Wednesday, November 6, 2013

6 years.

Super busy day on my HERE for my Reverse Confetti Countdown to Confetti post.

Click HERE for my first Artful Delight Card kit post.

Tsuruta Designs.

My blog.

It's been around for 6 years.

6 years people.

I'm sure that I say this every blogaversary but I continue to thoroughly enjoy this blogging journey.  

I've seen a ton of stuff in my 6 years....

new stamp companies 
new challenge blogs  
new bloggers
new babies
high school graduations
college graduations

We've all seen the sad stuff too but I'll be honest with you, my blog is mainly rainbows and unicorns...

With the impact of all the social media, I've noticed an hit on blogs.  Everybody is for instant gratification so Facebook is where it is at.  That being said, I'm happy to say that I'm still blogging away....

I've had the awesome opportunities to be on some fabulous design teams, blog hops etc but when it all comes down to it, it is the Paper Crafting Community that I am so very happy to be a part of.

So here's how my blog started:

I always chuckle at my different phases of photography...

I've decided to feature some of my coffee projects that I've designed and posted to my blog over the years.  They are in no particular order, as you'll be able to tell by the photography.

Here we go:

Seriously, this is just a small sampling of the coffee projects that I've made over the years.

Now to the fun part.


What's a blogaversary without ydnac golb?

If you've been following me for awhile you'll know what I'm talking about.  Let's face it, rainbows & unicorns aside, ydnac golb brings people out of nowhere!

What kind of projects do you tend to gravitate towards?  I'm not talking cards vs scrapbooking...I'm talking like me and coffee or mason jars.  

What about you?

Up for grabs:

(I actually won 2 different copies so I'm paying one forward!)


your choice:


Box 'O Shame

For those of you that remember, I recently moved...combining households is crazy.  I'm combining 2 craft areas into one!  Good Grief, I might have a freakin' amount of crafty goodness and I've already spilled into my DD's room (luckily she lives on the college campus!).  So I'll cram a priority box filled with FAB won't be disappointed!  I can guarantee there will be stuff in there that hasn't even been opened because evidently that's how I roll.  I might have so much stuff that I don't know what I have but let's be honest, aren't we all like that?

Commenting will stay open until Saturday, November 9th @ 11:59 pm pacific daylight savings time.  Winners to be announced on Sunday, November 10th.


  1. Cracking up about the box of shame! I could easily created several of those too! Happy blog anniversary my friend. I love stopping by for inspiration! I'd say I love flowers! I tend to have quite a few flower sets, but not outline flowers. Yes...weird I know! I love all your coffee fun to see how your style has changed!

  2. Happy blogversary Amy! So excited that I found you out in blogland and that we have become friends.
    I agree I think we could all do that box of shame. Lucky you two magazines.

  3. Hahaha! Box of shame! That cracks me up!

    I'm pretty sure I haven't been brought out of nowhere, since I'm pretty much in love with everything you do! You've put ME to shame, I don't think I've ever made even ONE coffee card, and look at all these beauties! Congratulations on 6 years of blogging, Amy! I love rainbows and unicorns, one of the many reasons I love this blogging community - lots of love and positivity to spread around. :-)

  4. wow congrats amy and that's a lot of coffee cards!!

    i still love blogging to but it's only been 3 years ish and it's a different audience to other social media...
    heres to another 6 years
    Jen xxx

  5. Wow! Six years is huge! I'm so impressed that you've been doing this that long and that you post so often, you are prolific! Happy Blogaversary!

  6. Awww, how fabulous! What a fun post to see so many of your adorable coffee projects from over the years, Amy! Just makes me smile! Huge congrats to you on 6 years of blogging! What an accomplishment. I've noticed a huge hit on my blog, too, and that is a bit sad..but I'm keeping at it, and I'm so glad you are, too. I for one, will always, always enjoy visiting your sweet blog!

  7. yay for 6 years and wow that is a long time.. you have been inspiring people for 6 wonderful years.. I know you have made lots of friends.. we are so glad to have your blog to stop by every morning.. all of your cards are inspiring and looking forward too seeing MORE..

    BTW.. box o shame.. you crack me up.. lol

  8. Happy Blogversary - and congrats on 6 years of creating, and especially sharing, amazing cards! Your gallery of coffee-themed gems here is outstanding! I'll be heading back for more gazing and admiring right after I post this. My blog is but 6 months old, my card-making journey just over a year, and though I'm a newcomer, you've been one of the most marvelous *discoveries*! Daily inspiration, encouraging comments - so heartwarming! As to what I gravitate towards: mini sized cards. Amazing how 'cute' little things can be!! Happy Wednesday to you, and thanks for starting mine off with a smile (and coffee!!)

  9. I am so glad you keep on blogging, I love visiting your blog! Love all of the cards!

  10. Love all the coffee themed cards! Six years have gone by so fast... Love your card making style :)

  11. Happy Anniversary! Whoop hoo! That was A LOT of cofee cards, and I mean A LOT! Fitting with you living in Seattle right? I didn't know you had two crafty rooms, go you! And here to another 6!

  12. I don't know how you do it, 6 years is a long time and you post consistently and happily with each post. *shaking head in disbelief*. Congrats and continued love of rainbows and unicorns! hehe...

  13. congratulations Amy on your 6 years that's really awesome. your post today really made me laugh and it reminded me of when my girlfriend and I had a craft exhibit at the library. It was a great big glass wall display I had one half off the wall and she had the other half of the wall. looking at her half, it had a beautiful rainbow collection of colors then turning to look at my have it was all pink. It was like a pink explosion. Reading your post today made me laugh with all of your coffee and latte posts. We all have our the obsessions don't we? It's cute- lenae

  14. Box O' shame....hahaha!!!!! You crack me up!!!
    Happy Blogoversary!!!!!
    Loooooooove all the coffee cards!!!!

  15. YEAH for 6 years, Amy! You have certainly been an inspiration to me, and I always enjoy your coffee projects A LATTE, lol!! Seriously, though...You are one of the tried and true bloggers out here, keeping it happy, rainbows and unicorns, indeed! We need more of that! Keep up the awesomeness my friend!

  16. 6 years - congrats! And you blog almost every day, too! Love seeing this collection of coffee cards. I remember a lot of them.

    Happy Blogaversary!

  17. Amy I see a bit of a trend in your card making, but i quite quite put my finger on it! LOL

    Happy Blogaversary my friend, I am so happy to have found you and I visit your blog daily because you inspire me! I love that we can connect offline because our kids are at the exact same stage! Congrats! xoxo

  18. Congrats on 6 years!!!! I know you have inspired many over the past 6 years blogging and have to say I LOVE coming over here to see what awesome creation you have designed as well as getting inspired! You are such a sweetie and uber talented!!
    Here is to many more years of blogging!
    Have a GREAT hump day Amy!
    BTW~all those awesome coffee projects makes me want for another cup :)

  19. Be still my coffee loving heart, woooo hoooo on all these amazing crafty creations- you rock girlfriend! Congrats on 6 years..

  20. Happy blogaversary, Amy! I have known you just shy of 6 years, eh? Time flies :)

    TFS the pics; I remember most of these beauties! I love the mason jars too, and I still love clouds and hot air balloons and tea (or coffee-theme), but lately I am drawn to chevrons more and more and SEQUINS.

    And your first picture on your blog? SOOOO much better than mine. We've come a long way!

  21. Do you think you have an addiction to coffee? lol! Love your 'small sampling' of coffee cards, Amy! Happy Blogaversary, I can say I've been happy to watch/read your blog as it's grown over the years! Yay for rainbows and unicorns! Hugs!

  22. Congrats for having this blog for six lovely years... I've only been a follower for the past year or so, but your projects are always amazing! I guess I lean towards girly projects-especially floral ones. Boys' cards are the bane of my existence, haha. Wishing you another happy six year!

  23. Happy bloggy birthday my dear friend! You make blogging so much fun and rewarding too. Happy for your friendship and support and of course, I love all your java cards!!

  24. happy happy bloggy bday!!!! I'm sooo glad you blog, I still LOVE reading blogs they make me happy.. LOVE all your coffee cards... Ive only recently started getting into coffee, I've been a frappe girl in the past, so this is fun for me!!!

  25. I am absolutely loving all these coffee cards - but I'm pretty sure my fave was the photo of your sweetie girl with the mustache mug, lol!
    Hmmm, I would maybe pick creatures as my go-to thing. I am a sucker for a cute critter!

  26. HUGE congrats on six years!! I've barely made six months (and already I'm taking a little brake - so lame!! ha ha!). Thank you for doing all you do, and for ALL of the inspiration!! I really enjoyed your walk down "coffee memory lane"!!

  27. You are definitely one of the MOST prolific and talented card bloggers that I have ever known, Amy! Congrats on this huge milestone! I so enjoy seeing your coffee and mason jar cards. I have my share of obsessions/craze and the latest (as you may be aware) are paint chips! May you have more butterflies and unicorn in your future blog posts!

  28. Congratulations on six awesome years. I'm pretty sure I've been around following you for most of those six and loving it all! Here's to six more years and a coffee a day for all of 'em! Well done, Amy! You rock!

  29. Happy Blog-versary!!! i absolutely adore your coffee related creations and thanks for all the rainbows and unicorns!! =) And most of all, thanks for sharing your delightful personality and talent with us, Amy! =) <3

  30. Congratulations on six years. Love your coffee theme. You are the sweetest and very inspiring blog friend.

  31. Hee, hee on the box of shame. I can relate. I need to put one together myself. Sigh. I love all your coffee projects. They are awesome and such a signature of yours. Big congrats on your 6 years.

  32. Happy Blogiversary! As a fairly new blogger I so appreciate getting to know peeps through their posts. Mahalo for sharing! My thing is rainbows....must of my projects are colorful. Love all your coffee projects!

  33. Six awesome years sista! Love seeing everything and anything you create...seriously!! Loved this post and that this fun little hobby has brought us together as crafty sistas! Muwah!

  34. A whole lot of fabulous coffee cards, Amy, I guess if I need an idea, I can also come back to this post! Your are always full of inspiration, keep up the good blog work! congrats on six years!

  35. First of all Happy Blogaversary! Ok I probably spelled that wrong. But you get the jist! :) I totally agree with you and find myself being a guilty party to the facebook thing. It has made me visit blogs much less and I am trying really hard to get back to visiting and commenting. That is my goal. My blog has definitely suffered at the hand of facebook and I myself have neglected my blog but again I am vowing to change that. I have enjoyed seeing everything you make and I apologize that I don't always comment. Where does the time go? I can't even say I know how long I have had a blog but I think 3-4 years ha ha. Well you keep up all the awesome projects you make. I will try to stop and leave a note! I do visit but shamefully I don't always leave a note. Boo me...I promise to be better. Fabulous coffee cards. I don't like coffee but I love coffee art, cards etc....crazy huh!
    Deb C

  36. HUGE congrats on six years, Amy! What a fabulous lineup of coffee creations! I gravitate towards a little bit of country and lots of ribbon ;).

  37. So I'm not here commenting for your prize, please count me out. I just want to congratulate you on your 6 years of blogging. Yours was the first few I started to follow and continue to look forward to seeing your creations. I know I've been a bad blogger and commenter myself, have had to deal with personal issues and all that, but thank you for sharing your creations.

  38. Just wanted to wish you a Happy 6 Year Blogaversary! Please don't count me in for any prizes. I have the equivalent of 50 boxes of shame in my craft room! BTW...LOVE your coffee projects--a collage poster would be awesome!!

  39. congrats on 6 FAB years my friend :)
    such a fun flashback of cards!!!

    you know i go for the CATS!!! sad to say i don't have many kitty stamps (yet!lol)

  40. Yay!!! Happy 6 years!!! I love how you shared some of your firsts posts! I also had to laugh at all of the coffee projects! So fun! Thanks so much!

  41. Happy blogversary Sista... I am so glad I found you!!! You are one of my BFF over in blogland!.... hugs U
    Box of shame HAHA cracks me up!...Those coffee cards are just too wonderful and fabulous!...HUgs Hugs xxxxxxxx

  42. Hi Amy - I have been so bad about commenting lately on all of the blogs I visit because of too many things I am juggling lately with family, health and work. Pesky little things to get in the way of crafting, right?

    But, I had to pop in and say congratulations on 6 years of blogging! It is amazing to see how you have evolved in your cardmaking style from when you first started. Thank you for sharing your first card and showing that there is hope for all of us out there. ;) Love your coffee gallery - so you! As for me - I guess I am still looking for my thing that defines me when it comes to cards. I just need more time to stamp!! ;) If I did, I could then figure out what I would be known for. ;)

    Again, congratulations on 6 years!!!

  43. I am only here to comment on one post until I can catch up but this is the one. I am so glad you blog (still) and have been doing so for 6 years. Congratulations to you! You are a fab card maker and a fab friend. I am so lucky to have gotten to know you through your blog and make a connection with you on a personal level. Keep doing what you do my friend...because you are wonderful at it. Oh and I love all the coffee cards! HUGS!

  44. Wow! Its been 6 years already? I love blogging too and I adore seeing your coffee cards! I don't comment often but I'm a secret follower lol. About your box of shame, well, you're not alone in this my dear:-)

  45. And here's to many more, Amy! *raises big mug of coffee* The box o'shame thing gave me a chuckle. Big hugs and congrats, girl!

  46. Congrats on your 6th blogaversary! As a fellow coffee lover I enjoyed the parade of fabby coffee themed projects. I find that I make a lot cards with owls and lawn fawn stamps. I think we could all gather a box of shame, full of awesomeness though.