Sunday, December 9, 2012

winter wishes!

Happy Sunday!

Are you all ready for the holidays?

Here's a postal friendly card that I whipped together:

Postal Friendly...I'll get back to that in a smidge.

Paper Issues has a fun challenge going on right now!

Paper Issues Blog Design

Grey is hot right's actually my favorite clothing color at the moment....Link up your Grey projects and/or your Basic Grey projects!

My card has

2 Basic Grey panels
3 Grey panels
Grey thread

Postal Friendly

USPS interpretation is totally flat...absolutely no bumps, not exceeding regulation size = $0.45 domestic postage.

Can I tell you that I spent some 'quality time' at the post office yesterday?  Yes, I'm thankful that our post office is open on Saturday's.  I sent out my first wave of Christmas cards...the average postage was....wait for it....wait for it....


My most expensive domestic postage was $1.95.

Yes, I was sending out cards...they all fit into an A6 envelope.

I'm out of non-postal friendly cards so I'm on a mission of mass production today and going to try to make the process fun because I don't like to mass produce.  Everything is going to be postal friendly.  Hmmm....I'm thinking a pedicure in the middle of the process would be a good break for me:)

Basic Grey is sponsoring Paper Issues and there will be a total of 3 Prizes!

For more deets, check the Paper Issues blog!

Remember to use my super un-secret code for 20% off your purchases at the Paper Issues shop


Check out this super cute Basic Grey layered sticker set:

I want a cute camper!  This is where I insert my disclaimer that it would NOT be for camping but for a cute card/gift shop:)


  1. what a beautiful card Amy!!
    Have a GREAT Sunday!!

  2. Hehehehehe... you KNOW how boring my cards are ... I lucked out and mine were all postal friendly -- aka Julie's boring one dimensional cards! LOL :) I loveeee yours!! LOVING that banner!!!

  3. Well, even if it's postage friendly, it's super cute! So you have succeeded!! Can't wait to see the rest of your postage friendly cards!

  4. Im thinking us card makers as a collective group will have the USPS making money again in no time! ;) Love this postal ready card, Amy - who says you have to sacrifice style for flatness? ;)

  5. Wonderful card Amy, love the pennant!

  6. Our PO is only open til 11 on Saturdays, but I guess I'm glad we still have one! Great card, I like the red with the grey.

  7. Fab and postal friendly in one - it's the perfect seasonal card!

  8. What a gorgeous card Amy.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  9. You are my kindred spirit. I finished up most of my cards yesterday trying to keep them as flat as possible...and I snuck in a pedicure on Friday...a must do!!

  10. Too funny! I spent a lot of quality time at the post office the day I mailed my cards as well. 3/4 of them were $.65 - $2.10 each and the rest were regular postage. At least we only do this once a year.

  11. Your disclaimer? FABULOUS IDEA! How much would THAT rock?
    I hope you got a pedi break! This card is awesome - and as for postal friendly, I'm scared to find out how much it's going to cost when I go tomorrow to mail the first wave...yikes!

  12. he he! Postage; the bain of a crafter's life! Good for you doing 1 layer cards. I find them a bit scary really. I love your card- a cool Christmas card! I love campers toop I think one centrally heated would make a perfect craft room!!

  13. Nicely done. Love the bold colours.

    P/s: Heading to the post office today...

  14. its simply pretty Sista... I've a mission for today's lunch! hugs...xoxo

  15. I am almost in crisis mode with cards and made a few this weekend repeating some designs from last month. Postal friendly is good! I hope to mail mine by next Monday! we'll see....

  16. Ha! You crack me up girl! Love your super Grey flat card! It's fabulous ;)

  17. Grey has always been my fav color so i guess i am "hot" right now??? LOL

    fab card girl :)
    i hear you on the postage! but at least it is only once a year :)

  18. SUPER cute card!!!!and I really hate going to the post office to mail off christmas cards too, I always pay a ton!!

  19. This is super cute- hope you had success with your production- that postage is a killer!!

  20. Such a great card, Amy, I am with you, that camper is awesome, but not for camping! Love your card and that banner. Hope you are finished with your cards, 80 is a lot to make all at once!

  21. Where have I been, have they always had the "no bumps" rule? Maybe I've just been lucky and gotten away with it in the past. Love your FLAT card, I've got a thing for graph paper these days!

  22. WOW!!! You are my CAS queen! I could never make cards like this - so impressed!

    Have a great week, hugs, Karin

  23. Amy I love this card, what a fun modern design.

  24. I've been thinking of your 80 card mass production as I'm sitting here wishing I would have paid more attention to FLAT!!!! I think more than 1/2 my cards are requiring extra postage :/

  25. Cool idea about the gift shop camper! Love the card too!

  26. Man I've been a slacker blog buddy... been spying these cards online, just neglecting the love... slacker. It was fun to see SRM shout out this card.