Saturday, November 29, 2008

Glittering Tulip Chandelier

Thanks to Mistylynn...I stumbled across this gorgeous Glittered Tulip Chandelier Giveaway....Yup, go check it all know how much I {heart} chandeliers...She also has an Etsy shop, Talk of the Town...chock full of goodness...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Family...Vintage Tree...Awards....

Happy Black Friday!

Okay, I must be getting older since I didn't make it out to Michael's last night for their 6 pm - 9 pm Thanksgiving Day sale. My mom and I had a magnificent dinner at
McCormick & Schmick's and quite frankly, my belly was sooo full that I just wanted to go home {gasp!}. Our meals were absolutely delish and we would definitely do it again. I was surprised to see how full the restaurant was...

I have a couple things to share....every year my kids get their pictures taken. I have a "picture wall" in my dining room that has photos of them since they were 1. I'm trying to get our family photo taken every other year...we look so different from our last one taken in 2006. I didn't buy enough photo's to put in with everyone's Christmas cards and I still need to make another batch of cards. I didn't have enough but decided to deal with the 2nd batch over the weekend. It took me forever to write in the 50 I'm sending out tomorrow. I forgot how much I don't handwrite...I'm so use to emailing and texting. I typically do short & sweet messages in the cards that I send out but there are peeps that I like to be "chatty" with...I "packaged" our photo's in glassine bags that I bought at
Paper Zone.

I'll share my main Christmas card design early next week. The next thing I wanted to show you is my vintage Christmas tree. I'm a HUGE fan of Cavallini products. I have their Japanese Woodblocks calendar in my dining room. I have several of their stamp sets... Recently I picked up a set of their Holiday Bird Glittered Gift Tags...look what I did with them:

I love my Vintage glittery Christmas tree!!! Here is a close up of one of the tags...they are can't really tell but they truly are glitter'licious. I replaced their strings with the fabulous Stampin' Up Riding Hood Red grosgrain ribbon...whaddya think?

Stacey over at The Crafting Adventures of a Left-Handed Blonde gave me 2 awards. She is such a sweetie pie {from the UK} have to go check out her blog. She says the cutest things like: blimey, yonks, chums, of course, she designs fab cards!
"This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships!These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind blogger's aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight blogger's who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

"Pick 5 bloggers that you consider as your best blogging buddies and deserve this award for their contribution towards the blogging community, no matter what language.State the name of the author of each blog as well as a link to each one's blogs.Each blogger (upon acceptance) of this award should do a post and show the award on their blog and put the name and link to the blog that has given her/him the award."

I'll go ahead and nominate 6 blogging friends. I'd love it if they can play along but no pressure...they can select 1 or both of the awards:

1. Catherine of Inksomnia
2. Angie of Schwoo!
3. Susan of One4Joy
4. Suzy of Paper monkey
5. Carla of Paper Pastorale
6. Elaine of A Place for Ink

I could soooo add more and more people but will go ahead and leave it at these lovely six people. They all have fabulous blogs and are super creative.

Whew! Hugely long blog post...thanks for taking the time to visit! I hope you all had a magnificent Thanksgiving and were surrounded by the ones you love.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Just wanted to tell all of my blogging friends to have a fabulous Thanksgiving. I appreciate each and everyone of you that visits my blog...

I just have one picture to share with you all.....look what is getting popped into the mail this Christmas cards!!!

I think I mentioned this in an earlier blog post, this year I went clean & simple. I had grand plans with my recent Stampin' Up order of Riding Hood Red and Baja Breeze but designed a card to sell at my holiday sale and really liked it so I decided to use it for my Christmas cards. Here's the bonus...they are going out with a regular old 42 cent postage stamp...wooo hoo!!!

What are you thankful for? I'm absolutely thankful and grateful for my children and my wonderful life. A couple years ago my life changed dramatically but as I was telling Elaine of
A Place for Ink today {we power shopped at Ben Franklin's}...I'm a much stronger woman for the changes and I'm thankful for my supportive family and friends.
I'm lucky to have FABulous people in my life
{you know who you are...}....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Basic Grey/Basic Gray Hi

I tell you, this de-hoarding is somewhat cleansing {lol}...look at this new Basic Grey Ambrosia paper....Making Memories Shimmer Alpha....American Crafts Felt Flower and K&Co Adhesive hoarding here!!! All piled onto my {current} favorite Stampin' up Basic Gray cardstock....I was sooo excited to tell you about my de-hoarding that I almost forgot to add that this is for the CPS 92 Sketch. I've been really enjoying the sketches over's fun to see the various interpretations. There is sooo much creativity over there...I just {heart} it!!!

I thought I'd share some pictures of the birthday party that I went to on Saturday....This curly hair cutie pie would be the 1 year old birthday boy.....isn't he thee sweetest??!!! His Uncle {one of many} is holding him.

This would be the oldest in the family..."m" will be going to kindergarten next fall. I seriously cannot believe it....look at her chalk-y face...yes, Auntie Amy gave them chalk to play with...and bubbles...and books....stickers...

This is "m" {another "m"!}....she has become quite the chatterbox and oh-so-very-polite...happy as can be...all 3 kids.

We are soooo thankful for these beautiful and healthy kids...MY kids love them to pieces {and so do I!}!!! I didn't realize how much I missed these babies until I saw them on Saturday. Their Mom & Dad absolutely rock....we are grateful for both of them {sheesh Dad can cook up a storm!} and their fabulous children.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Here is my second card using my Stampin' Up Top Note die...boy, that thing is really versatile. I'm very pleased that I bought it. My t.o.y card from yesterday looked like it had a mild case of the runaway Janome {lol} so on this one I did just enough stitching to keep down the ribbon. Aha, so you see it....K&Co Twinkle Type...Amy must be de-hoarding :) I really do love Riding Hood Red and Baja Blue actually reminds me of the very fabulous Candice Carpenter's blog, Peacoats & Party Hats. If you haven't popped over to her blog before, you really must...she has a great shop too. That is where I discovered Sassafras.

Oh my goodness...the very spectacular Kim Hughes has tagged me!!!

I {heart} Kim's sense of all her stamps...she basically r*o*c*k*s! You should of heard me gasp this morning when I read her blog...yeah, yeah, yeah, it was a random choice of blogs but still... :)

1. I have a horrid memory. I can never even remember what I had for the dinner.

2. I tend to write notes on my hands to help me remember things (see #1)

3. I have a bad habit of "putting things in a really good spot"...only to forget that spot. (see #1 & #2). See a trend in lack of memory? Odd thing though, some things I'm really good about....Obviously I remember to blog and make cards :)

4. When I was younger, I took piano lessons for 4 or 5 years.

5. I love blurfing and typically get through my google reader every night. If I don't, it "bothers" me.

6. My favorite icecream is coffee oreo even though I typically don't like "bumpy" food.

7. I'm Canadian {eh}.

Here is my random pick of to see you play but understand if you can't :)

1. Janine of 2bKrafty

2. Rose Ann of Paper Delightz

3. Stacey of The Crafting Adventure of a Left-Handed Blonde

4. Savitri of Scrapbit

5. Marlou of Scrapping with Love

6. Lauren of Groppi Girl Blogs

7. Jenn of Stamps and All that Jazz

I'm a lucky duck since these 7 FABulous women are regulars to my blog :)

P.S. Have you all checked out Paper Craft Planet? Sheesh, I registered a couple days ago but really dived into it today. Good Grief, a person can spend hours in there trying to connect with her peeps! If you're registered and I haven't connected to you please find me...I'm registered as ~amy~. I plan on jumping into more of the forums and uploading pics during my glorious long weekend...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Roses & t.o.y

I hope that you all had a great weekend.

Look what was delivered to me on Friday.... One of the gals saw it in the warehouse and brought it up to me:

I was totally surprised and even more so when we cracked the box open:

Woooo Hooooooo....2 dozen red long stem roses...{sigh}....I'm a lucky duck...thanks again 'd'!!!!!
For the gals that have been keeping up with my blogging...yes, this would be the 2nd bouquet :)

I decided today that I was going to use my top note die that I was just dying to have....I've been noticing that I'm drawn to cards with chipboard, primarily chipboard words. I have a ton of the stuff so I'm making an effort to de-hoard:) I'm hoping to pick up a sizzix alphabet on Black Friday. If you gals have a favorite {versatile} one PLEASE let me know. I'd love to find one that is similar to the Stampin' Up LetterPress alpha. Anyways, I thought this would be an appropriate card to make and send this week...

t.o.y = thinking of you

A text message that I received on Friday:)

Here's to a fabulous for the short work week!!!

P.S. I'm such the early bird but managed to sleep in until 8 a.m. on Sunday Morning...boy, did I need that!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Howdy and organized chaos!

Happy Friday!!!

I've been waiting for Friday...the last couple weeks have been way too busy. I'm exhausted, no other word for it, exhausted.

Last night was my son's soccer pizza party...tomorrow is his last game of the season...whew! After his soccer game we're headed to a birthday party....not just any birthday party but my nephew's 1st birthday!!! We're doing a western theme...bought him a fun stuffed horse similar to this one. We actually found his at a garage cracked me up so much that I had to pick it up. I realize that a 1 year old won't be able to ride it BUT his two sisters (4 & 3) will love it. This week I picked up a cowboy hat and bandanna...also added this book {ahhh, we read this to the kids when THEY were younger}. I also had to pick up a tee that says: "My Aunt Rocks!".

I finally cracked open my Cowboy Kid...I bought it from someone {was that you Julie?} memory is soo bad. Anyways, I knew that I wanted to do something using that set and came up with this little 4.25 inch square card...LOVING that fabulous striped Stampin' Up ribbon. I knew that I wouldn't have any problems using the stuff since I decided against it for my Christmas is sooo versatile.

I'm chuckling that I'm actually sharing this picture...this is where it all This is what happens to my workspace when I'm working on projects for my Holiday Gift Fair. At one point, I swiped everything off of the desk top so that I could work on projects...Guess what I'm doing on Sunday? I'm getting organized to start the process all over again. We're planning another Gift Fair in December....I'm getting closer to my iPod Touch :)


stamp: cowboy kid ink: stampin' up riding hood red, versafine vintage sepia paper: ds dp riding hood red, chocolate chip & misc kraft accessories: misc chipboard, stampin' up striped ribbon

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another Cup of Tea & Cupcake'licious

Here is my other tea tin design. This one is filled with the Tazo Awake Black Tea..they really are super fun gift ideas...great for teachers and hostess gifts. More de-hoarding on my part...the paper is K&Co that I've had for years...I'm a huge fan of paisley..something that I think is timeless.

I finally took photos of the FABulous goody bag that we received at the A Muse Cupcake Social! Super sweet goods...I haven't cracked out the clear cupcake set...yet...although Nicole of Resign to Design has been on fire making sue-pah cute stuff with hers!

I hope you all are having a super week...mine has been way too busy. I can't wait until Sunday when it will calm down and I can get to creating for my next Holiday Gift Fair. Last night we had a departmental dinner at Maggiano's. We ordered family style...I didn't have a ton of any one thing BUT I'm sure that I consumed thousands of calories...everything was very dairy'licious....between the cheese and the

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So Thankful

Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving? Where has the time gone? Seriously...I'm like everyone else...this time of year makes me realize how thankful I am for my life. I'm a lucky duck to have 2 fabulous and healthy children. I love my family and friends...they make me laugh and make me happy.

This card is based on the
CPS 91 sketch...the gals on that design team absolutely r*o*c*k!

This card uses an Autumn Leaves stamp set that I bought after Christmas last year...the dp is super old SEI stuff that I've had for a while. I added a small felt flurry onto my American Crafts felt flower. I've had the tickets 4-ever...bought them from someone off of the SCS b/s/t board...seriously have had them 4-ever...I'm trying to de-hoard.

This card went postal today for a special duck that I am truly thankful for..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

chocolate/coffee is the answer

Do you recognize this tin? I altered the rest of the paint tins that I had with a chocolate/coffee theme. I used my RHR and BB supplies on this one...filled it up with coffee and dilettante chocolate. The felt snow flurries are sooo much fun to play with...I patting myself on the back for actually using the cute things! Another fun Holiday Gift Fair item...I've been using the Like it a Latte cup is great for both coffee and tea peeps.

Monday, November 17, 2008

warm {chocolate} wishes

Happy Monday!!

The weekend just flew by...I was super busy between hanging out with my peeps on Friday night...2 soccer games on Saturday and massive amounts of crafting...and my Holiday Gift Fair on Sunday...and a soccer banquet. I finished Sunday off with a nice dinner at a lovely restaurant {thanks d, I sooo needed that}.

On to my project...this tin is actually from Pier 1. It is for votive candles but I thought it would be adorable altered with some chocolates...gotta love Lindt! I recently placed a fairly large Stampin' Up order for my holiday cards. I was going to do them in Riding Hood Red and Baja Breeze. Well during my crazed frenzy of creating stuff last week I happened to crank out a design that I actually decided to use for my Holiday cards...something so clean & me...that I ditched my original color palette... The felt snowflake and striped grosgrain was a part of that order...looks pretty fab with the blue. The sentiment is A Muse.

The Gift Fair went well...especially with so much procrastinating on my part. We've scheduled another one in December and with the feedback that I received today, I know what I need to add. I averaged a pretty good "hourly rate" and was able to sell quite a bit. All the funds are going towards an ipod touch :)

Have a super week!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

*Merry Christmas* Tree Duo & Altered Tin

Happy Friday!!!

I picked up the cute KI *Merry Christmas* paper the other could I resist the pink? It teamed up perfectly with Stampin' Up's Pixie Pink and the sweet polka dot paper is KI dp that I've had for years! I stamped the A Muse MB Tree Duo in Versafine Onyx Black and then tied some black May Arts ribbon around the belly band. I'm all for non-traditional Holiday colors!
{Hey you A Muse Fans...what does the MB stand for?}
I'm trying to come up with quick, cute and useful gift items....I altered this tin with some fabulous Amy Butler dp. I tried to stay with paper that had green in it..why? Inside the tin is Tazo Zen Green Tea Bags...aha! What do you think?
The tag is from Packaging Specialties...The cup is from SU's Like it a Latte and the sentiment is A Muse.
A nice change from the usual gift card or chocolate treats I'd put in the tins...

I have a super busy girl is having her last soccer game tomorrow...we have 2 more games for the boy. I'm looking forward to our Gift Fair this weekend but hope to be better prepared for the one in December :)
I'll be back on Monday...have a super weekend peeps!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holiday Sparkle

I've been busy can't tell by the photo but this KI memories paper is part of their frosty line. There is a gorgeous sheen to the Festive Baubles paper. I've teamed it up with Stampin' Up Basic Gray, one of my new favorite cardstocks. The "holiday sparkle" text stamp is ala A Muse.
Fabriano's are definitely my "comfort" zone...clean & simple. The coffee cup & text are from A Muse.
My third and last card is another clean and simple from Stampin' up. This one screams "preppy". My inspiration for this one was from decor8. The apples are from my Tart & Tangy set and the text is from One Smart Cookie.

Wow! Three cards in one posting...Whew! I've decided that I like making 4 or 5 of one design but find if I'm making the card with 12 x 12 dp, I end up making eighteen 4.25 inch square cards.
I borrowed my boy's ipod rocks. He saved up his own $$ to buy it all on his own....I think I need to do that

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Inchie Nest

So last week my local craft store was having a coupon sale...40% off of one regular priced item. Personally I think they should run these sales more often and give the ladies in my office {including me} some bonus bucks since we give them so much I'm all for helping out the little store. I seldom go to J's or M's, I appreciate the customer service you get at the smaller shops. Anyways, I picked up these great clear Inkadinkado inchie stamps....what FUN! I colored the speckled eggs with my copic frost. Yup, that would be my hoarded beloved Cool Caribbean...the inchie is on a dimensional...easy smeasy in one of my favorite color combo' and chocolate.

Look what I received from sweet Holly over at Hog Wild About Stamping..the rules are:

1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.

2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.

3. Nominate 5 blogs.

4. Put links to their blogs

5. Leave a message for your nominees.

I'm taking Holly's lead and nominating blogs that I've recently discovered:

1. laurenb

2. kathleenh

3. Marlou

4. Nicole

5. alohatammi

I want to give a new blogger shout out to Pam :)

I'm always on the look out to new blogs to add to my 'ole Google's always sooo difficult for me to nominate peeps...I soak up creativity from all the blogs that I tap into.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Merry Butler

I tell is stuff like this and this that make me want to tomorrow or next I do have the FABulous Amy Butler Sew-it Kit. I just haven't cracked it open it open yet.

This clean and simple card uses Amy Butler paper...chocolate chip and green, isn't it grand? It is one of my designs for my Holiday Fair. I'm trying hard to not make "bumpy" cards that will require extra postage. It is difficult to not listen to my urge to make bows with

I wanted to share a picture of the beautiful mercury glass votives that I bought for my dear friend...thanks to her lovely hubby for taking the picture {thanks R!}. What made the gift that much perfect is that she whipped out some bees wax votives that she recently purchased when she was in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico...perfect-o!


stamp: stampin' up warm words paper: amy butler, stampin' up chocolate chip accessories: rabom ribbon

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Muse Cupcake Social!

Look a tray full of cupcakes just for ME!

The new A Muse Retail space..isn't it fabulous?

I don't realize how "petite" I am until I see pictures...with Novell.

The whipper snapper Julie!

Elaine..a place for ink!

I'll have to post my FABulous goodie bag from the Cupcake Social...for now, here are a couple stamps that I picked up on Friday night. I was working with Copic Ciao markers...I have realized that I prefer the sketch because it has a finer tip on it...Who is the least expensive source for sketch markers? Whew, I checked them out on Dick Blick.....cha-ching! I'm part of Gina K's Ciao marker club so it makes it less painful...I'd keep the Ciao's that I have but think I won't renew my marker club.
stamps: a muse market & greetings from seattle paper: fabriano ink: memento tuxedo black, copics: yellow, cadmium orange, blush, yellowish green, lipstick red & veronese green

**Blog Candy Winner**

I used

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Timestamp: 2008-11-09 15:10:58 UTC

Latisha said...
Congrats on one year!!I love your work, you designs are always so cool.other than that




November 5, 2008 9:27 PM

Woooooo Hooooo Latisha!!!!
Email me with your snail mail and I'll pop your goodies in the mail!

That was tons of fun....keep your eyes peeled for another blog candy giveaway the end of the month :)

Friday, November 7, 2008 thumb...

Happy Friday!!!
I was asked to design a group baby boy card...I've been using my PTI Green Thumb set for the sweet pea text stamp and image...just love it. I teamed it up with some fun KI Memories paper that I've had forever. This is definitely an easy smeasy card.

Lookie what I found on the Tsukineko site....Memento markers??!! I think that'll be on the top of my list for Santa this year....last year the sweet Santa bought me a whole set of Rachel Ray pots/pans...{s}he also bought the kids some fun stamps for their stockings and wow, you should have seen my stocking...chock full of stamps and the holidays! LOL

Any big plans for the weekend? I'm excited to go to the A Muse Cupcake Social...will also go to a soccer game and a concert on Saturday! Sunday will have to be spent making things for my upcoming holiday fair...notice I haven't shown you anything for that yet? Hmmm.....because evidently I work better under pressure and I haven't made anything for the holiday fair...{rolling my eyes}...

I'll be back on Monday with the winner of my blog candy!!! Have a super weekend!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

1 year Blog*iversary and Halloween RAK

Well, today I celebrate 1 was exactly 1 year ago that I started my blog. It seems so very long ago. Check out my first post! My photography has improved, by a ton...good grief, I should have cropped that photo {sigh}.
What a wonderful journey it has been and continues to be. I have "met" the most wonderful friends...people that share the passion that I so enjoy...being creative. I actually have met a Copic class. I've also had the recent pleasure of meeting Pam {SCS dacpam}...then there's Jennifer Pebbles..prior to blogging I met Julie Ebersole and Novell. Everyone is beyond kind, fun and fabulous...that seems to be the requirement if you are creative :) The crafting/creative blogging community is sooo welcoming and comfortable to be a part of. I'm sooo very glad that I took the plunge last year...I had tried a couple times to start a blog and for whatever reason, I eventually managed to start this one. I'm so not techie but thanks to peeps like Allison, I'm learning new things. Thanks for being a part of this journey with me...If you haven't yet, please check out my Blog*iversary Blog Candy...

On to my card...I cased myself! I took my Bowlin Butterfly card and used Basic Grey's Perhaps dp. Isn't it amazing how much of an impact dp can have on a card? I don't know if you can tell by the photo but I used the Stampin' Up! "embrace life" sentiment in the lower right hand corner {via versafine vintage sepia}. This has gone postal to a tropical island for a gal that is celebrating her birthday this week...tropical island...boy that sounds good.

Check out the FABulous Halloween RAK that I received from the most magnificent Carla over at Paper Pastorale! She makes me feel like the lazy stamper that I am...check out all the LAYERS and embellies! Yes, that would be mummies on the black

Thanks Carla...I truly LOVE is quite the treasure and frankly, I plan on popping it into a shadow box and it'll be coming out every Halloween!

Remember, the blog candy will be open until Friday, November 7th until midnite.

Have a super Thursday!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

**Blog Candy Alert**

I want to thank all of you for visiting my 'lil blog....I can't believe that I will celebrating my 1 year blog*iversary on Thursday! As a very small token of my appreciation for you visiting me, I've put together a few of my favorite things:

Basic Grey Ambrosia 6x6 paper pad

Making Memories shimmer alpha

Craft Designer 3mm rhinestones

Sakura Quickie Glue Pen

Jenni Bowlin Studio Felt Shapes Butterflies

Prima Flowers

I hope that I inspire YOU as much as YOU inspire ME! Just leave me a comment on this post about what your favorite color combo is. I'll let you leave me comments until midnite on Friday, November 7th. I'll have the kids help me randomly pick a winner and I'll announce the lucky duck on Monday!

Please, only 1 entry per to international peeps too.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Don't you love cards that just fall in place....especially when you literally only have 10 minutes to stamp? This is a group birthday card that went to my dear friend. We've know each other for over 20 years. She is my "fussy" friend....lots of style....tells you like she sees it...a true friend :) You know when you're looking around for thee perfect gift? I thought that I found it for this friend of mine. She is, as I mentioned before, fussy. She is a minimalist...doesn't want a lot of clutter. I went out on a limb and picked up 4 gorgeous mercury glass votive holders...not just mercury glass but each of the votive holders have thee best bling on them...1950's cocktail clip earring type bling....really indescribable but I know when I've found thee perfect gift when it resulted in a *gasp* and that it is fireplace mantel worthy...Woo Hoo!!!
stamps: impress, stampin' up always & cute converse paper: stampin' up basic gray ink: versafine onyx black accessories: may arts silk ribbon