Saturday, June 16, 2012

life is good.

Hi ya.

Blogging live again.

I had one set of DT assignments that had a morning they are completed...photog'd and scheduled to post!  Then I 'had' to take a nap...

I know I'm not alone when I say that I have a 'few' stamps that have never been inked:

I gotta refine my copic skillz.  I'm really not a copic girl.  There are times when I think I want to be but realistically, not my thing.  So I try to add other things to my card to distract you from her poor make up job, girl needs to learn how to apply her foundation:)

I love this Poppy Stamps girl...although it seems she's been discontinued.  I bought her solely for that sweet cupcake.  It almosts seems naughty to pop her under the Memory Box Garden Cloche but I think of her as a garden gnome toting a cupcake:)

I've been 'into' the glitter borders...psst...Daiso, the Japanese dollar store has stuff like Scor-Tape...{huge stampede to daiso now}..they sell it online but it looks like it is per box.  Daiso is where I stock up on Hi-Chew!  I, of course, finished my card off with a SRM sentiment.

A couple of things...


Noticed any?

I have a new bloggie banner compliments of Karen Baker!  

It's a declaration of my current love of hexagons!

Second thing.

Technie help?!

My side bar...oh where oh where does my side bar go?

It seems that in google chrome/safari mode, when you pop over to my blog via my 'home' side bar doesn't show up.  Click onto a specific blog post and BAM it shows up...what.the.heck?

Anybody else experiencing this or have heard of anyone else complaining about it?

Third thing.

I've announced the winners on the Flashback Friday blog.  I've also announced that Flashback Friday is on Summer Vacation {wahoooo...I WISH I was on summer vacay}....taking off until the first Friday in September...we're going to come back with a POW!

I think that's it.


  1. Girl this is so darn cute...I love it...this little Poppy stamp is too cute...Hey what do you mean your not a copic girl...come on....I love them..

    1. Pow! I was totally there when you got this stamp! The apothercary type jar!


  2. 1. Super cute card...she looks good. I'm not a copic girl either.

    2. LOVE the banner...I need one too seeing as I just took a pic off the net.

    3. The same thing happened to me with the sidebar. For me it was because I had too much info on my sidebar (you will find yours at the bottom of your page). Just had to size down or get rid of somethings there. Hope this helps :)

  3. Yay! I'm not alone in the world! I'm not a Copic girl either... :) Super cute card and I love that stamp. Totally adorbs! Cute new banner too!

  4. cute little poppy stamp girl. I don't want to think of her as a gnome though as I don't really like gnomes.

    Love the new hexagon banner on your blog. So CAS.

    I didn't know what to put on mine so I went with just the name. Clean and Simple just like I like it.

  5. Nio copics here either! Although your sweet girl looks great! Love her little cupcake!

  6. Amy you are awesome. I too would have bought this stamp for the cupcake alone! Your new banner is perfect. I find it suits your design style to a T! And, I'm using Google Chrome (since blogger forced me to...grrr) and can't see your sidebar when looking at all of your posts...I wonder if the same thing happens on mine?

  7. The foundation comment made me chuckle. Got my paper goodies from the Three Cool Chicks win, now if I could only get off the couch...

  8. Lol i'm not a copics gal either. Your little girl is very cute and your new blog banner is fabulous!

  9. Cute card! I'm not a Copic girl lately. Love the new Blog banner!!

  10. Cute card! I'm not a Copic girl lately. Love the new Blog banner!!

  11. Bad news... it doesn't show for Mozilla either :(

    Loveeeeeeee the new banner and loving the card!!! You rocked the coloring and loving the glitter!

  12. YAY! Sweet card and fab new banner!!!

  13. Cute card, Amy, love your new blog banner! It would be great to get a vacation, I am right there with you! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  14. She is CUTE! LOL - send her to the mall and have them show her how to apply the makeup ;>) Before copics I used to paper piece - I would buy flesh colored paper. Copics are so much easier!
    Great banner!
    I have not noticed a sidebar issue, but I use IE.

  15. LOL, someone on FB yesterday said they needed remedial girl lessons for makeup - this sweet little gnome can come with me :) lol!
    I haven't heard of the disappearing sidebar...I hope it's just a temporary PITA.

  16. your copic girl looks just fine, amy:) LOVE her in a cloche! i haven't had the sidebar leave me, but my followers go away from time to time...

  17. I think she still looks sweet! The red contrast really adds a punch!

  18. You are so funny, Amy. Love the quip about 'girl needs to learn how to apply foundation'! LOL

    I like how you put that little makeup-challenged gnome under a cloche...fab idea!

    And love your new blog header...sometimes a change is just what we need, right?

  19. She is darling! I love her under the garden cloche, not naughty at all! And I'm with you on the coloring, never tried Copics but debating it all the time...

  20. So darling, Amy! Love the sparkly border. :)

  21. I love your new banner!!! Hexs and Hexs...seen them everywhere.... !!! loving the card!!! Sista you rocked the glitter!..I heart it!!!..hugs...xoxo

    p/s: let me know if you have yet to resolve the sidebar issue...

  22. she is darling and i think your coloring is just dandy!

  23. Hello friend, this is toooo cute of a card for words!! I love that banner!! And I'm pretty stinkin' excited to be part of the POP with which Flashback Friday returns!!! hehehehehehehehe

  24. Soooooo cute! I love the glitter border!

    P/s: I'm with you on the Copics...I think it takes a lot of time and practice to be good with them...I tend to cover up my mistakes with glitter and googly eyes *winks*

  25. cute card. I got my copics as new year present for myself and still can't use it.

  26. LOVE the glittery border! it's fab. don't think there is a specific way to be "good" at Copics. use it the way best suit you and i love what you did here! super card, Amy!