Monday, November 5, 2012

5 Years of Blogging...Day 4!

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I'm so very excited to announce that on Tuesday, November 6th, I will be celebrating my 5th year of blogging!!!!

I can't believe that it has already been 5 years of fun.  I would have NEVER imagined back then how it is now.  I'm addicted to blogging and everything that revolves around it...the crafting...the community...the sharing...being inspired....

Don't you love my Blogaversary badge?  Thee wonderful Karen Baker designed that for me!   For those that have been following me for awhile may remember that back in the day I loved crowns and chandies....she threw in the Mason Jars that I love now and I've always loved tags but check it out....the text on that tag is the text from my very first blog post!  That Karen is a GENIUS!!!!!!

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So here we go for Day 4:

I need more Pink

There are times when you just need MORE.
This cute little bag o' scrappy goodness includes all the good stuff from the kit without all that paper getting in the way.
You will receive a full roll of washi tape
Studio Calico wood veneer heart and arrow(these will vary)
Studio Calico wood veneer camera(this will vary)
Studio Calico wood veneer potty people(the size will vary)

You will receive one boy and one girl potty person 

You will also get some wicked awesome camera die cuts. 
One from Grey American Crafts cardstock
One from White American Crafts cardstock
One from Echo Park woodgrain paper (yum!)
There are also some mix and match die cut clouds
Glitter and matte buttons
A super cute tiny black clothespin from Canvas Corp.
5 yards of twine from The Twinery on a shipping tag.
One yard of each of their brand NEW colors(Ocean, Strawberry, Midnight Blue, Seaweed) and grey because grey is awesome.
ALL of this is packed into a glassine bag, because, let's face it, glassine bags are super cute and really awesome.  
PLUS you just got your daily recommended allowance of the word Awesome.

All the golb ydnac is from Paper Issues!!!!!

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Use code Amy12 for 20% off your purchases!

So here we go:

It'd be mighty nice if you're a follower but it isn't a requirement.

The linky will stay open until Friday, November 9th @ 11:59 pm pacific.  The winners will be announced sometime Saturday morning, November 10th!

Answer this question:

What do you look in a blog that you would take the time to follow?

My answer:

I obviously follow crafty blogs...but also home decor, fashion, letterpress, technical, photography....but what draws me to them is their photography....their humor....just the right amount of chatter...their positive vibe...

Please remember to be eligible for the golb ydnac you need to answer the question by leaving a comment AND link up...Please don't just link up :(


  1. I think your answer is very close to mine - primarily crafty stuff, but humor is HUGE, and so is kindness. I much prefer chatty crafty blogs where the author shares personal stuff too - those are the ones I'm definitely commenting on, not just peeking :)

  2. I like to follow blogs that are well-written and have regular updates. Bloggers that are committed tend to engage me better.

  3. I look for CAS designs...but a touch graphic. I love when they are positive, share a bit of their family, not overly opinionated! Have fun along the way!!

  4. When I look for blogs to follow, I want a blog that shares inspiration on a frequent basis, has well written posts and has a page not overly cluttered with "extras".
    TFS another fun day :) Have a GREAT Monday!!!

  5. I follow blogs that inspire me. Mostly ones who's cards are clean and simple in design, since that's more my style.

  6. I agree on all the above. The main thing I look for is that I can connect with the person on the other side of the computer. You don't want to visit and take time to comment on someone who never does the same.

  7. I follow crafty blogs, challenge blogs, and store blogs. With limited time, I just don't have time to read long posts. I like writers with a sense of humor. "Quite Contrary" may be the only non-craft blog I follow. I love to scroll through scrapbook and card blogs for new ideas. I follow all different kinds (layering queens, CAS crafters,and one who are Lawn Fawnies like me. A nice mix to push me to try different things.

  8. Of course my crafty blogger mates!!! What usually attract me is their Awesome-ness of creativity!!! hugs..xoxo

  9. When I follow a blog I am looking for creative and unique card designs and not too wordy but clear enough with steps and supply lists.

  10. I follow the blogs that use supplies that I like, challenge me to try new techniques or have great ideas for using craft supplies for gift giving, or to help me in my church card ministry and sending cards to the military.

  11. I have to like what I see in terms of styles/products/etc. Blogs that give me lots of ideas, and that challenge me a little. Things that I might want to do myself. Having great giveaways helps too. Ha ha.

  12. I look for a blog that has wonderful card ideas and a person who has the blog who has a great personality.

  13. When I follow a blog I am attracted to the photography, then I really check it out. Then I keep going back on the post and if I am still captivated by photos or creativity? I become a follower.

  14. I look for fun projects, and good photos. I love following craft, card making, home decor, food, and fashion blogs!

  15. I like crafty blogs, mainly ones that blog often and I feel like I can take ideas from. But lately I've been into baking blogs, cuz I'm a sucker for a great recipe and also DIY project blogs cuz I like to learn how to do my own things.

  16. My recent kick is letterpress blogs and/or wedding blogs, often they are one in the same.

  17. My favorite blogs include ones where the blogger has a natural, easy flow of writing...a witty sense of humor...genuine, friendly, open personality...talent and honesty in whatever their topic is (crafty, decor, recipes, photography, etc) and pics of hot guys. I often settle for all of the former since I have yet to find any of the latter. Sadly.

  18. I follow blogs that post often, not just once a month. The person has to be friendly and enjoy what they are doing. However I usually just go to my favorites every day and not necessarily "follow", it is just easier!

  19. I like to follow blogs of creative, generous people, the ones that genuinely love what they do and share their creativity and 'how to' openly. I follow crafty and food blogs (as my other passion is cooking). Thanks for the chance!

  20. Good question!
    I look for blogs that are clean and simple. Easy to read, easy to find. I don't like flashy busy blogs. Too much going on.
    Blogs that show tutorials are pretty darn cool too ;)

  21. Hmm, I'm all over the place on this one. Usually I have connected with the person somewhere for me to start following their blog. Could be Flickr, a challenge blog, etc.

  22. I like card blog that have similar styles to mine, photography blogs that inspire me and challenge blogs that get me off the couch and get creative. I like a bit of personal info, sometimes it gives people a voice.

  23. Hmm. I mainly follow card/company blogs- but I go through bouts of really not being able to keep up with them all! I like to see nice photography & be inspired... :) you know, like YOUR blog!

  24. Oh it depends...I follow some that I never comment on, but I like their ideas. Usually I have been on a DT with the person or perhaps saw one creation and liked multiples. I hate the new blogger format because now it is harder to read older posts and as you know I am forever behind!
    How else do you keep track of blogs of interest without following?

  25. I love stopping by a blog and finding some really unique inspiration AND some humor! And PHOTOS ... love photos! And just a bit of personal fun thrown in!

  26. I like a blog with cool projects and a bit of personality thrown in. Great pics are a must! And I like more info than less on how to do a project.