Thursday, August 25, 2011

happy mail...


I know I'm on a bloggie vaca but I had to pop in for a smidge...

We just got home from seeing some of this:

...and some of these...

oh yeah, me sportin' my new hat...I {heart} hats!

Funny story about our vaca...let's just say the luggage that had my coat didn't go along with I wore Darin's:)

I cam home to happy mail!!!

woooo hoooo for some new MME:

Check out what the very lovely Lauren sent me:

Her attention to detail is overwhelming!

Check out her giftie...

Inside was this sweet 'lil cupcake:

Surprisingly, it was chock full of all this:

Big smiles from amy:)

Next up is the very fabbie Lynnda:

Cute, eh?!!!

...and she sent me this journal:

oy love love vaca pics will go in there!

AND check this cutie pie out:

Here's the inside cover:

...and the back cover...

Thank you sooooooo much Lynnda!!!!!  You rock sista!!!!! bloggie sista sent me happy mail too:

My fav colors!!!!

Check out all these fun goodies too:

Thanks so very much know me:)

Girls, thanks so much for all the happy mail...I'm a lucky duck!!!!

Just a quick reminder about Flashback Friday 14.0!

The Craft's Meow is our Sponsor!!!!

The prize is the very fun:

You have until Friday at 11:59 pm PST to link up!

I haven't crafted in a very long time...hope to squeeze in some quality time tonight but I'm back to work and things are crazy.  I do have some fabulous crafty time scheduled for friday and saturday...more on that later:)


  1. You are a lucky Ducky I love all you treasures you received, Hope your BDay was as Marvelous as I assume it was!

  2. I am so..oo...glad you are back, Amy! I love all your goodies and yes, Please, show you vacation pictures! I will never go to Alaska! However, I think I should have said that because the last time I said that about going somewhere(it was Saudi Arabia) we went!Again So happy you are back!!!Happy day to you.

  3. Wow, your pictures are great, what beautiful scenery! You have been spoiled LOL with all your wonderful new goodies :)

  4. Hope you had a FABULOUS vacation!! Looks like you got lots of "happy" mail!!! (=

  5. Your lovely package arrived today. Thank you so much. Have a happy vacation.

  6. Welcome home my friend. The card is adorable, the pictures amazing and I LOVE the hat you look just too cute. What town is that?

  7. How do you go on vacation and come up with all this awesome stuff! Love it all!

  8. well you were missed for sure :)
    oh my what stunning sites you saw!! how sweet of D to share his jacket :)

    fab happy mail :)

  9. Sista..definitely you were missed!!!!

    You look so pretty!! ANd the hat suits you!!!

    YAY YAY YAY happy mails...


  10. Love the happy mail, Amy... and thanks for sharing your wonderful vaca photos.

  11. What great gifts and happy mail! Glad you are having a fabulous vaca!

  12. score! you made out!! lol..looks like you're having a fun time! :)

  13. AWESOME vaca photos, Amy!! Looks like you enjoyed some AMAZING scenery!!! And so fun to come home to all that happy mail!!! YAY!!!

  14. Loveeeeeeeeeeee the vacay photos!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee all that happy mail!! I have missed you! :):):):):):):):):)

  15. awesome happy mail. At least coming home you had this after the luggage debacle. :-)

  16. are so lucky ducky cutie've got lovely crafty stuff from enjoying with your

  17. You are so adorable in that hat! I love the scenery…wish I were there ;)

    Woot woot for fab mail!!! TFS.

  18. Hope you had a blast on your vacation Amy! How awesome to return home to fabulous goodies! Enjoy! :)

  19. Love the inspiration!

    Korie B.

  20. Welcome back. Love the fun photos. I {heart} hats too. :) Super sweet happy mail. :)

  21. beautiful pics, amy! awesome welcome home goodies!

  22. SUCH an outstanding assortment of LOVE, for a fine FRIEND, indeed! What a super terrific share! Wahooo!

  23. So lucky to be able to wear hats, very cute!