Sunday, April 29, 2012


Sunday, already?

I'm blogging live and well, I have tons to do but as the true dedicated Paper Crafter that I am, I crafted this morning:

This skinny card is chock full of Crate Pretty that line.   I teamed it up with The Twinery/Peapod {my FAV} and a strip of Love my Tapes {fabric} for stitching on this one:)

I was inspired by the latest retro sketch:

Seems like between DT assignments and prepping for my carpet install, I haven't crafted for fun.  This had to be the morning to do that...I needed it.

The carpet guys {3 of them} arrived around 9 am yesterday...I was so very fortunate that the weather cooperated because they did the cutting out in cul-de-sac {my apologies to my neighbors!}.  They didn't leave until after 9 pm.

Although they are coming back this afternoon for a bit more finish work, it is basically done...

Okay, it was nothing like moving from one home to another but think of it ladies, what if you had to move your craft area to a different part of your home?  Those that know me....know that I have a ton of an embarrassing amount of stuff.  I'm making this a learning experience...

Check this out...

Here is my main storage in my crafty hallway
{oh yes, that is a paper pieced owlie on a canvas that my boy made for me a couple years ago} 

It is 2 bays of closets that = 15 feet of storage
{it runs the length of that wall}

As you can see in the left closet, I still have schtuff on the top shelf {I didn't have to empty it since it didn't need to be for the carpet install} but the right closet did have to be completely emptied.  

I have challenged myself to go from two closets down to one


The thing is, I said it out loud to Darin and the kids {what was I thinking?}....well, when the boy says:

"What do normal people store in those closets?"

**Sigh** I thought, grrrrr...okay, I'll make the left one be a linen closet.

I also have removed 2 bookshelves that were overloaded with crafty stuff that would be housed on the right side of the picture above...are you doing the storage calculations?  That equates to a loss of a ginormous amount of storage.

I'm trying to live the "less is more" know, we all have those "go-to" collections, right?  We all keep alot of other stuff that we've collected...."just-in-case".  I'm on-so-guilty of that.  

Ugh, this has become longer than I intended BUT bear with me since this blog is my journal too...I have to/need to/WANT TO reduce my amount of I type this {downstairs at the kitchen island} I look around myself and I should be truly disappointed in the amount of stuff I have....all my upstairs is now downstairs and it has been a really horrendous situation.

I'm banking that if I document this, I'll stand by it...I've promised myself to donate a majority of my schtuff...I've already selected Childhaven as my major donation site....oh jeez, they don't know what they are in for:)  I've also contacted a local Assisted Living Community AND my kids' former 3rd Grade teacher...She always brought art into their classroom and I had the opportunity to volunteer as the Art Docent in their's a perfect way to "pay it forward"....every child should have art in their classroom.

Okay, Okay....that's the dealio peeps...if you've made it this far, you are such a trooper:)

How about you?  
Are you a hoarder, like me?  
Want to jump on the friendly bandwagon of simplifying our crafty lives?

Now I'm off to organize some piles:


Thanks for listening.


  1. lovely card, cute strawberries

  2. woohoo the carpet is you just got to put all your stuff back...what a lot of work...Love your craft closet...Good luck with only making one closet full of crafts...i think it will be hard.. I have a hard time reducing my stuff...Good Luck... :)

  3. First off Amy, I have to say I absolutely LOVE this card. Second my entire craft room is the size of your closet and I too have more stuff than I will ever use. I am trying not to buy the 6x6 pads anymore until I use what I have. I only buy the 12x12 sheets as I am doing lots of scrapbooking. If I haven't used something in 6 months it goes in the pile for the garage sale that my LSS has 2 times a year. So far it is working. I think.

  4. Such an adorable card, miss Amy! That green twine is the least used in all of my fibers, funny how it is your favorite and my least favorite. Good luck reducing your schtuff. I have a hard time too, and just added more shelves. But. I really need to focus and donate something, as a lot of it is old and has been untouched for years. Yes, that is a plural.

  5. Yayyyyyyyyy for new carpet and for donating!!! That's awesome!! I also found out that a lot of Hospice facilities like donated crafty supplies as the employees like to make cards for the families as they are going thru the difficult times...

    I loveeeeeeeee your card!! LOVING the berries!!!

  6. What a gorgeous card Amy.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  7. Oh Amy, I hear you with the d-clutter! I so hate to part with everything but have decided that in totes in the garage is no way to use things I bought to do with crafts ages ago! I just emptied the first tote, metal containers, some old, some new for resale. I am in the process of filling them with plant and putting in the garden! I will have pictures up soon of some of it! I will be quilting more too as I have so much fabric!Love this fabulous card, perfect for the sketch! sorry for the loooong comment! Have a fabulous Sunday!

  8. cute card with those stickers. Good job get two-closetful schtuff into one. I am a hoarder too. As my style change change, something stuff I got a year ago have not been touched for so long. I need to purge too.

  9. ooo gingham and strawberries are a match made in heaven!! Delicious card Amy :0)
    Good luck on the major schtuff sort.... Moving house two and a half years ago made me do it so we are trying not to hoard too much now..... That rule doesn't cover the craft room though!!!
    Jenny x

  10. Such a sweet card and so happy your carpet is almost finished!

    Oh Amy....I am a major horder myself. I have gone through my "stuff" and donated to a school. When I moved I went through my "stuff" and sold some old stamp sets and a little bit of paper that I could part with. My latest task, was going through my cardstock and giving my custmomers my scraps, that freed up two paper drawers!!!! I have also found that I am using some of my embellies, stamp sets and letters for Project Life....that makes me feel HAPPY!!
    Dont feel are not alone and you really do create alot!

  11. I really love this card Amy!

  12. First off love this pretty card! Crafting for fun is the best crafting! :> As for al your crafty stuff good for you for unloading it to charity! :> Maybe what you could start to do is once a month go through what you have and decide what you can truly live without? :> Or only buy and use and not buy until you've used the last things you bought?

  13. Such a fun, sweet, summery card. I really like it, and good luck with all the cleaning....never fun, but what a great way to reduce/recycle. I'm sure that the classes will love all the goodies!

  14. Such a cute card...great take on the sketch...

    Now...onto the organization. I am not a hoarder. Tend to be a big purger...always have a bag ready to go to Goodwill. Over the years, I've bought less and less bulky embellishments and that has really helped me reduce my stash, but I still have a ton of stuff. Sending you a big old "YOU GO GIRL!" to keep motivated to purge and organize. I'm sure the recipients will love it all!!

  15. Fabulous card Amy, love the gingham tape :) Wow... you do have a lot of stuff, good luck with the sorting.

  16. soooo LOVE the card and yeah for new flooring!!! that is super cool!!! well last year when we moved I had to downgrade my scrap area WAAAAAY down!!!! and I was shocked at how much I had and found!!! eye opener!!! so I sold tons, donated some, and used lots for the kids school stuff and scout projects!!! good luck!! it's a task.

  17. Awesome card Amy! I'm a total hoarder, so I can totally relate! I hope your carpet install goes quickly. :)

  18. Hey Sista.... that is one cute and sweet card, Okay when I read this ... I just can't help it chuckle a little... only because i see more of myself... but one thing I'm glad I just started this paper issues not too long ago... I can't imagine if I'm into this as long you as did... I'd probably be facing the same...Oh Gosh how I hate online shopping!!! Good luck reducing your schtuff. I have a hard time too, and just added more storage boxes and emptying Matin tall boy...telling him "Matin, You have too many toys"{at the same time speaking for myself} [[LOL]]. My plan is soon.. I will be posting a blog giveaways.... {like that would help!} I must focus and not procrastinate!!! Happy Monday soon sista....hugs...xoxo

  19. I just did a MAJOR purge...way too much stuff
    love your card!

  20. LOOOOVE this SCRUMPTIOUS card! Good luck with the reorganizing!

  21. This card is the best! Glad you had time to craft for fun! I admire your downsizing project, I need to do that this summer!

  22. Total hoarder hree and can imagine the horror or having give up a closet I thought was for my beloved paper crafts. I did it a couple of years ago and didn't cry too much. Anyhow, love the strawberry sweet card and agree Crate is total loveliness.

  23. Oooh...such a sweet card! Love those yummy strawberries...have to get me some to munch!

    I'm all for less when it comes to crafting. Because I feel guilty when I see stuff I never use. Now, I buy what I really really like. I even pass on fabulous deals because I know I don't like them enough to use

  24. sweet card :)
    yahoo for the carpet all in :)

    what were you thinking saying that out loud??? yikes girlfriend!!

    well of course i read all of your post!! ;)
    Childhaven is the perfect place to donate to!! :)
    as for your closets, that is not bad as i have an entire 13 x 18 foot room! lol OK it is not all crafty stuff. it is also the "guest" room.........they just can't use the closet! lol
    i am a paper hoarder. there i said it! lol

  25. Wishing you luck with your new craft space.
    I need to get on the "Purge Wagon" so's just so darn hard to part with stuff, though :)
    Love your yummy strawberry card, Amy!

  26. Purging is HARD - what helped me is making it a habit. I have brought things into the kids' school (and taught special classes for Mother's & Father's day projects), and what works best right now is mini-purges every couple of months. I have a group of about 6 kids that love whatever they get. I throw in some pre-cut cards & envelopes, some cheapie rolls of double-sided tape, and they're good to go.
    That's mostly for consumables, mind you...getting rid of stamps is a much harder thing. Good luck!!
    Love your fun card - the red & green and white just look so bright & fresh - and how sweet are those berries? Sometimes crafting just because is exactly what the soul needs :)

  27. I really need to take some time to organize and clean my craft space as well! Good luck with putting your room back together! :)

    Such a delicious card Amy! The skinny format is wonderful!!! Glad you played along with us this week at RetroSketches!

  28. Oh, Amy! I can so relate! I have waaaaaay too much stuff from years of hunting and gathering. Stuff I know I will never use, too. I do try to go through things occasionally...but it's really hard work and so easy to ignore until something major like you've just gone through rears its head. I think it's great that you are going to donate your stuff, and I wish you very good luck on the purge/organization.
    LOVE your card, by the way! It is just so happy and bright, and a really brilliant take on that sketch. Just love how you did the sentiment here and love those sweet strawberries.

  29. Oh you're a good woman!! I actually did a bit of purging when we painted the Craft Cave a few weeks ago and as hard as it was to battle my thoughts of, "But what if one day I need it?" - it was worth the effort. The room feels more streamlined and I can find what I want. Ahhh!

  30. adorable! good luck with your closet reorg, i've been stuck mid-organize for 3 months now lol

  31. Oooohhh look at all that yummy closet space you have! Hope everything went well with the new carpets.

  32. Your card is divine, Amy!! I love it a lot :)
    You made me laugh there with your carpet and hoarding story. Yes, I am a hoarder, with currently no space left at all. So very soon I will have to make some decisions about my schtuff - lol. Not wanting to think about that just yet :)

  33. love love your clean and sweet card, Amy! it's fab! now i only get things that i really want and will use, even with that it's still a lot... LOL! =) i am trying to give away things that i don't use anymore and hope that the recipients would be better owners than i was. i used to hoarder pps and would not throw them away (even the little pieces...), but now i just recycle as much as i can bear to. but still i need to learn to use as much of what i have as possible. =)

  34. That card is absolutely, positively lovely!! The colors and embellies are fabulous! I soooo feel for you on moving your craft room; remember when I did that last summer to give Braeden that room for his own? I did end up purging a bunch of stuff because I hadn't used alot in FOR-EV-ER and some things I simply didn't want to store anymore. Do you really, really feel that you have "that" much stuff? I guess I'm not comprehending how much that could be!! :-O

  35. I DEFINITELY need to follow your lead!! I have waaaaay too much stuff. :)

    I love this card! The paper you paired together are just PERFECT and i love that little sentiment!!

  36. Adorably deliciously cute card!!

  37. Sweet card, Amy! Love me some fruity goodness!

  38. You are the only crafting hoarder. No one else keeps everything forever and buys stuff just in case. You are the only one ;>)
    Oh gees, you definitely have a stash bigger than mine, but I still have stuff that is about 15 years old. I can't part with it. Just when I think about doing it I use something. Maybe once my kiddos are older I will purge. Right now, all that extra stuff comes in handy when they want to craft with me.
    My LSS has a tag sale every few months when customers can rent a table and sell the stuff that they are not using. The store gives you store credit for whatever you sell. Just a thought to share with your LSS :>)

  39. Great card BTW :>) Such a fresh color scheme!

  40. darling card! love those yummy strawberries.

    i give you props for cutting down. i NEED to do that. it is so hard to do.

  41. you ♥GO♥ missus!!! (i cannot even IMAGINE trying to do that, but i lend my vicarious support to your effort!!!) :) :) :)

  42. i've been MIA for that reason...trying to reorganize, dehoard and purge. so hard to do.

    such a yummy strawberry card! love the design!