Sunday, October 28, 2012

small gang

Happy Sunday!

I have a tag card for you today:

I'm pretty sure that everyone that has been following me for a while knows how much I love tags...I covered this one with Freckled Fawn Pink Classic Airmail.  The card base is Stampin' Up Barely Banana.

The sentiment is from Mama Elephant's 

Dontcha just love the sentiments?

Just a reminder that Paper Issues has teamed up with Unity Stamps!

We want to celebrate Pink and all that it stands for
so our newest theme is "Believe In Yourself".

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**Garage Sale**

You might remember me mentioning having a Garage Sale yesterday.  

I had a $200 sales goal...the weather definitely did NOT cooperate with me...unfortunately, it was cold and rainy.  I had some diehard garage salers stop by and even some repeat customers.  I'll just say that I made more than 50% of my sales goal and it was a LONG 5 hours.

I took a quick powernap and then met up with my friends for Glass Blowing...

I thought I'd share a couple pictures:  

I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I've always wanted to try Glass Blowing out.  We each picked a project to make and then picked the colors that we wanted.  I upgraded my project to a 'larger' pumpkin.  Although it might sound boring I decided on a clear pumpkin with the stem being a metallic coppery color.

A big shout out to our friend Christina that so kindly put together the event for us...gotta love Groupons!

In case you're going to ask, we did the actual Glass Blowing...and I was able to help shape the glass but the professionals did everything else....


  1. Cute tag and that glass blowing looks fun!

  2. another cute tag Amy and I love that sentiment. I don't make enough tags (heck I never make them) and need to change that.

    Love the pumpkin and what a fun night out. I need to live closer to you and get in on that.

  3. That sentiment right there is why I'm having a hard time not buying those stamps! I just love it to death.
    Awesome stripy pattern you made on the tag :)
    That sucks that the sale didn't go as well as you'd hoped - 5 hours is a long time to do that without the reward you were looking for. Boo, hiss.
    And, glass blowing? AWESOME!!! Don't forget to show us the final pumpkin :)

  4. such a cute tag and LOVE that sentiment!!! Glass blowing looks amazing!!! how cool!!!

  5. FAB tag card, Amy! Love the sentiment, sooooo sweet!!!! Sorry about the bad weather!

  6. Fabulous tag! Love that sentiment... hilarious! Sorry about the weather... it was the same up here in BC. Glad you made some $$ though! Glass blowing looks so fun.

  7. What a fun card, Amy, love your glass blown pumpkin! I was able to do that as a child, so it has been too long ago. Looks like you had fun! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. what a jam packed post! that is so cool that you got to do glass blowing! I love mama Elephant and your tag card (duh). You did good considering the rain. my sale wasn't enough for a silhouette!

  9. Ok.. first... I keep hearing about tsunami warnings... you all safe there???????? You know I will worry!!!!!!!

    Second... loveeeeeeeeee the card!!!!! LOVING that SENTIMENT!!! VERY COOL!!!!

    Third...YAY on making some $$$$ during the sale even with Mr. Weather not being nice :)

    Fourth... VERY cool that you got to do the glass blowing!!!! Loving the pics!!!!!!

  10. your tag card is so cute, that kit looks amazing, and holy crap glass blowing! how awesome!! hope you get more sales in next weekend
    -Rachel w k

  11. So sorry the weather didn't cooperate for your garage sale Amy. but what a fun way to end your day...the glass blowing looks incredible and I love your tag. Great way to use your washi tape and the sentiment is super fun!

  12. Fun tag and thanks so much for sharing photos. Looks like a great time!

  13. Amy your taag is fantastic, I love that airmail design. Isn't glass blowing so cool? So sorry about your garage sale, if it is any consolation it has and is raining and cold everywhere.

  14. Cute way to use the tag & washi! And what a cool girls' outing!

  15. Fabulous! And so you - Love it!! Hugs, Karin

  16. The glass blowing look like an amazing experience, and love how that pumpkin is turning out.
    great card, with great sentiment!!

  17. love your tag card, amy! great use of the washi tape! oo, glass blowing, that is fabulous! thanks for sharing and have a great week! *hugs* and much aloha, steph :)

  18. I love this tag Amy - great use of the washi tape and that sentiment is so fun. I have always wanted to try glass blowing and your pumpkin looks so cool :)

  19. wow- lucky you. Mama elephant stamps, Paper issues things AND a go at glass blowing! What did you make? Pics please!!

  20. Wow, that glass blowing looks really cool! Congrats on a pretty successful garage sale too and your tag is a lot of fun, especially the sentiment!

  21. me too! I have had a thing for glass and am dying to do a glass blowing class.

    PS Super cool card with that gorgeous washi tape!

  22. Awww....what a sweet tag! Love the pink washi! :)

    I saw my first glass blowing in cool that you got to try it out!

  23. love the tag card!!! The colors are sweet! :)

    And hey, show us a completed picture of your pumpkin! Looks like a lot of fun! :)

  24. awesome the washi tape...very cute..

    cool you made some money. I wonder what you will do with that money..hehe

    glass blowing how totally fun...I love the pumpkin clear that is soooo cool

  25. lol that sentiment is funny :)

    how fun that glass blowing looks and i love the clear pumpkin :)

    **you look like a 13 year old in this photo girlfriend :)

  26. What a fabulous and very interesting post Amy!
    Thanks for sharing, love your tag as well ;-))

  27. Hope you are okay there.... You know I will worry too...
    Really love your tag card.... love the sentiment!!!...
    Happy dance!!! on making some $$$$ during the sale !!!! Wooho!!!....
    You look so cool doing the glass blowing!!! Loving watching you in action!!! hugs Sista...xoxo

  28. FAB tag!!
    Glass blowing looks like lot of fun!! Clear cool!!

  29. You just can't go wrong with those stripes! Love your tag card (and the almost banana card base!)

    I made my husband promise to slap me if I ever talked about having a garage sale again. I love going to them, but it's definitely not worth having one. I got lucky finding a semi-annual children's clothing resale event that I consign at. Everything else gets donated.

    And I've always wanted to do glass blowing. Love Groupon for getting people to do stuff like this. My girlfriends and I did an art class a couple months ago at a gallery. Fun!

  30. I think I have to have that stamp set. Gorg tag. Love it!

  31. I adore this card. Simply adore it! That glass blowing looks way cool!

  32. I also adore tags :) glass blowing! What an adventure!

  33. Saw this tag on Facebook the other day and loved it, especially that sentiment! Then I was excited when I noticed I had it on my Mama Elephant stamp set! haha! That glassblowing looks super cool! What a fun time!

  34. i love this tag! I featured it on the PI blog today. ;)

  35. Absolutely love this card, Amy! Such a fabby use for that cute washi! Sorry to hear your garage sale was a bit of a bust. My last one was a disaster. :( But looks like you had a great time glass blowing. Love your pumpkin!

  36. don't you just love that sentiment? fab tag card!! and clapping hands for the glass blowing photos!!!!!! so happy to hear that you gave it a try! i think fall/winter is the best time of the year to do it since it's so hot in the hot shop. please share the pumpkin photo after you pick it up!! =)

  37. Ok- that sentiment is THEE best! LOL! And your pumpkin looks amazing! How uber cool!

  38. Cute tag and super fun sentiment. We've toured the glass factory here and it is so much fun to watch. Absolutely amazing to see a project go from start to finish. Yay you for giving it a try! And how cool to be able to say 'I made that'.