Wednesday, January 26, 2011

tinsel joy...

It's me...cutting it close to the Jingle Belles deadline:)

Check it out...I embossed...two panels!  Picked up the sizzix folders on sale:)

I used Stampin' Up Pretty in Pink and Pixie Pink....topped it off with straight and zig zag stitching.  I opted to not put a sentiment on the exterior of the card because of all that doesn't seem to need one...

I got three words for you:

Tinsel glitter...ugh

I'm a HUGE fan of Martha's 'traditional' glitter...bought the silver and LOVE it...I found the Christmas set of Tinsel glitter on sale {even came with the Martha glitter glue}.....good grief, that stuff is u-n-r-u-l-y...seriously...anybody else have the stuff?  

I love that it looks so sparkly but seriously peeps, I think I inhaled some and I even sprayed each of the snowflakes with a clear coat...someone has to have some tips because I have like a life time supply of the stuff....

This is the glorious Jingle Belles color challenge:

I was inspired by the Waltzing Mouse Sketch Challenge:
I also wanted to share a layout that I completed last weekend but haven't posted until today...

Thank goodness for my 13 year old photographer and copy editor.  Yes, the boy took the fun pic of the girl and he, ahem, found a typo on my original layout {before pics were taken...}.  In my haste and spelling backwards {that's how I typically lay the letter stickers down} , I managed to botch one of the words...cutest thing ever, the boy evidently was checking out the layout and casually said, "You haven't blogged that layout yet, have you?"  Then he so kindly tells me that I can't spell...well, not in those words...I'll have you know that I won my 3rd Grade spelling bee....they even presented me with an engraved you know how special that made me feel?  Real special until I saw how they typed my name on that plaque:

Amie Tsuruta

Good grief, they managed to spell my **last** name correctly but spelled my first name wrong?!!!
{slapping my forehead}

Okay, okay...sorry about straying from the is a close up of all that sassy goodness...

Notice that t-i-n-y zig zag stitching?!  Seriously love that look....

My layout is compliments of last week's:

♥♥Some enabling♥♥

I just ordered a new address stamp...wooo hooo....check it out, isn't it sweet?!
It was sooo hard to pick so it may not be my only addy stamp...but I loved the simplicity of this particular one along with the sweet font!!  It's from Sweet Papery:)


  1. I bought some tinsel glitter last year at christmas. it looks so cool in the bottle, but I agree its a big hairy mess!

  2. Love your layout! :)

    I'm sticking to stickles and glimmer mists because they are less messy. Glitter bits never really go away

    LOL on getting your name ironic! ;)

  3. WOW Amie(-; !!!!
    What a great LO! I love the colors and the flowers are super CUTE!! Really happy - and now I'm smiling from your story too!

  4. ACK! That is one amazing scrapbook page! Love it! Super cute glittery card too! Good to know that if you can't be "Amy" you can at least be "friend"!

  5. LOL!!! Such a fun card that your recipients will remember forever - ha, ha, ha!!! I have no suggestions for the glitter. When it comes to washing my DD's clothes the rule is keep hers separate and don't wash my clothes immediately after hers - she loves glittery clothes. Believe me, glitter jeans are just jeans with glitter poured over them, there is no adhesive for that glitter!
    Now on to the LO - what a wonderful look - so deceptively simple - I too love that stitching.

  6. I like your pink Snowflake card.. love all the stitching and glitz :)
    The LO is just Gorgeous... love the sentiment and the flower bits around it :D

  7. Look at all those fabulous Christmas cards, you go girl!

  8. So bright and cheery. Gotta love those boys, don't ya?

  9. Despite that glittery being a challenge ... the end result is absolutely tinsely-glittery fantastic ... ♥♥ it ... thanks for joining our jingle belle journey.

  10. Wow, pretty card and I love that layout!

  11. NOw that is sparkly! I looooooooove sparkly stuff, especially cards! I guess the occasional inhaling of glitter is a price we have to pay to create such beautiful things. Your card is lovely.

  12. Now that is one glittery card. Love the colors and I think I need that embossing folder in my collection.
    Love the layout just perfection.
    I won my school spelling bee in second grade.

  13. Your blog is fabulous! I like what I see! :)

  14. LOVEEEEEEEEE the cards AMIE and love love love love love that lo AMIE! You totally ROCK everything you create AMIE!! hehehehehehehe.....have to mess with ya... I may not get to visit while at I have to fit it in now! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  15. I love your layout - God bless the editor for quality checking (LOL)! The color, the vibrancy, it all emphasizes JOY!

    (and your story regarding the misspelled plaque is also pretty funny - how could they have messed up your FIRST name when they got the last name perfect?)

    Oh yeah, I came over originally to see your Jingle Belles card! ha ha, I got distracted by all the pretty!

    Until I read your description of working with the tinsel glitter I was thinking - I want that look, that's so cool looking - now I'm not quite so sure! Okay, I'll probably get some anyway because that snowflake looks really cool. What a clean and simple take on the inspiration, I love it!

  16. Fabulous creations, Amy! LOVE the embossing on the cards! :)

  17. I saw that glitter on sale and almost bought it...even though I don't like working with glitter.
    I am glad I didn't since everyone says it it not easy to work with....
    ...But your card sure is pretty.

  18. lovin' your fun card!! Suuuchhhh a FABULOUS lo!! LOVE it!!

  19. ooooooooooooh! OOH OOH OOH, actually! AWESOME pink-n-green card, missus! ♥♥♥!!! i am sooooooooo loving the glitter...which i guess is good since by the sounds of it, clearly it's going to be featured in the next few cards...and the laundry...and maybe a teeeeeeny bit on the plates at dinner time! (that stuff does get EVERYWHERE!!!)

    gorgeous and amazing LO, btw; i think we have to give THE BOY bonus ninja points for catching it & telling ya....even a little gloating must surely be permissable since HOW COOL is it to be able to correct A GROWN-UP fair and square, right?! ♥♥♥

    ps: my P&theB moment: "but why have you changed your name to martha flemming, brain???!" :) :) :)

    pss: my sister's name is actually spelled AMIE...and to this day (age 41) she seldom gets anything with the letters in the right order; she might well consider marrying your brother in order to have a TROPHY with her name on... shall i enquire??!?!? :) :) :)

  20. The tinsel looks great even though it was such a pain. I hope someone can give you tips to make it more fun next time. I love your LO! Even though Sassafras has some bold papers I often find myself reaching for them for LOs.

  21. LOVE the layout! So sweet and the colors are awesome!

    ps...the glitter card is beautiful!

  22. super cute card, amy! that glittery tinserl sounds fab!
    love your layout, so cute! love how you used the same colors as your girl's beanie.
    geesh, can't believe they spelt amy wrong! maybe they were thinking amie = friend (french)?
    your addy stamp is cute.
    thanks for sharing and have a great day!
    *hugs* steph :)

  23. Love it all!
    Good luck with the glitter quest!

  24. Hi Amy, Love your Christmasy cards. Use less glue, and just a little bit of tinsel glitter! Try spilling a bottle on the carpet if you think you inhaled some!I am forever finding blue! Wonderful page and love this post!

  25. Just catching up on your blog! Gorgeous cards you have been creating! Just wanna say congrats on getting onto the Card Patterns team! Well deserved! Oh and happy new year... I know late but better late than never! :)

  26. love the fun glittery card and great page!!! and I've totally done the same thing, spelled something wrong and even posted it once!!! ACK!!! luckily I have my hubby look now, since he seems to spell better than me!!! LOL

  27. perhaps you could send some of that glitter to Gloria *you know she loves the stuff!** **snicker**

    super cards and how sweet of your boy to spell check for you on this awesome layout :) **kids are so precious,eh?**

  28. Me too with the glitter ugh. Tip - don't brush it off the table if you're wearing fuzzy socks! It's like my feet have glitter dandruff. But I have to say that that glittered snowflake is just perfect against your pink background. The sketch you used in wonderful.

  29. WHOAAAA let me take off the shades I was blinded by Gold Tinsel j/k I think those snowflakes are super fun! That layout is super fabbie too, love the bright fun colors and way to go having your very own editor!

  30. Love the sparkles, and those colors wow!
    Your lay out is so pretty!

  31. Hi Amy,

    Lots of eye candy here on your post... its all beautiful! I was looking through my short Asian lashes... they are still around.

  32. How cool to see an Amy layout! Love it - thank goodness for the 13 year-old spell checker! LOL I also lay my stickers down backwords but have to write the word on a piece of scrap to reference because I just can't get it right! Thanks for the heads-up on the glitter - they should sell it with a mask! Despite that, it does look really pretty :)

  33. Amy, your holiday stack is beautiful BUT I'm totally in love with your layout. The colours and embellishments are fabulous and I loved your story about the spelling bee plaque! LOL Good grief is right. ;)

  34. I love that kind of glitter, but I found out the hard way to put it through a wide-nosed funnel AND make sure the ceiling fan IS NOT on. Kudos to you, as they look FABULOUS!

  35. Fab-u-lous card and layout! I can imagine the tinsel glitter being uncontrollable, but your snowflake looks awesome!

  36. Cute projects Amy! Love the bright and bold color combos and that shimmery snowflake is gorgeous! Thanks for playing along with the WMSC :)

  37. Just felt very compelled to tell you how much I love this layout - the design, the papers, it's all incredibly eye-pleasing!!!

  38. I love that pink and green card, Miss Amy! too funny about your little typo and your cute story from the 3rd grade. Dramatic irony with that plaque - heehee!

    Hope you're having a fab weekend, friend!

  39. Cute LO
    Cute stamp!
    Thanks for the link ;)

  40. sometimes, we're so engrossed in our project that we overlook the littlest spelling!did i spell littlest right? looks wrong. thank goodness for your proof reader!

    and really??? they couldn't find an easier way to spell your name & had to use the uncommon-er way to spell AMY? sheesh. [BTW, congrats 3rd grade spelling bee champ!]