Sunday, November 6, 2011

Flashing back...

If you're looking for the Cards that Care blog HERE.

Today I celebrate my 4th Blogaversary.  I seriously can't believe it has only been 4 seems like I've been blogging forever.  Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you hadn't discovered paper crafting and you hadn't discovered blogging?  Okay, okay other than the fact that you'd probably have at least 80 more hours in a week...or maybe that is just me...LOL.

I'm doing a fun little celebration over on the Flashback Friday Challenge blog:

 For those of you that don't know....Flashback Friday started from some posts on this blog.  There was a time when I felt the need to post daily and quite frankly I didn't have enough new projects to share so I would "flashback" to older posts.   

Our Flashback Friday 17.0 Sponsor is the spectacular

a muse studio consultant

She has these fab a muse studio goodies up for grabs....

Harvest Blessings

 French Roast Pearls

Soooooooo fun, eh?!!!

For more information about a muse studios check out Mary Dawn's site HERE.  Make sure you also pop over to her personal blog, My Pink Mexico....that girl can craft up a storm!

My super Guest Designer for Flashback Friday 17.0 is the wonderful Sylvia Nelson!  She has picked a super fun challenge....

Your first banner!
can be on a card or a hanging banner for the holiday

I know that you all can dig up at least one project that has a banner:)

What I posted over on the Flashback Friday blog is that in celebration of my 4th blogaversary, I was going to pick a random winner to win a box of goodies.  To be eligible, you just need to link up before 11:59 pm Pacific tonight.

I've changed it up a smidge...I won't be drawing for one winner...I'll be drawing for 5 winners!  The Grand Prize winner will receive 4 lots of goodies:

Making Memories flocked paper lot

Pink Paislee/Jillibean lot

Prima lot personal favorite, the Woodland lot

What I also decided to do it to sling out four 6x6 Designer Paper Pad from My Minds Eye {I'm also including a spool of ribbon!} 4 more people will receive 1 Paper Pad and a spool of ribbon

Everyday Flair

Darling Dear


Blink of an Eye

Whew, I assure you that the photog and editing session of the goodies took me way longer to do than the actual typing of this post:)

It's a funny thing when I go back to my very first blog post titled:

I absolutely CRINGE at my photography....but here are the first couple sentences

I've actually tried to set up a blog a couple of times but could not figure
it out. I think that I'm slowly getting it. I hope to see this slowly evolve into something really creative.....

So there you have it...a small thanks for everyone that visits me, whether it is via here on my personal blog or the Flashback Friday blog or maybe even both?!

So, if you'd like a chance at the goodies, link up your first banner project HERE.

**garage sale update**

So you may remember that I mentioned I was going to have a garage sale on Saturday....I'm thankful that it didn't rain but it was 36 degrees and I literally lost feeling in my hands....I was huddled up to my space heater and it just wasn't doing the trick:)  Business was definitely slower than last month but I probably managed to move out over 250 sheets of 12x12 {don't ask}....and I got to talk to some really interesting and fun people.  My hourly rate was um, less than $10 hour...funny thing is the kids and I went to Ikea and Costco after I 'closed up shop' and I well overspent the $ I made earlier in the day...oy.


  1. Congrats on 4 years, had to laugh at the 80 extra hours a week... I'm not sure I've ever made a banner... eek, off to search for something.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on 4 years of blogging, Amy!!! Way to go! I always enjoy stopping by and checking out your SUPER CREATIVE projects!!!

  3. Wow 4 years! Congrats and thank you for all the time you put in your blog! I enjoy your posts so much.
    As far as your garage sale...I dont have to ask...I am packing up my craft room and think I can figure it out! LOL

  4. Wow, 4 years. I can't even imagine....I just started in August. I have never made a banner, I dont know why. But great giveaways!!

  5. Congrats on your 4 years, Amy! Sorry it was so cold for your garage sale. In a garage it feels even colder. I know about those stacks of paper that just keep getting bigger. We buy it then don't use it for one reason or another. Soon it is overwhelming! Have a fun Sunday.

  6. :>)!!!!
    The only thing I am missing by crafting is sitting in front of the tv - that eequates to not much!!! Crafting is much more fun :>)

  7. Congrats on 4 years! Happy Blogaversary! sorry about the cold weather for the garage sale. no fun.

  8. hehehehehe......extra 80 hours... lol... soooooooooooooooooo TRUE!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it!! Happy blog-iversary! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  9. 4 years... that's amazing, congratulations Amy :) Your garage sale story is so funny!

  10. You ROCK, Amy!! Congrats on 4 years of blogging. Sorry your garage sale was slow. Those things can be SO fickle. But good for you for clearing out--I never seem to find the time to do that!

  11. Congratulations Amy on your 4th blogaversary, where does the time go lol! I think our weeks should be 80 hours longer so we could fit everything else in lol! Take CareX:)

  12. Congrats on your blogoversary! :)

    Rest well!

  13. congrats on your 4th blogoversary.

  14. Congrats on 4 years of blogging!
    thats awesome =)


  15. congrats on your 4 years of blogging. You sure to maintain very well in your blog. So many interesting events and challenges to update. Just like reading news.
    Anyway, I hope that you can have more more garage sales next month. It's kind of heart sick if spending over earnings!

  16. oh amy congrats on your blogaversary :)<3

  17. way to go on 4 years!!!! how exciting!!!! that is amazing and glad you were able to see some more of your garage sale stuff!!

  18. Congratulation,

    You always make beautiful card. I was inspired by your craetions.

  19. Congrats on your blog-iversary, Amy! 4 years is definitely a long time to have been blogging. So glad you are!!
    Sorry to hear about the garage sale temperatures. That sounds pretty miserable. At least it gave you a little shopping trip cash. :)

  20. Jeeeeeeeeeeepers!! That's alot of prizes, wowzers!! And yowza, you've been blogging longer than I have! Happy 4th hehehehehe

  21. Me eyballs are swollen from the goodness you just shared! Yummmmy!