Sunday, July 14, 2013

hello...i miss you

Hello and Wow, Sunday, already?

I'm blogging live because I played a ton on Friday and Saturday and didn't craft until this morning.  So today is filled with happy crafting.

Today's post is a smidge long and photo heavy'ish so get your coffee.

Speaking of coffee...

(all the paper is from a Studio Calico Card kit, hello die is Savvy)

I've been trying to challenge myself to use more stamps sets on a project.  This card is kind of a cheater card but it does use 3 different Paper Smooches sets:

I know, you're like, "What?  Friendly Flowers?!"

I put a panel on the interior of the card.

This is a multi-tasking card for a former co-worker of mine:  Birthday and Miss you.

I was inspired by the Paper Smooches July Designer Draft:

I also challenged myself to not use my current Paper Smooches FAV set:  Crystal Clear

So those of you that follow me on FB, may have seen some of my posts from yesterday.  

We spent a couple hours at the Seattle Urban Craft Uprising.   This is our 2nd year {we went to the last winter show} and I highly recommend it to you locals!

They give out Free Swag Bags for the first 100 in line:

Tons of goodies...we had different loot, so not all the bags are packed the same.  I'll share loots pics on a different post as this one is chock full of stuff.

Unfortunately my pics from the show weren't so good....I tend to get so caught up in all of the eye candy and some of the 'booths' were pretty packed.

Although I had tons of things on my wish list, this is all that I purchased:

I know myself, I'll probably just stare at it since it's much too pretty to actually use!  These guys are local and I love to support locals.

We had a Lovely Day.

So Friday was the boy's birthday

Super 16

I've been playing around with the Typic Photo App...(Thanks to Sherry for letting me know about this one!}.   My momma didn't care too much for the photo editing...complained about the lack of color :)

 That's it for me for to power craft!


  1. Love the long post and all the photos. You are getting great at using one of my favorite apps and what a beautiful family you have. Your Momma is just too cute for words.
    If you don't use that twine and end up just staring at it...I will definitely take it.

  2. What a cute card!
    And your pictures are just so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I love your card and I especially love all the photos. You have an absolutely beautiful family!

  4. Super cute card and I love all of the photos!

  5. Love pics of the FAM! Heavenly that you get to get crafty!! Enjoy!!

    Your cute coffees are fab!

  6. are your kids tall? I just love their hip style. you and your coffee talk! cute! (remember that skit from Saturday Night Live? thanks for playing PSS!

  7. LOVE your card Amy and your Pictures are absolutely WONDERFUL!

  8. I love these photos of your beautiful family, Amy! This card is adorable! Love that yellow patterned paper~ xo

  9. Awesome card and great photos of your family, Amy!

  10. Love love love the card!!! LOVING those mugs!! And YAYYYYYYYY for the swag bags!!! Great pics too!! I looked for that app when I saw you mentioned it on FB ... but it must not be for Droids yet?? I couldn't find it :(

  11. Awesome card and awesome post!! Love the pics and I'm totally checking out that app.

    Happy Sunday!

  12. Great card! Love the papers you used and love the pics too!

  13. Sounds like fun! LOVE your pics, and that card is so cute!

  14. Adorable photos! Thanks for the app heads up! Love your card cute!

  15. Love the card, you know i love coffee likek you do. The show sounds like somewhere I would love to go one day and yes SCORE! Love the photos, your momma is a sweetie!

  16. Card = awesome (I love that hello die!)
    Show = right up my alley - I'd love to spend a day doing that!
    Family = beautiful!

  17. Love your happy card...and way to go on using more stamps! :)

    I tend to get overwhelmed when there are too many choices too...I haven't bought a single app for my phone...can you believe it? lol

  18. Love the card and the fam pics...such a beautiful family!

  19. such a sweet post.. love all the pictures.. thanks for sharing..

    love your card..

  20. Adorable card, Amy! The friend coffee cups are sooo sweet!
    Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! Love all the photos! Your kids are so, so adorable!

  21. LOVING!! Such CUTE pics!! LOVE that you shared!! Hope you have a FABULOUS WEEK. ;)

  22. first, love the pics, what a cute, lovely family and captured sooooo well. I hope he had a fun b-day! Second, LOVE the papers on this card and of course the coffee cups and sentiment. I sooooooooo need a second cup right now! :)

  23. Great cards and thanks for sharing your pictures too. Are they really your kids not younger bro/sister? :)

  24. thanks for sharing pics Amy!!! your kids are adorbs!

  25. The perfect card in your world is two cups or one cup even, always love your coffee cards, Amy! Love that yellow background! Fabulous photo's of you and the kids! Hope the birthday was one to remember!

  26. personally, i ♥LOVE♥ long posts, especially ones with FAB family pics AND cards AND loot... and ♥YOU♥!!! :) :) :)

  27. I absolutely looooooooooooove this card, Amy! LOVE your design and the papers and colors-- YOU amaze me! Thanks so much for joining in the fun with the Paper Smooches SPARKS team!!! Hope you will play along this week for the Picture Perfect challenge:) I apologize for not leaving a comment sooner-- time flies!