Saturday, September 7, 2013

♦♦♦Avocado Arts: enjoy the ride♦♦♦

Happy Saturday!

I wanted to share another card that posted over on the Avocado Arts blog this week.

The September New Release, Stuck on You is so very fun:

I think my FAV image is that FABulous beach cruiser:

The sentiment has been stamped on some scrap Authentique paper and added as a you get the sense that bicycle is zooming by?  Never mind that there isn't anyone pedaling it...LOL.

I added the Sweet 'n Sassy die cut clouds to brighten up the look.

Did you know that I own a highly neglected pink beach cruiser?

Yes, this is card #12 using the Authentique Summer collection..crazy eh?

It's amazing how many cards a 6x6 pad can crank out.

Speaking of 6x6 pads:

These have been stashed away in a drawer...The basic grey has been a good go-to for color challenges...the Cosmo Pads are pretty picked over.  There must be a couple Early Bird Collections in there, my

Can I tell what's been going on in my life?

My girl leaves for college this month.

I'm in the midst of moving.

I'm wrapping up my current full time job.

I'm starting an exciting new part time job.

I'm part of a multi-crafter garage sale.

Did I mention I'm moving?

From one crafter to another...moving is a scary word....garage sales are lots of work.

Today, I'm spending the morning with a bunch of crafty ladies and I can't wait!  I've been slammed at work and at home!

For you locals, you'll want to check this out:

Email me for the deets!


  1. Ahh...thinking of you Amy! I hope the move and the transition to your new job goes perfectly along with your beautiful girl starting college.

    Your card is the little banner coming off the bike.

  2. Love your card Sista!!!!

    Ahhh changes.... !!! I hope everything will go as planned sista... WOWWEEE!!! Your girl is starting college soon... how exciting!!! And YAY for your new job!!!!


  3. WOW, you certainly have a lot of changes going on! It will be an adjustment but I'm sure you'll be fine. Moving is tough for sure. Hope your girls aren't going to a college very far away.

    If I stacked my 6x6 pads like that I would probably have that many. It's CRAZY but I love them all. Impossible to use all those beautiful papers before I see another pad I fall in love with and have to buy! LOL!

    Your card is wonderful Amy!!! Have a great weekend!

  4. Fabulous card! Love the look of the bike here! Good luck with the move and new job! Yeah!

  5. Wow! You've had your hands full! Hang in there!

    I love your card. The clouds are so happy! And the paper is awesome with that image.

  6. oh i love the bike :)

    you have a ton going on right now but i know you will get through it just fine :) HUGS!!!

  7. Whoa!! You are a busy girl! But I love that you still try to find a smidge of time where you can to create! Love the card! And that pic of patterned paper is fab!!! I thought I had a lot...I feel better now - hahaha!!

  8. Great card! How perfect is that bicycle paper! I wish I lived close by! I would be there for sure!

  9. cute card! luv the bike stamp - yes, moving sucks and it's a lot of work. congrats on winding down at work, i wish i cud go part time! lucky :)


  10. Your moving and a part time job.. what is going on girl.. are you still working full time too? Well I hope you move goes smoothly and your yard sales is awesome.. thinking of you during all these exciting events..

  11. Hoping everything works out fabulously Amy!!! LOVE your card :)

  12. Cute card Amy! Love the little banner flying from the bicycle!

  13. Super fun card Amy! Love the bicycle!!

  14. your card is WAY cute, Amy! and I"m sure you'll have loads of gals wanting your sale papers!

  15. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh this is gorgeous!! I love love love love love those clouds and the bike!!! And I hope the garage sale was a SUCCESS!!!!

  16. Wonderful card, Amy! Love the photo of your 6x6s ... they look so happily used! Wish I could go to your sale. I have a craft exchange tomorrow afternoon that I'm hoping to pick up some goodies at.

  17. Oh how I wished I lived closer! Best of luck with the move and everything else and that stack of paper pads...I'm glad I'm not the only one!

  18. Love your new card!! Love how you used that new stamp set! Totally cool!!

    GOOD LUCK with all your new projects!!

  19. A crafty garage sale! How fun, I wish I lived closer to you... Best wishes on the moving and the new job... Change is good!

  20. OMGosh, that stack of paper!! I can relate, my friend! Really hope you have huge success at your crafty garage sale, and wishing you the best of luck on all your new transitions you've got going on. You are one busy gal!
    Love, love your card! Absolutely perfect image to go with the Authentique Summer paper!

  21. that card is so relaxing, I love it! and *phew* you have a lot going on! I'm afraid to tell you that my 6 x 6 stack is, ahem, bigger than yours? what the heck?

  22. Awesome bike image, Amy and I love those cute clouds!

  23. Great card Ams! I love that bike! That is the *perfect* sized stamp! :)

  24. Oh my goodness! Each one of those things alone would be enough to overwhelm me...but all of them together?! Praying that all goes well for you! (P.S. Love the beach cruiser, too.)

  25. Ooooh...lovely card.

    Change is a good thing.
    Hope everything pans out as planned or even better!:)

  26. I can feel for you! Moving...ugh. Daughter moving...sigh. But the Part time job...JEALOUS!!! CONGRATS!!!! More crafting time right? *smile*

  27. Oh my, you are busy. Lots of changes. Good luck with your move and garage sale. Daughter going to college...well that will be me next year. My youngest. I'm sad already. Been through the new job and as hard as it was at the beginning, it is great now. Good luck.
    Love your card!!!

  28. WOOOOOOOW! That is a stack of paper! LOVE LOVE LOVE! And hoooooooray for a new chapter in your life- new job, moving, your little one going to college, etc! Take pics of this garage sale! I wish I could come:)

    ps.... as for that bike image-- LOVE! You better get that pink cruiser out and ride it!!! And take a pic of that too:) <3

  29. I DID know you had a pink beach cruiser, I remember when you got it! Lots of changes for you, girl! Make sure you allow yourself some down time. Oh, and don't even try to get over your kiddo going off to college. My oldest graduated from college in May, and I still wish he'd come home.

  30. Love your bicycle card, Amy, I feel like I am on a never ending ride as each day seems to get longer with things to do! Yes, really, that stack of paper looks like a lot of house I know! Good luck with your purging and good luck with the sale!

  31. Busy, busy, busy! Gosh, Amy, I totally relate. So much is going on in our life, too, that I simply can't share just yet, but know that I'm thinking of you. Your card today is so fun! Really adore those Authentique papers! Yum!

  32. Such exciting changes going on in your life, Amy!

    * new job
    * new home
    * your girl going to college
    * a crafty garage sale

    Best wishes to ya ~ It's all good stuff!