Sunday, December 19, 2010

CRAKs and Awards...

Happy Mail...I just LOVE Happy Mail!!!!  I wanted to share with you all the fabulous cards I have received along with some awards too!

First up...from across a very large her true CAS PTI Style:)
Soooo very classic Aimes....LOVE it Sista!

Next up is another CAS lovely from the fabbie Carolina:

Carolina's detail work is always perfect....I had the opportunity to meet up with Carolina TWICE..woo hooo...once at a Copic Certification Class and earlier this year at CHA....

Here's some fun goodies from Jenn:

I am sooo very honored to represent Jenn's shop being on her Design Team!  Owls and Coffee?  Doesn't get much better than that...

Here's a classic card from my friend's Mom, Judy....can't remember when we started exchanging cards but this woman can also quilt up a storm too!  Pretty sure that she needs to start up a blog:)

This is indeed thee CAS card....LOVE it...stared at it for awhile actually....FABulous job Julia...Thank you so much!

Okay, who doesn't know Lauren?  She is thee opposite of CAS...she is the QUEEN of details, details, details....when she posted this particular card...I gasped out loud...the stitching and all the wonderful embellies....good grief woman, where do you get your's like 200 lb goodness...AND the whipper snapper even sent me some lovely goodies too!!!

Savitri...gotta love her style....and her humor...that woman is always cracking me up...

Sherry...Sherry is such a fab bloggie friend...have you noticed my use of wrinkle's from Sherry...she inspired me to use my CB Folders the other day...we chat everyday...such a great friend...Thanks Sherry!

Last but certainly not least....a sweet card from Vera...right now Vera is enjoying her time with her family in Singapore...I'm so happy for her that she was able to go back home for the holiday's!

I may have shared some of these cards memory has been especially sad these days...a good friend thanked me for the 2 Christmas Cards that I sent her...I sent her 2 cards and didn't even know it....shaking my head...

Okay, here are some awards that I've been honored with!

Lisa of Lisa's Scrap 'N Shack and Li-bee-ti of Creations with Love both shared their awards with me!  I think I'm suppose to share some fun facts so I'll make them all crafty ones:

1.  I stitch on a majority of my cards...if I don't, I feel like they aren't finished...

2.  Every year I say that I'm going to be more prepared for the holidays...I failed miserably again this year...need to start my cards a whole lot sooner {like in January} and we won't even speak about my December far there are only 3 days in December..haha

3.  I absolutely LOVE being creative...cannot and will not experience my life without it:)

4.  The number of wonderful people that I have 'met' through blogging has been incredible...I'm soooooo thankful for my blogging community!

5.  Blogging/Blurfing has become my part time job to my full time job....crazy fun.

Okay, now I'm suppose to share the awards to other people...that's ALWAYS the tough part for me....soooooo to make it less stressful for me :)  I've decided to pass along the awards to all the peeps that sent me a CRAK that I've uploaded on this particular along if you'd stress:)

Thank you ladies for the awards and thank you ladies for the CRAK's!!!!  I so appreciate you all!!!! 


  1. wonderful CRAKs, amy! such fabulous bloggy friends! thanks for sharing and hope you have a great week! *hugs* steph :)

  2. awesome CRAK'S :) have a wonderful week

  3. WOW Wonderful CRak...its great to have wonderful blogger mates... very nice post girlie... have a good one..xoxo

  4. Wow! These are pretty awesome CRAKs! :)

    I love my bloggy friends too! :)They respond to mail a lot

  5. Loveeeeeeeeeeeee the cards you got!! And loving reading your list! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Very fun amy & lots of card inspirations!

  7. wowee Amy!!!... wonderful and fab CRAK... love them all .. lucky gal!! :)


  8. This post is filled with inspiration, great work!

  9. What great CRAKs, girlie! And thanks so much for the kind words about me! Y'know next year your card is just going to have to feature a PTI couch, right?! LOL!

  10. Wow!! You are a lucky girl, Amy!! All that fabulousness in your mailbox! Waiting for your postman every day must be very exciting!! ;)

  11. Look at you with all those wonderful RAKs from blogland friends!! They are beautiful and you are one deserving lady!

  12. These are great!! I love Lauren's card. Mine is coming in the mail to ya!! :)

  13. thanks for sharing your wonderful RAKs! so fun to see them!

  14. What a beautiful variety of cards Amy! glad you liked mine!

  15. Glad you got my card, girlie!!!