Friday, July 12, 2013

Fusion: thank you

I like that Fusion is running through July 24th!  

It gives the Design Team to play along with the other challenge:

I originally decided to just do the sketch but then remembered I had this Jillibean paper squirreled away:

You just gotta love that Savvy Pinwheel die!

I do have a confession.  This is a re-do of sorts.  

This is what it originally looked like:

It wasn't hitting me and I figured out why.  Although I adore that red/kraft paper, it wasn't part of the whole inspiration photo so I swapped it with the yellow paper...much beh-tah., dontcha think?

I'm also playing along with the 

Timeless Twine July challenge

I used

Timeless Twine

I'm doing a birthday shout out!!!!

This sweet boy of mine turns 16 today.

My mom is disgusted that there isn't a stereotypical "Sweet" 16 special birthday for boys...well, I'd totally call it his sweet 16 but let's go with Super 16!

This boy was so calm and easy going as a baby but as soon as he turned 1, WATCH OUT.

We've gone through:

self grooming x2 {with the help of his sister he literally had sprigs of hair}

writing on the face with marker {yet again, with the help of his sister}

lipstick on the face, like all over the face

Chocking on an orange, literally chocking, so his Dad had to perform the heimlich. 
{honestly I was more upset by it than anyone else.  I made him 'lie down to rest' for awhile before preschool.  I come downstairs and his dad and sister are laughing.  Instantly agitated I snapped at them, "What's so funny?".  Only to have my girl, who had the sweetest little voice, say:  "If he would have chocked to death, would we have been able to get a puppy?"

Oh the memories.

But seriously, he is thee most empathetic, kind, funny boy and I love him to pieces.


Here's his birthday card:

The paper is Basic Grey Hey You and the stamps are Avery Elle, along with Nina's tag dies!

I'm patting myself on the back for the masculine card...those are always a challenge for me!

I was inspired by Nina's sketch on the right:

I used Timeless Twine's Tag & Twine challenge again and

Thanks for making it down to the end...I know it was an unusually long post for me!


  1. Happy Super 16 to your boy! And gorgeous card you made him. So love the balloon animal stamp!

  2. Aw, super cute kid! All your cards are great! That balloon animal is just so fun!

  3. Happy Birthday to your son! His card is super fun, especially with the balloon animal! Love the windmills on your first card, too.

  4. Happy Super 16 to your boy! The adventures...good lord. For self-grooming I will give you a fun one - my son has to shave regularly at 14. Twice now he's decided to trim his sideburns. With the electric razor. All the way up. So yeah, a big chunk of hair missing off each side of his head. *facepalm*
    I love the maps on his card - and that sentiment is so fun :)

  5. Happy sweet 16 to your son! Love your pic with him. And he sounds exactly like my Collin! Collin's nick name is gentle devil because he is quiet about it but finds the trouble! Love the pinwheels and the balloon dog!

  6. All of your cards are terrific Amy! I especially love the texture and dimension of the pinwheel card.

    Happy sweet 16 to your son!!!! :)

  7. Such awesome cards Amy!! LOVE the fun pinwheel on the tag in the first one and that tags and that balloon doggy is too fun on the second one!!!
    Happy Birthday to your son and have a GREAT Friday!

  8. LOL!! I am not only LOL'ing .. I am literally SNORTING!! 'If he would have choked to death could we have gotten a puppy????" LOL!!! Seriously cracking up over that one!! HA!! Happy birthday to your baby!! LOVING both cards!! LOVEEEEEEEEE that pinwheel and the balloon animal ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Happy birthday to your son, Amy, 16 is such a wonderful age! All of your cards are a hit with me today! That is a fun pinwheel! and yes, mom's have such fun memories! Fabulous Friday to you and your kids!

  10. Amy Happy 16th Birthday to your boy! Doesn't time fly, fantastic card for him the balloon puppy is the best part! Love both card for Fusion very much.

  11. Now that is a lot of goodness in one post. And that little balloon dog is ADORABLE (I mean.. very "super 16-ish") ;)

    Deanne :)

  12. the yellow better on the first card! Happy Super 16 to your lil' one! Where does the time go! Great job on his card, I love the tags.

  13. Love it Amy! I can't believe you still have that Jillibean paper!

  14. awww happy, happy Super 16th birthday to your amazing boy! So many just blink and they are all grown up. You have raised an amazing boy, Mama! Be proud!
    Your cards are fabulous! LOVE the party animal! haha! And love that krafty pinwheel, too. Both are awesome!

  15. i LOVE your card for him, wishing him the HAPPIEST birthday!!!

    love your cards so much!!

  16. wow! Gorgeous cards! Love 'em both!!
    Happy birthday for the party boy!! yay!!

  17. These are so cute! I love that pinwheel!

  18. Love all your cards Amy. Adore the pinwheels on the cards. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  19. Happy birthday to your super 16 yr old! Love his card; you did an awesome job with the masculine card. And what a fun Fusion card! Pinwheels are just plain fun and I love the dimension they add to a card.

  20. LOVE that pinwheel card, the birdie paper is so cute! Even more I love the card for your son, great papers and I adore that set from AE! HB 2 him BTW!

  21. Loving the pinwheel and LOVING the birthday card! 16, wow! That seems so far away, but I'm sure it will be here before I know it!

  22. happy birthday to your boy :)

    awesome cards girl

  23. Awesome cards Amy! Hope your son has a wonderful birthday! Love the picture of the two of you ;-))

  24. Wooo hoo!!! P-A-R-T-Y!! Love these cards too.

  25. hope his day was fab, amy:) love that balloon stamp!!

  26. Happy birthday to your big guy, Amy! Such great cards, too! Really love how you've tied those little birds into your design with that fantastic, pinwheel paper, and that balloon dog is the CUTEST!

  27. 2 fantastic cards here! And super 16 to your is an adventure!

  28. awwww I love that balloon dog! cute :)I hope he had a great b day :)

  29. awwww I love that balloon dog! cute :)I hope he had a great b day :)

  30. oh gosh, both are fabulous. SERIOUSLY love the map tags with the balloon dog.