Sunday, November 20, 2011

spread your wings...

I'm a pretty lazy crafter so this is one of my more labor intensive cards..

I used a much hoarded Martha butterfly punch...I bought it awhile ago at the A Muse warehouse sale and well, just took it out of the packaging yesterday....

The Stampin' Up cardstock I used:

island indigo
pumpkin pie
more mustard
chocolate chip

I was inspired by the latest Moxie Fab World Tuesday Trigger:

Okay, I LOVE the bag...I was inspired by:

the colors
the repetition
the graphic pattern

This card is 3 x 5.5 inches.

For those of you that have been following me for awhile know that I work in my crafty hallway....

Here's a little peek into my new crafty world:)

I still have my crafting hallway too but we just bought a new home and I get a whole room for my crafting haven.....Dontcha love my framed print?

Last weekend I brought some non-crafty friends over to see the house and absolutely screamed when I saw my new desk:)

That sneaky man of mine...snuck it in without me knowing'll eventually move under the window...

I even have a walk-in closet...

I'm trying to think things through before filling up my new space...paint...chandeliers...more'll be a slow process but one that I will absolutely enjoy.  I'll still have my crafting hallway for a couple years as I live part time at both homes but it's all good...Life is good...just something that I wanted to share with you's definitely a scrapbooking journey for me.


  1. Love the card!!! And what a great desk!! Love the pictures :-)

  2. LOVE this card and your room! enjoy

  3. Love the card!!! You nailed it Sista!!!... and YOU sista... one lucky duck!!! me dream too ... to have a craft room!!!! who knows...hugs...xoxo

  4. love the blank slate and your desk, amy! i adore the desk top and cute sign. awesome bfly card--i'd never get them that straight:)

  5. My goodness, what a fabulous room all to yourself... and that desk... a crafters dream!!! Congratulations, sweet lady!

  6. What a perfect take on the trigger Amy!!! Wonderful card! And ooohhh am I envious of you craft room or what??? Lucky you!!!
    Have a great Sunday, hugs, Karin

  7. Great card, Amy!! Love the colors!!
    Great peeking in your future scrap area!! Looove the desk! ;)

  8. Eeeeek! So exciting:>) Great card and what potential with your new crafty room and that desk :>)
    Oh, and ha ha to your card being labor intensive.

  9. Oh I love the card with all those gorgeous butterflies and the neat rows of stitching.

    Lucky, lucky, lady. Your new craft room is going to be amazing. I can't wait to see how it looks next time you show it to us.

  10. Love your card and you are going to have so much fun in that room!

  11. I adore that card, love it coming from you too since I don't see a speck of patterned paper. And swoon over your new room (and home-congratulations!) Can't wait to see more pictures.

  12. oh wow!! I love your gorgeous beautiful butterfly card!
    I love your new craftroom!!! lucky you :D

  13. Lovin' all the colorful butterflies Amy! Great take on inspiration and looks like a wonderful place to create!

  14. I couldn't click on your link fast enough to get a better look at this card! STUNNING!!! I'm in love. :)

    And your new crafty space is going to be so awesome! Have a blast setting it up! I'm itching to empty mine out and repaint and rearrange but the thought of moving everything is a bit terrifying at the moment...

  15. Fantastic card Amy! A great take on that purse!

    Your room is super fun, and I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  16. What a fun card, Amy and a great interpretation of the Trigger. What a wonderful blank space. Love your desk. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  17. Lovely card w/all the butterflies! Terrific new space!

  18. OH MY, Amy ~ Your card is amazing. Those butterflies look like felt, I had to re-read your post to see it was cardstock.
    Congratulations on your new home AND craft room. That is one fabulous exciting!
    PS: love your framed print too :o)

  19. STuNNiNG!!! I love all your creations but this is SO pretty. Love it.

  20. EEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! I love love love love that card!! Those stitched butterflies ROCK!! And your new space!!! WOOT WOOT!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it!! LOVING the frame and the new desk too!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  21. Fabulous card and I know you will enjoy your new space - can't image not having my own room (I REALLY try to clean it occasionally but I just get sidetracted and create something instead! :)

  22. WOW...I so do love this card...great great idea and awesome view of this weeks trigger...

    thanks for your sweet comment on my blog..
    Happy Crafting..

  23. WOOOOOOOOOW! That card is AMAZING:) I love how you used those colors and dot designs as your inspiration! FABULOUS and a winner for sure:)

    AND HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!! HOOOOORAY for a new room!! LOVE your new desk and your print! SO FUN! I cannot wait to see what you make in that room!! I wanna come play:) LOVE:)

  24. Great card!
    Can't wait to see what you do with that great room!


  25. congrats on the house amy! can't wait to hear more about it! and that D is a good man!! love that new work surface of yours!
    i've been eyeing a stainless steel desk top from ikea. buuuuut, i need to clean out the baby room first before buying any furniture!
    love that piece of framed art too!

  26. oh how fun girlie, how exciting..i will be following ya to see what ya put in there and how you decorate it...lucky you..hugs

  27. Hey Amy! Thanks for linking this up to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)

  28. So FAB! Perfect interpretation of the trigger!! LOVE it!

  29. That card is GORGEOUS! I would be framing that one for my new craft room, if I were you! Stunning!
    And how awesome that you now have an entire room to craft in! So cool your hubby snuck in a new desk for you. I know you're going to have a ton of fun organizing and decorating your new space!

  30. love the card, love the new craft room, and love that wall art!!!

  31. EEEK...Love this design. Wishing you and your family a Happy Turkey Day! :)

  32. *swoon*
    Oh be still my beating heart with this fabulous design, girlie! You certainly got your dollar's worth with that punch :)
    Oooh new crafty space! How exciting! I love your frame and I can't wait to see you fill it ;D

  33. And I don't do many butterflies, but this is FAB.U.LOUS. AMY! Way to go on the sewing...woohoo...and on kraft...woohoo! Oooh, I love your new scrappy place...have fun and take your time to really make it how you want...AWESOME! Oh yea...I want that framed pic!!! LOL

  34. I love what you did with your card :) The simplicity and beauty of it blows my mind away! :)

    ANd omg... love the desk!!! It's awesome!!!! You're going to have so much fun in this craft room! :)

  35. Great take on the Trigger, Amy! And I love your new crafty space! Can't wait to see how it evolves.

  36. You and Darin bought a home together?????!!!!!!!!! If the answer is yes, congrats!!!! I'm so happy for you. If the answer is no, congrats!!!! I have family up there who have lived in townhomes primarily because they're the most affordable, so congrats on buying a house!!!

    I love all those stitched flutterbies!!

  37. ok LOVE your card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im totally card lifting it someday & 2 I cant wait to see your new space fill up!!!! :) I want to re-do mine but thats not going to happen so ill just live vicarously through u :)