Sunday, January 2, 2011

let it snow...

Okay, just so that I'm clear...I don't necessarily want it to snow...I'm just saying that to be festive...I have tons of stuff to do today and don't want to be 'snowed in'....

What's that?  My cards look suspiciously Christmas-y?  Yes, I know that it is January..January 2, 2011...btw, I had to have my Christmas tree curbside yesterday...January 1st by 9 am...yup, 9 am for it to be picked up for recycling...why does it seem that my tree gets taller when I need to get it out of my house and don't have any help?  It was pretty hilarious as I literally pulled it out of the house via my back french 5 am...pretty sure my neighbors weren't thinking I was too neighborly...

Okay, okay...onto my made 4 of them... 

Have you heard of the new challenge blog called

It is the fabbie idea of my bloggie buddies Stephanie and Lauren!  There are going to be weekly challenges through November...48 weeks of a card a week and you'll have 48 fab cards by December...

This week's challenge is

something old, something new!

Something Old:  the paper that I punched the Stampin' Up snowflakes out is from a vintage Japanese novel that I picked up from a rummage sale...

Something New:  the PTI  Sweet Symphony paper that I got for Christmas...I used the Hawaiian Shores sheet .

I teamed up the PTI paper with Stampin' Up Chocolate Chip and Really Red...the sentiment is SRM...the twine is a RAK from KarenB:)

My Goal with the help from the Jingle Belle crew?  Make multiple cards for each challenge so I have plenty of Christmas cards this year...another 'goal' is to make the cards fairly cards were "cha-ching" to send out last month because of my love of bumpy cards...those would be 2 very huge goals...crossing my fingers that I'm able to accomplish them...thanks for the help Jingle Belles:)

My cards were inspired by cardabilites #18:

**CRAK Alert**

Okay, that cracks me up:)

I wanted to share some of the remaining CRAKs that I received in December:

This is from Alice...for those that know Alice you probably recognize her work...most definitely her coloring skillz:)

As suspected by Alice, I LOVE the use of the non-traditional colors and her joyful facial expression:)

I wish you could see Ann's card up close and personal:

I have to admit that one of the first things I noticed when I pulled her card out of the envy was her 3 layers of cardstock for the front panel...3 layers...that puppy is over 300 lbs of paper...well, you know what I mean....She managed to do CAS with Pizazz!!  soooo TWEET!

Next up is Audrey's..

Gotta love the international mail with Christmas Flair!

This is Cheryl's beauty:

Great idea die cutting the card..popping in the trees and topping it off with the big bow...LOVE it!

Check out Gina's card!

Isn't it FUN?!!!  She's an art major and I adore her work!


Gloria is a G45 Goddess...that supports my love of Cosmo Cricket:)

Heidi, my fellow washingtonian:)

Seriously, who doesn't know Heidi and her skills with thinking outside the box...check out the tree trunk..genius!

Janine, is from my other homeland...Canada:)

Gorgeous, eh?  Had to fit the 'eh' in there:) 

♥♥shut up♥♥  I really shouldn't have to say anymore about that sweet owl... friend, fellow Canadian and challenge queen...

Dude, this girl is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!  Between hitting all the challenges and being GDT everywhere...she rocks the crafting world!!!

Martha is the queen of vintage and I adore her made me sigh...

Michele..another Canadian...

Love the colors and the pattern...the interior reads:

Time to chase the snowflakes!

Such a gorgeous traditional Christmas card with is a gate fold card...

Another Canadian...this girl not only makes thee best cards but man she can whip up some wicked quilts and other sewn goodies...I keep telling her that she needs to open up an etsy with all her stuff...

Rose sent me a whole lotta goodness...and challenged me to do something with those glassine mini envies...muwahahaha....


I wish you could see the fabbie embossing on this beauty from Tami...hey sista!!!!  Pretty hilarious as Tami has the opposite sleep pattern as me...she stays up really late and I get up really early and sometimes we're even up at the same time:)

Absolutely perfect....don't you love the pop of color?

aha...gotta love the owlie...Michelle is thee best..we chat about everything from Japanese Food to kids...yet another Canadian.. rock...

Good grief, who doesn't LOVE peppermint bark...

Okay, there you have it my peeps...thank you for hanging in there with me...

Gotta love this blogging community...everybody is thee best...


  1. chocolate, teal & brown---yummy colors and a fab card!

    whoa mama.....that's a lot of! cards! a lot of wonderful cards!!

    happy new year amy!

  2. Happy New Year to you, Amy!!! You have been a busy woman, as always, I assume!! Fab cards you've made, fab cards you've received! Great inspiration all together!! :)

  3. What a great idea to create several cards with each weeks challenge. Now that is the way to get a lot of cards done and out of the way before the holidays. I like the part about making them flat.
    What wonderful friends you have to send you all that homemade goodness.

  4. wooohooo..... the owl is screaming.... woooooooootttttttttttt woooooooooootttttttt hoottttttttttt hoottt.... you're one spoilt and lucky gal eh... lotsa of beautiful cards you received... eeeiiii love em all....

    And of couse sista... you made fab cards... I adore em too.... big hugs... sit back enjoy...the cold... I'm hot here.... xoxo

  5. Love your cards and you are one lucky girlie.... you deserve it all you are so sweet!

  6. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your cards and love love love love the ones that everyone sent you!! GORGEOUS!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. Ahh, look at all that love! Great card too, and a great resolution to have.

  8. Amy I LOVE your snowflake cards! But I have a favor to ask...will you kindly STOP posting fabulous new challenge sites? I am addicted and need to join a 12-step program, lol! I love the christmas ones especially b/c I didn't even come close to finishing mine for 2010. As always, wonderful inspiration to be had on your blog! :)

  9. Ohhhhh fabbie Christmas cards!!!! Thanks for the link to jingle belles! Sounds like something for me - for SURE!!!

  10. Love this idea to get a head start on the Christmas cards! Your design is fab, girlie!
    Oooh I linked you on my blog - you inspired me to de-hoard some of my stash! Payback for all the 'couch teasing' of 2010 ;D

  11. Holy crud look at all those amazing cards. Okay the peppermint bark totally had me drooling. I LOVE that stuff. Oy! I'm glad you liked the card. I loved the one you sent me too!

  12. Amy love your fab cards of 4 :D

    You have got to be the "it" gal in crafty blogging world. So much LOVE :). You totally deserved it.. Love all your cards received :)

  13. TFS the cards you received-they are fab. I like the comment about CAS and the layers of paper LOL!
    You are going to be so ahead of the game come Christmas with these, (unlike I was!)- I love the colour combo.

  14. That is one mother-lode of mail ... and I love that ruffly ribbon owl ... too stinkin' cute ... Woot Woot to the flat mailable cards. That's one of my goals too ... thanks for joining us on our Jingle Belle journey.

  15. That's because YOU rock the bloggy world, Miss Amy! You are the most loyal commenter & friend out there!
    Thanks for showin' off my card, girlie! ;)

    Love your sweet Christmas cards...gonna hafta check out jingle belles!

  16. great card! i love lauren and stef's new challenge site. feels good to start early :).
    wowee, wonderful CRAKs from your blogging friends!
    happy new year, amy!
    *hugs* steph :)

  17. WOW!!! loving all these cards Amy :) and I love new new idea of jingle all the way, I must check it out...hugzz xx

  18. Great goals for the New Year Amy - I was thinking along the same lines - join a couple of Christmas challenges so that I can start my cards early. Will definitely check out Jingle Belles. Love your cards.

  19. awesome CRAKs! :D hehehe, that makes me laugh too!

    and thanks for the heads up on the jingle belles challenge site, i might have to join in cause i didn't send any Christmas cards this year!

  20. I am always looking for Christmas challenge blogs - gotta keep going even if I am sick and tired of making holiday cards LOL!

    Deanne :)

  21. HOLY MACKERAL, missus!!! *FOUR* gorgeous old/new cards ALREADY?!?! are you gonna be the jingle belle of the jingle balle this year OR WHAT??!?!??! i love these...i am SO THRILLED that you are playing, mostly (i must admit) for selfish reasons b/c i will get to see your FABULOUS xmas cards all year long! (WAHEY!!!!!!!!!!!!) xoxoxoxox lauren

  22. My goodness you received A LOT of Christmas cards in the mail. I will not be jealous, I will not! :> And I love your Christmas card, such a great challenge blog! And really smart to make multiples AND for it to be flat. Nothing is worse than finding out that you have to pay more than double postage because your card is too thick!

  23. Isn't it fun to make a christmas card in Jan, I am in for the fun!

  24. Hi Amy,
    don't know if you remember me but I met you at the Ayame Kai Craft Fair in November. Love your blog, girl! Thanks so much for sharing!

  25. YAY! Someone else who's making multiples! So far I'm 1 for 1 (1st week and I made a card.) 6 actually. Let's see if I can keep it up!

    I Loooove your card, by the way. :)

  26. check you out!! extra points for making 4 cards!! :) ok i am going to have to try this as it will sure help in Dec. but that means i need to find more peeps to send them to as i only sent out 18 this year! lol

    look at all the fab cards you got!! how fun :)
    picked me up some of those envies and will watch to see how you use them so i can lift it lol

  27. Amy these are all magnificent I am green like the Scrooge! Wow thanks for sharing all these great cards you received!

  28. 4 cards? as usual you rock!!!!

  29. What a great new challenge blog! Your cards are gorgeous, Amy! Look at all the love you got. I'm loving all those cards, too!

  30. Look at you jumping out in 2011 with 4 new Christmas cards. I like your combination of old and new! Great challenge.

  31. what a but load of CRAK..lmao

    great IS snowing her..meeeeeh...glad you liked the card!

  32. Whoa! Love the cards! The colors, the musical score...all work well together! :)

    You've got some great CRAKs! :)

  33. Happy New Year Amy, love the cards and thank you for the info on the new challenge site. Can't wait to check them out. What a lucky lucky lady you are to be blessed with so many wonderful cards by blogging friends

  34. Amy I need some "amy challenges motivation" from
    U to create stuff!

  35. Beautiful card and love the cards form all your friends!

  36. I love your new snowflake cards! They're brilliant.

    The tree already went to the curb? Eek! I still have a few xmas cards (and a couple of gifts) that haven't gone out yet. Hoping to get it all done tomorrow. Officially it's still the Christmas season until "Twelfth Night" or the "Twelfth Day of Christmas" which is the 6th of January, and I'm standing by that this year. ;)

  37. Oh my goodness, what a bunch of eye candy today! I love the PTI papers (got some myself), great card. Good luck getting ahead for Christmas.

  38. The CRAK cards are gorgeous, each one inspiring and different and beautiful! Your card (or should I say CARDS, talk about setting the standard high for the rest of us, lol) is great - I love the mix of color and the clean line of it.

    I think Jingle Belles is going to be a lot of fun!

  39. Awesome post Amy - thanks for sharing your collection of love!!
    Happy New Year!

  40. The color combo is just insanely beautiful!! I always wish I was brave enough to try color combos like this. It works and is so stunning.

    I love the music background and the big, bold snowflake with just a touch of baker's twine. A perfect Christmas card!

  41. I love your cards! They are so pretty!!! I am happy to see you made 4 of them. I made a pair for my first JB Challenge :)

  42. I LOVE that card! Its fantastic!! I love your idea of doing multiples of each design-you clever girl, your cards will be done before we even start thinking about it!! ;D

  43. oh Amy your cards are sweet!!! thanks for playing with cardabilities!

  44. i am hoping to get a head start on my holiday card this year, too! LOVE your beautiful card! thanks for sharing all the beautiful cards you received, too! =)

  45. Your cards are lovely. I'm glad to see another Christmas challenge blog beginning. I too have started Craftyhazelnut's Christmas Challenge blog - please feel free to add your card if you'd like to - challenge 1 is open until 22:00 UK time Friday 7 January. x

  46. Yey!!!!!! I'm sooo happy you got it!!!! I miss yah!! enjoy them!!!

    you're work as usual!! amazing!!!

    i've sorta fallen off of the craft wagon... but dont worry i'll be back. i have to do something with my photos :)

  47. Oooooh. Your card, or should I say cards, are fantastic. I love the colors you picked.
    What a bunch of pretty, pretty cards you got in the mail too!