got to meet my whipper snapper of a boy but she did love my girl to pieces...she was her first great-grandkid...back in the day I wanted to get into gerontology....but that's a whole 'nother story...Soooooo....come on peeps...join in on Vera's card drive!!!

I'm still working on organizing and purging my crafty area...good grief, it ALWAYS looks worse before it looks is quite a mess right now as I dehoard my closets but here is something that makes me happy...

It is just a smidge of organizing but I love it....I've had my PTI buttons in their original ziplock baggies...I then would pour them onto my worktop to find thee perfect gem for my project and then take forever to get them back into that dreaded ziplock baggie...all the while having buttons ping on the floor and various other places....{The SWEET owlie box is compliments of the fabbie Ivy of ivyPINK!  Thanks again girlie!!!!!}

Now I just have to open up the hinged tin and shake it up a bit and woot woot...there you have it!

P.S.  My bookcase is another project of mine...I bought it shipping...can't beat that for a girl without a truck:) but I didn't realize how 'distressed' it my plan is to paint the interior a robins egg'll match the wall in my crafty nook:)

Just in case you didn't hear the news....Skipping Stones Design was able to exceed their goal for the Susan G Komen Foundation Fundraiser!!!!!  A total of $1,108.99 has been generously donated by silent auction proceeds, stamp sales and monetary donations....isn't that thee best news?!!!!!  I just wanted to do a shout out for my fabbie bloggie buddy Julie Tucker Wolek who donated via my blog by winning the silent auction of my Blogs 4 Boobies Blog Bounce card AND she also did another monetary donation...woot woot for Julie!!!


  1. great card, amy! love the music notes and ticket shape.
    what a great thing vera is doing! i wanted to do something like that locally since i had two dear relatives of mine in nursing homes as well.
    love how you organized your buttons! YUMMY!
    thanks for sharing and have a great day! *hugs* steph :)

  2. I love the music papers! Such a lovely X'mas card...

    Love your button storage! :)

  3. drooling over those yummy pps! super card, Amy! love your button storage, too. great idea!

  4. Beautiful` card Amy...tfs
    Those buttons sure are organised!!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your week:) x

  5. Me too love you card... mostly the simplicity of this card... BEAUTIFUL....

    Look at you huh... getting organize...sweet neat gurlfren....xx

  6. I love the card... esp can imagine the lovely christmas carols music on the background..

    you have got some nice snazzy buttons and wonderful storage ideas!! :)

  7. Love the card!! Trying myself to be ready for the holidays this year too, but having difficulties to get into the spirit - sigh!
    Great storage idea you have there! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Any storage idea is awesome, thanks for letting us know about it. Love your card too, have a hard time working with music stamps!

  9. Hope you don't mind me stopping by your blog to tell you about Papercraft Star (just in case you don't already know!) We'd love to have you enter some of your inspired projects in our challenges there. We're also having a DT call soon and want to tell papercrafters like you about the call! There is still time to enter our PTI gift certificate drawing too!

  10. Ok....first I was gonna tell you that I loveeeeeeee that card. amen.
    Then I was gonna tell you that you are tooooooooo organized and you make me sick! LOL!:)
    Then I was going skip the you make me sick part and make you come to AZ to help me get that organized!
    Then I see that you are more AWESOME than giving me a shout out! *blush* Sooooooooo happy they exceeded their goal!! That is WOW!! And off to check your friends card drive!! What a GREAT CAUSE! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  11. neat button storage! I love the card you did for 2s4y this week. I totally need to get on the ball and make one for this week!

  12. Love that music themed card! The green snowflake makes me happy.
    Great storage ideas too Amy, I can't wait to see your cookcase once you paint the insides!

  13. Such a fab card and great idea for storing the buttons!

  14. heyhey!!! Love your card! I have one made with music notes too! :P Great minds think alike, huh? hehehe.... I'm planning to start early at making Christmas cards too... cos I'm always late at it :P

    All the best to the both of us, ya? *winks*! :)
    Love you, sista and love the owlie too!!! so cute!!

  15. Wow all of that patterned paper on one card "ROCKS"!

  16. Nice rock chickie! Better start lifting weights so you can lift your hand! *wink* Love your button oranizing strategy-very cool!!

  17. Beautiful card! The music papers are fabulous and great work with the sketch! You're right, December will be here before we know it. Yay! I'm LOVING your button storage idea! You don't know how many times I'm on the floor looking for dropped buttons. You are very clever. Thank you for the idea! Congrats on the success of the Susan G. Komen fundraiser event. That's awesome!! ♥♥ Kay

  18. woot woot for julie AND for fabulous organizationality AND for that suuuuuuper cool EP xmas card, which i totally ♥LOVE♥; but mostly just WOOT WOOT for amy who is utterly wonderful! ♥♥♥

  19. Happy Holidays, friend!!!
    What a beautiful card!! I used Christmas music paper last year on presents and on gifts and it turned out so magical!!
    Yay for new organizational products!!
    buttons, music and donations,

  20. Gorgeous card, Amy and thank you so much for your support for Caring Hearts Card Drive! Love ya!

  21. Super cute card Amy! I love your organizing skills very cool :)
    Thanks for playing at 2S4Y!

  22. This is soooooo fabulous Amy!! LOVE it!

  23. Ow wow I'm in love with this card!

  24. lovin' that music note paper and your button storage. Storage is key, although my scrapbook area still looks a mess. ha!!

  25. Beautiful card! And I LOVE your button storage idea! Super cute! :)

  26. You are SO crafitliscious! FIRST of all - FANTASTIC card {purrrrrr!} I love it. What a wonderful cause! You're the TOTAL package! THEN, organized! YOU must be, to do ALL that you do - those buttons look SO inviting, so crafty, so full of possibility! YIPEEEE! Thank for the perky share - you're the BEST!

  27. Super musical card...I love your button storage...I have mine in jars (hmm...)!

  28. Super card, girlie! I love those papers :D
    Ooooh check out your organisational skills too! Those tins look great! I store mine in spice jars but can never see all my pretty buttons at once like this!

  29. Love your card - Haven't seen the Echo Park Christmas yet - lovely :)
    What a great thing Vera is doing. I will definitely join in.
    Loving those button tins!!

  30. What a beautiful card Amy!!
    The tins for the buttons are great :)

  31. I totally agree, musical paper makes it totally unisex. fabulous layout too.
    I am loving your organising - i want to do that now lol
    love tasha xx

  32. I love this color combo!!! And the music dp are awesome!
    And way to go for putting all your buttons is boxes!

  33. The card is a beaut! Is it bad that all my buttons (I am button challenged) are dumped into one container?

  34. You are becoming an organizational guru!!!
    Another goodie...I need to get on both of these bandwagons...Christmas cards and organization. I think since I craft late at night by the time I finish I am too tired to put everything away - it just piles up!

  35. love all the music paper :) fab card!!
    will check out the card drive, and look at you with the button tins! way to go girl :) **think you need just a few more buttons in your stash...... ducking for cover now LOL

  36. love your use of the patterns! Lovely card!

  37. Absolutely fabulous!!! Love your button storage too!!!

  38. This Christmas card is fabulous, Darlling! Love the musical note papers and the festive colors.
    Neat idea for your button storage~love the "organization" you started. I keep trying to clear my desk after each card making session...but...:o)

  39. look at all your yummy buttons now! i would prob save a lot of time separating my buttons by color but i don't have THAT many buttons to justify doing that!

    nice holiday card with the musical notes!

    (i cannot believe i am sooo behind in catching up on your posts!)