Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let's Get Trendy Now: Day 1!

Today is when the fun STARTS!!!!!

Today we just might be starting with a some tape...
Washi (和紙) is a style of paper that was first made in Japan. Washi is commonly made using fibers from the bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub (Edgeworthia chrysantha), or the paper mulberry, but also can be made using bamboo, hemp, rice, and wheat. Washi comes from wa meaning Japanese and shi meaning paper, and the term is used to describe paper made by hand in the traditional manner.


  1. Loved your card! Thanks for sharing info about Washi tape!!

  2. Yahoo!!!I received the email... your card is so sweet and cute... thanks for sharing more info about Washi tape.... hugs...xoxo

    p/s: can't to play with my washi tape too..:wink

  3. So, if Washi is made from paper, may I make my own from tissue paper? I don't have any tape! Fun card, Amy! Have a wonderful Monday.

  4. i think i just signed up, my internet is acting strange! can't wait to see what everyone's projects are :)! *hugs* and much aloha, steph :)

  5. Whoa - missed this. Can't wait to see what you trendy chicas put together.

  6. yahoo!!!! it has begun!!!
    will play on my days off :)