Sunday, September 11, 2011

circa 1960's...

Circa 1960' some of you, that's a long, long, long time probably weren't even born:)  I was born in 1966 and recently celebrated my 45th birthday...can't believe it.  

I've been on a cleaning/organizing frenzy {more on that in a smidge}...but while I was cleaning I happened to dig up some old pictures and found one of me and my cousin:

Can you guess which one is me?  LOL, my kids did:)  I'm the one on the right, the one that is blurry because the camera is obviously focused on my cutie pie cousin:)  Story of my life, I was the 4th grandchild, first granddaughter and 3rd/last child to my parents.  My oldest brother has a gazillion pictures, seriously...a gazillion.  My other brother has quite a number of pictures.  Me?  I share an album with my other cousins...what the heck?

Growing up with brothers, I tended to wear their hand-me-downs {cue the violins}.  I'm guessing this picture was taken after church since we both seemed to be dressed up.  See my short hair?  For years I use to have long hair and then my momma got fed up with how high maintenance it was so she put it in a pony tail and cut it, right above the rubberband....gasp...!  After that, I had short hair for years...always seemed to be mistaken for a boy {grrrrr..}...

I know, I know...whatta life...I'm not complaining, I'm just sayin' how it was.  

See those fantastic green doilies?  I picked them up at the M's $ spot...why oh why didn't I buy multiple packages...whey did I restrain myself on that purchase?  I dehoarded some Amy Tangerine, the "a slice of the good life" is from her new line...the ticket is Tim, the alpha is Lily Bee, the trinket pin is Maya Road, the button is Jenni Bowlin.  I was trying to channel some Keisha Campbell...some CAS Keisha....that woman is chock full of talent.

I was inspired by the latest CPS sketch:

Happy Mail!!!

Lookie what the most fabbie Ivy sent me:

Cosmo goodness along with a vintage jello mold and thread!  Love Love Love them Ivy!!!!

I also received a happy email from the very magnificent Paige:

I feel so very lucky to have a card picked up for the February 2012 issue of Cards.  I gotta tell you, I spotted a thread over on 2Peas from Thursday about gals that had received their happy mail so I was ready to post my one card that I submitted for today, Sunday.  I received an email yesterday, on Saturday from Paige...working on a Saturday!  So very thrilled as I'm a newbie to Cards.  So, for those of you that aren't submitting or feel discouraged by pub calls, don't give up!

Other Schtuff:

Organizing and Cleaning....I am overwhelmed in how much needs to be done, so I'm trying to work on it in sections.  I started on my work top Friday evening:

I'm tellin' work top hasn't seen the light of day {or I should type, light of the hallway} in a very, very long time {Hi Erin!!!}  I was pretty happy with my end results...I removed everything from the worktop and cleaned up.  I said something to the boy and he said:

"Yeah, but whattabout the floor mom?"

Yeah, yeah, yeah...why you gotta be so negative?  LOL...I've been tackling that:)

I've discovered loads of stuff that I can sling out for blog candy so help a girl out.  I'd love to see/hear how you organize:

1.  embellishments:  seriously, how do you organize your embellies?  Do you group them by manufacturers and then collections?  Do you organize by type:  stickers:flowers:chipboard etc?

2.  Patterned Paper:  by manufacturer and then collections? Colors?

3.  Ribbons:  color? bins? bags?

4.  Any other super fab organizing tips?!

Everybody that links up {multiple links with ideas are highly appreciated!} will be put into a random drawing...I'm sure that I'll have at least 4 goodie bags to sling out there:)  So, help me out girlies!!!!  Share your ideas!!!!!


  1. Know how you feel about the organization, took me over a month. I bought a peg board specifically for my nesties and other items I use on a regular,

  2. Woot! Woot!! Congrats Girl!! CARDS a tough one to get into..

  3. YAY! Congratulations!!!! Cards seems to have good taste! :):):) And what an adorable page. Gorgeous green doilies!!!!

  4. What a great layout and CONGRATS on the Cards submission. Someday I will get brave enough to enter. I love that vintage jello mold it is just fabulous. I want some for my button stash.

  5. Loove the layout, those doilies are dee-lish. The picture is beyond cute; believe it or not, as the very youngest kid, I have waaayyy fewer pictures that all my siblings!! bad BAD parental units!! Congrats on your happy email! Your worktop is enviable!

  6. Congrats on the CARDs pub! I can't wait to see what you made.

    As far as organization, I store my ribbons on thin wooden dowels hung horizontally (they are suspended between 2 wall-mounted plant bracket thingies). Sorry I can't be more descriptive...if I get a chance I'll email you a pic!

    Oh yea, and I love to store things in rainbow order. For me, it's easier to find things that way.

  7. You crack me up!!! And I can't believe you were up organizing at 5am. Wow. I, cough cough, have done nothing... (sheepish guilty chuckle), except drop all the stuff back onto the floor. Will think about my ideas and link up later...

  8. Love that green next to the adorable black and white photo. As far as organizing, I guess I like the rainbow concept too. I store scraps in ziploc gallon bags by color family, as well as my buttons. I guess that is ok since I hardly use them for publicating anyway.

  9. Great page and cute photo! Congrats on the pub and I'm not showing off my scrap room because it's just too disorganized!

  10. Where to start? A BIG congrats on the CARDS pub-love that magazine! I adore your layout-the photo, the pops of green and your stitching, especially throught the title stickers! (and if you are going to channel somebody, Keisha is a marvelous choice!) :)

    Sadly, I have no organizing tips for you. My room is and always will be a creative hot mess. ;)

  11. LOL, my room looks like your floor! Glad I am not the only messy one :) Big congratulations of the Cards publication and fantastic page.

  12. Love your layout, the cute Material Girl card with actually patterns used for the flower *heart*, your craft room is to die for AND...CONGRATS on your Cards achievement!!!!

    Organization...I organize by theme or type of embellie. Like all my brads in one spot, papers by theme etc. Of course they do not stay that way! I have been oranizing too...but it is a continual battle as I cant stop adding more to the mix!!!

  13. Simply darling Amy! Congrats on your pub! Can't wait to see it :)

  14. Aww such a sweet layout! It's fun seeing your pages and that oldie but goodie pic is so cute! ;) I wish I could offer some organizing advice but I'm in desperate need of some advice myself. My crafty space is a mess and is doens't help that my little one destroys the room evryday! lol..good luck girly and woot! woot! for crafty lucky girl! :)

  15. congrats on your cards pub, amy! love your pic, and you do not look like a boy! love vintage mold, too!

  16. Congrats on your pub! I hear you about the organizing. I've been working on my garage for a few months now. LOVE the lo! So sweet! Poor 3rd child you! I know my third one feels the same. #3, 4, and 5 all started taking pictures of themselves so we would have some. lol.

  17. Congrats on the pub!! Whoohoo!! The hair cut... GASP! I'd freak out if my mom did that and goodness, would never do it to the kids. But my, I've heard my grandma doing such thing! Must be the old school Chinese/Japanese or just Asian in general attitude to save money. On your room... nice table top :) Keep it up! I hate it when I need to make a project after cleaning :)

  18. Simply gorgeous layout!!!!...You crack me up Sista!!! And I can't believe you were up organizing at 5am!!! That's a Wow!!!.Will think about my ideas ...hopefully I can link up.... hugs...xoxo

  19. First of all, I love your post! I just turned 49 (for real...1962)and I am the 4th/last of 4 girls. Yeah, not so many photos of me, either! I feel your pain!
    Organization is over-rated. 1. You could cut your stash to barely anything so you know for sure what you No, I didn't think so..2....I have no advice since I don't have a system for anything except my stamps. They are all on plastic/contact paper covered cardboard sheets and in 3-ring binders.
    Happy sorting! :)

  20. What a cute layout! Really love those green doilies! :)

    I hear you about those photos. Same here. I'm so tempted to just photoshop my brother out of my pics!!! lol

    Congrats on the publication...pst...I'm in it too! ;)

    Your desk looks respectable...though I can't say the same for your floor...haha..;)

  21. Your layout is oh so cute! I just love how you used the CPS sketch for it and how cute is that little ticket!

  22. Awww, I think your pic is adorable!
    Congrats on Cards :>)
    Organization, you look like you are already really organized. It is really easy to see everything all laid out like that ;>) Heee, heeeeee, heeeeeeee!!!! Yeah, I got nothing for you in the organizing department. My craft area is a desk in my bedroom (I lost my craft room years ago when I found out I was pregnant with twins). I stick everything all together by type - all PP in one spot, all embellies, etc. I have slowly been taking away drawer space from my clothes for crafting supplies. 3 drawers down and 3 to go, of course I probably don't want to be known as the naked crafter so I really can't steal more than 1 more ;>)

  23. Congrats Amy! Hey I hear you on the fam pics - 6 girls in my fam and I'm 2nd youngest; being born in the 60's too next to zippo on the pictures - I've made sure my 2 both have tons!

  24. amy congrats on your pub!!!! :) how exciting :)

    Im not one to be discussing organization right at this exact moment BUT i have been successful with some organization before :) lol

    1. embellishments: seriously, how do you organize your embellies? Do you group them by manufacturers and then collections? Do you organize by type: stickers:flowers:chipboard etc?
    sooo I have a few bins.... some of my drawers are organized by holiday and my stickers are organized by hanginf folders i added a link
    all my thickers & alphabets are also in their own tub

    2. Patterned Paper: by manufacturer and then collections? Colors? I just use a 12 x 12 cropper hopper upright paper holder
    cardstock is stored by color when u find a solution for patterened paper please share :)

    3. Ribbons: color? bins? bags?
    I have them in jars organized by color i added a link

    good luck!!! :)

  25. Loveeeeeee that lo!! My soul sista... we got MORE in common! LOL!! I had the "Dorothy Hammil" cut FOR YEARS!! And since we are about the same age, I know you will know what that is!! :):):):):)

    And hehehehehe... you know I downsized this year when we moved... so I went from an entire ROOM to a huge closet... so I know have a very tight organized space (and thank God the memory is still good... so I know where everything is! lol!) :):):):):):):):):):):)

  26. i cannot give any advice on organizing! my floor looks EXACTLY like yours....except i have costco wipes ;) at least you have a desk to work on. remember---i'm working off the floor! one day, i'll get my room!
    congrats to you too on the cards pub! i'm a total never-before-published-newbie so i'm excited. can't wait to see your fab card!

  27. Beautiful lo!
    And I have al my flowers arranged by colors, so roses and normal flowers from the same colors goes togehter, my papers from one brand one line..together, cardstock on color, embelischments one great chaos, really terrible, journaling blocks one box, one box...only the embelischments...especially my charms it is a mess...but you know, I can live with it;)

  28. Awww, what a sweet layout, Amy! Love your reminiscing and love the photo. Those green doilies are fabulous. Love the Lily Bee stickers on the ticket with the stitching, too.
    And super huge congrats on the Cards pub. Can't wait to see!

  29. You go girl!!! Congrats on your pub!!!!! Love your sweet layout. :)

  30. you are so adorable! love that photo! =) beautiful page and love those big doilies. BIG congrats on the pubs!!! so very happy for you! ahhh.... i gave up on organizing my supplies a loooooong time ago. LOL! one thing you may already know is that I put my 6x6 pads in quart zip bags. one for each pad/collection and the scraps can all go in the same bag. it's been working perfectly for me.

  31. Yippeee, congrats on your future CARDS pub! So excited for you and can't wait to see the issue. And I love Ivy's little gift to you - so sweet. As for organizing, my room is a disaster right now. Hopefully I learn something from your bloggie friends!

  32. BIG congrats on your CARDS pub! So exciting! And I'll be joining you in the Feb 2012 issue - whoop whoop!

    I store my ribbon on a ribbon rack in rainbow colour order 'cause I'm anal like that. At the hardware store I got storage containers with lots of little drawers (for nails, nuts, bolts, etc). They've got all my buttons, seed beads, eyelets, brads, etc in them. Works well for me!

    I've got blog candy on my blog too so check it out!

  33. HOOOOORAY for your publication!! What an amazing feeling to get an email from Paige!!! And you got a little gift--so lucky! As for organizing--I find that if I clean up after each project, everything stays organized. I also keep all like items together--and I don't take anything out of the containers or plastic envelopes anymore--just in case it's picked up for publication!

    Congrats to you my friend:)

  34. ROFLMBO!!!! your boys comment made me spit out my soda!!! good grief you are brave to show your floor girlfriend ;)
    your craft area is looking good!!!

    well my all time fav is what you told me to clip it up :) other then that it is organized for the way my strange mind works! lol

  35. don't have all photos in the same post so had to link up a few. more chances to win??? LOL

  36. Congrats on the pub Amy! Your space looks amazing, you are super brave to tackle the issue. Good luck!
    Oh, love the page!

  37. I love your baby photo Amy - I picked you out right away! We have 2 things in common: I was also born in 1966 (my 6 year old son calls them 'the 19s') and my mother cut my long hair in the same fashion. Except I didn't wind up with a cute bob like you.
    Congrats on your happy mail from Paige - I hope we share a layout - I'd love to be your pub neighbor :)

  38. Congrats on winning with this wonderful layout!