Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hero Arts: Our Friendship

I'm up on the Hero Arts blog with my teamie, Jayne!  We're doing a fun post with March's optional add-on products for My Monthly Hero!

Here's a bit of trivia, I'm a huge BLACK thumb.  I'm so horrible with plants and for some reason, my family still gives them to me.  The card that I designed especially for today is the perfect card for me, hope you pop over to the Hero Arts blog to check it out.

Here's a peek at the optional add-on products for this month along with some of the other supplies I used for today's project:


  1. Your card is super cute- your family must know they can keep giving you plants because since previous ones have moved on!! 😂

  2. From one black thumb to another--your card is my kind of plants, too! Love it!

  3. I'm not very good with plants, either! I don't have a single houseplant to my name, except for a couple of the faux variety! ;)
    Off to take a peek!

  4. Loved your card over @ HA!! The watercolor wash gives so much POP to your beautiful images. It's funny, as I look around my house, I realize that I don't have any plants either. LOL The only one I have is a Christmas cactus and you seriously cannot kill them even if you forget to water them. My Christmas cactus is still going strong after 8 or 9 years.