Saturday, December 17, 2011

happy birthday...

Today is jam packed full of goodness.  

My ex-step-mother-in-law is coming for a visit.  I'm lucky to have 2 wonderful ex-mil's...{my ex's mom and stepmother}.  I keep in contact with both of them...being part of a family for almost 20 years can do that to a girl...

I love my Google Reader...seriously...I have almost 1,000 blogs that I follow.  Tons of overwhelming amounts of inspiration....but a trend that I've been seeing...and loving is the negative use of dies {negative in a positive way}.

Lovin' Lisa's card HERE.

So I've been asked to make a birthday card for someone at work..okay, not just anyone but my boss's boss's boss.  Here's the thing, she's a whipper snapper...she constantly cracks me up...I love her stories...she's kind...full of energy and get the picture...makes it that much more difficult to 'whip something up for her'.  She spent a huge chunk of her career as an interior designer...2 words for you:

oy vey

So this is my first crack at it and I'll tell you now, I'm going to revamp it tonight...not digging the sentiment but wanted to go ahead and post the 'before'.  The fabric up close:

That fabric is a vintage brocade that I picked up at a rummage's absolutely gorgeous....I've been hoarding it for years {literally} in hopes that I would eventually sew it into I figured that a smidge snipped off for this card would be perfect.

The Stampin' Up Basic Gray and Black seem like such depressing birthday colors eh?  Thank goodness for the pop of color from the brocade....but the black and grey are 'her colors'.

Countdown to Christmas:  Day 4

The kids have been enjoying their daily goodies...

Perhaps I should have done my numbering system a different's the 12 days of Christmas in case I haven't mentioned it lately:)

Here's today's giftie:

Pssstttt....$1.50....LOL...muwahahaha....gotta love a good deal and a fun Japanese Dollar store:)


  1. I am so going to case your case...great technique for a bit of elegance!

    Super cute kids gifties,too!

    Lucky you...most of us are lucky to get one nice MIL...hee,hee

  2. love the pretty card!!!! looks amazing.. and fun treat bags!!!

  3. Neat card! i love that fabric.
    cute kids gifts =)
    my kids are counting down to Christmas too!! every day its " how many more days til Christmas?' hehe

  4. Oh, Amy, it's gorgeous! Love the idea of fabric behind the cutout - now I'm gonna have to case YOU! : )

  5. Fabulous card, Amy! and your goodie bags are fun, too! Hope you had a wonderful day.

  6. What a clever card design. Love those adorable polka dot bags too. :)

  7. That is such a clever way to "brighten" up those colors, brilliant work!
    Cute treat bag too, gotta love it!

  8. love the brocade for the ex-designer, amy! and very cute bags today:)

  9. Oooh, Amy, that fabric card looks absolutely delightful! And more cute bags for your kiddos too!

  10. I loveeeeeeeee that card!! LOVING the negative space use!!! And loveeeeeeee today's bags! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  11. *GASP!* These are WONDERFUL! AND not {!} in a negative way!.... heh heh YOU are a busy, buys woman! 1,000 BLOGS! Oye~!

  12. Elegant card, Amy. The brocade is beautiful peeking through.
    Fun little 'bag' today too :)

  13. Love the brocade on the card!!! Simply gorgeous...and such an awesome idea!!!...And more cute bags for your kiddos too!...hugs..xoxo

  14. Okay those bags are beyond adorable. *sigh* why have I never been to a Japanese dollar store WHY??? There are none here.

  15. at least one of us gets along with their MIL! extra points to you for her being your ex zmil too!

    do you have a daiso in your area? (i went to one in SF and fell in love with that place. motly $1 items)